Yousef Acar is a recurring character in the fourth season of Skam. He is a friend of Sana's brother Elias Bakkoush. He is a member of Hei Briskeby.

Early life Edit

He attended Elvebakken throughout upper secondary school, graduating in 2016.

At some point before Season 4 he started working at a kindergarten. His friends claim he only got the job because his aunt used to work there.

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Season 4 Edit

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He is sweet and caring. He can cook and he helps the kids in the kindergarten he works at.

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He is of Turkish descent. He dresses in mostly streetwear.

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Romantic relationshipsEdit

Yousef and Sana flirt throughout season 4 and he admits to Noora that likes Sana and asks her for advice. They end up going on a date before he goes to Turkey for the Summer.

Noora and Yousef kissed at the karaoke bar, which made Sana isolate herself from the both of them. During Eva's party, Noora told Sana that they're just friends and she has been helping him with his crush on Sana.


Yousef is close with Adam, Elias, Mikael, and Mutasim. He is usually in the Bakkoush family home, sometimes without the rest of their friends (only Elias and Yousef). This indicates that he's probably the closest to Elias.

Even's experience is what made Yousef distance himself from Islam. However, Elias says something different from Yousef's story. It was not mentioned again.

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Character Appearances
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Episode 1 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 2 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 3 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 4 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 5 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 6 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 7 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 8 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 9 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 10 Absent Absent Absent Absent
Episode 11 Absent Absent
Episode 12 Absent

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But in reality, everyone’s the same. Everyone thinks they’re the good guys, but in reality, there’s no such thing as good and evil. There are just lots of people trying to stand together in groups, to not be alone.
— Yousef to Sana about religion

Social Media Edit

  • Yousef has no known social media, aside from sharing the youtube account "Hei Briskeby"

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  • He wants to have 12 children for a football team.
  • He is scared of swans.
  • The actor who plays Yousef is Turkish.


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