William Magnusson is a recurring character in Season 1, Season 2 and Season 4. He was a student at Hartvig Nissen School and the leader of The Penetrators.

Early life

William had a difficult upbringing which resulted in his cold behavior towards others. When William was nine his little sister Amalie (8) broke her back and died in a car accident to which William was also a passenger and his half-brother Nikolai (11) was the driver. After the accident, both William's mother and father abandoned him, and he was raised by au pairs. He hasn't had any contact with his mother since. His mother lives at Snarøya in Bærum, and his father in London.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Season 2

Season 4


William seems to be confident and secure, and because of his strong personality sometimes he has bad behaviors against others. But he has a soft side too, that comes out when he starts to hang out and hook up with Noora, who always find his best and believe in him, at the worst time too. That side is kind, thoughtful and loving.

Physical Appearance

He is tall, pale skin, with long brown hair and dark eyes.


Romantic relationships


William starts off in season one as a player. He sleeps with multiple girls and doesn't seem to be looking for a serious relationship. He leads Vilde on to think that he likes her which eventually leads to them having sex. Vilde, in the middle of season one, thinks she is pregnant with William's baby after having unprotected sex with him. She later realizes she is not pregnant. She is emotionally hurt after William ignores her in school and hooks up with other girls after she lost her virginity to him and believed that they were in a relationship. She gives William back his Penetrator sweatshirt in the middle of the school yard and says she will not be treated like a "trophy" and walk around wearing his name on her sweatshirt. He tells her she is not pretty enough to be called a "trophy". In the last episode at the Christmas tree lighting, William apologizes to Vilde saying that what he said was "bullshit" and that she is "pretty". In season 2 episode 1 Vilde talks about how William apologized to her and how she hasn't given up hope on them being in a relationship. Vilde soon realizes that Noora and William are dating when she sees them kiss on the bridge outside of William's hook-up auction party. She eventually lets go of her crush on William after realizing that him and Noora are a great couple.


William and Noora first met when Noora "chewed" William up in front of his friends for "pissing on the feelings of a first year girl" also known as Vilde. She says he is a "fucking cliche" and needs to start acting like a human being. William becomes keen on Noora after this scene in season 1 episode 7. William starts apologizes to Vilde later on in the season but he mostly does it to get the attention of Noora. Throughout the last few episodes of season 1 William would use Vilde as a way to get in contact with Noora who was not interested in him and would ignore his calls. William compliments Noora constantly and is obviously keen on her. While Vilde, Eva, Chris, Noora and Sana are pregaming for a Penetrator party, Noora gets several calls from William, but ignores them. She gets Eskild to compliment Vilde so she feels loved and wanted which will hopefully help her move on from William. William calls Vilde's phone asking for Noora which worries Vilde. William says that if Noora goes on one date with him than he will stop using Vilde to communicate with her. Noora reluctantly agrees and goes on a date with him in which they look over the city of Oslo on a bench in the park. Noora thinks William is cliche and doesn't truly have any emotion when it comes to girls and caring for them. William rebukes all of Noora's accusations against him being a "fuckboy" and gets her to understand his side of the story. William soon gets a call from penetrator Chris about a fight that the Penetrators are having at a party. William and Nooras date is cut short and Noora makes it clear that she doesn't owe William anything. Williams agrees and drives her home. In the next episode William has a party at his apartment which Noora doesn't attend at first. She hears from Eva that something happened between William and Vilde which made Vilde cry. Noora, concerned, goes to the party to find out what is going on. William says that Vilde wanted to hook up with him and he said no which made her upset. The police come causing everyone except Noora to leave because she lost her phone and all of her belongings. She stays with William and sings for him on his guitar. Eskild, Noora's roommate, calls and asks when she will be coming home. Noora tells him that she will be home later, but tells William that Eskild is not home so she will have to stay with William. William and Noora get into Williams bed together to go to bed. We clearly see here that Noora is keen on William after lying to him so she could stay the night with him. William gets a text from Eskild wondering when Noora will be home. Here William realizes that Noora is keen on him. They go to bed and the next day Noora leaves before William wakes up. In school, after Easter break, William says hi to Noora and tells her that the Penetrators are having a hook-up auction party. Noora is mad and says that it is prostution and there are refugees who are dying and need the money that they are spending on hooking up. William says that if Noora comes to the party than he will donate 20% of the funds to Syrian refugees. Noora wants to go but pretends as though she doesn't. She ends up going and William says that she won the hook-up auction to hook up with him. She goes to the party and argues with William about how he pressured her into coming. He says that if she looks him in the eyes and says she doesn't like him, than he will leave her alone. She reluctantly says it but does not mean it. William is upset and storms out of the party. Noora follows him outside and yells at him for not understanding the position she is in with Vilde being her best friend and her liking William. She runs into Williams arms and makes out with him. They both hug and kiss not realizng that Vilde is watching the whole thing. In the next episode, season 2 episode 6, William and Noora wake up embraced in each others arms in Williams bed. Noora goes to get water and hears music in the kitchen. Williams estranged brother, Niko, is in the kitchen making breakfast. William gets up and walks into the kitchen not knowing why Niko is there and kicks Noora out of his apartment. Noora is confused and angry. She sees William in school the next day he pulls her aside to talk about what happened. Noora is upset, but after they talk about why William treated her the way he did they make out. Later in the episode William picks Noora up from school and they argue in his car about why he lied about his brother and how William is russ and he is going to sleep with all these girls. Noora tells William about her childhood and William comforts her and apologizes. In the next episode William and Noora hook up in the basement of the school. Later on they hookup at Noora's apartment and talk about how Noora doesn't want to have sex before marriage or party on Williams bus with Vilde there. She later agrees and they party on his bus only to be interupted by the Yakuza boys who try to fight the penetrators. in self defense William smashes a glass bottle on the head of one of the Yakuza boys. Noora is appauled by William and is mad at him. In the next episode she tells William that she needs space from him and they take a break. Later on Noora talks to Sana and realizes that she and William should make it work because of how much they love each other. She goes to Williams apartment and is greeted by Niko. He is having a party and invites Noora inside to charge her phone to contact William. Niko tells Noora all these lies about William to get her upset and stay a little while. She drinks a little to much and blacks out. She wakes up naked in Williams bed with Niko naked next to her and a girl naked on the other side of Niko. She is so upset and has no idea what happened the night before. She leaves and gets a text from William saying that he lost his phone and he loved her and missed her. She feels horrible and ignores the texts out of guilt. She messages Niko on Facebook asking him if they had sex that night. He later replies that nothing happened between them. Noora goes to William in school and kisses and hugs him. William welcomes her embrace and tells her that the reason he didn't introduce her and Niko is because he knew if he did, Niko would try to "fuck up" their relationship out of jealousy. Noora becomes nervous after William calls Niko a psychopath. Noora does not tell William what happened between her and Niko. Niko later texts Noora that he lied and that he and Noora did have sex that night. Noora becomes very depressed and again, does not talk to William out of guilt. William comes over her apartment wondering why she has been ignoring his texts. She breaks down in front of him and he holds her until she falls asleep. When she wakes he drives her to Eva's house where Noora tells William that she loves him back. Noora also tells Vilde, Eva, Sana and Chris that she thinks Niko raped her. The girls do their law research and set up a meeting at a bar with Noora and Niko. Noora tells Niko that if he releases the naked photos that he has of her from that night that he could go to jail. Niko quickly backs off and leaves Oslo, but not before telling William about what happened between him and Noora. William confronts Noora and is very upset when Noora cannot give him a straight answer. Noora asks a girl who was at Niko's party, whom she goes to school with, what happened at Nikos party. She assures Noora that nothing happened and that her and Niko did not do anything together. Noora cannot get a hold of William until she hears from Sana that he is in the principals office. William tells Noora that he is moving to London. Noora tells William that they need to talk before he leaves. They meet at Nooras apartment later that day. Noora pleads with William to stay and to not let Niko ruin what they have. William says he has to go and make his flight to London which leaves soon. Noora, in complete shock, calls Eva as she is walking back from Williams car. William comes back and taps Noora on the shoulder and they kiss and hug. The next episode William and Noora are in Nooras bed together and Noora tells William that she isn't a virgin. She tells William the story about her eating disorder and her ex boyfriend. William apologizes for what Niko did to Noora. In the next scene Noora and William go back to Williams apartment to see if Niko is there. When they find out that he isn't William asks Noora to move in with him. Noora agrees and they make out on the kitchen counter. William notices the mail while they are making out and sees a police envelope. The letter is a court hearing for William. He is being charged with aggravated assault for smashing the glass bottle on the Yakuza boys head. William later confesses to smashing the bottle saying that he trusts the Norwegian judicial system and the guilty will get justice. Noora and William throw a party at Williams apartment and have sex for the first time. In season 3 we see that Noora and William moved to London together, but Noora is unhappy. William is always working and they never spend time together. Noora moves back to Oslo without telling William. Throughout the third season we don't see William at all but he is mentioned a lot because of Noora missing him. In season 4 we hear that William has a new girlfriend in London even though he and Noora's break up wasn't official since she hasn't spoken to him in months. Noora is of course upset and confides in Sana. In episode 8 Sana sends an email to William under Noora's email address and tells him to come back to Oslo so they can be together. Noora has no idea about this until William and Chris show up at Eva's birthday party. William and Noora reconcile and live together in Oslo after William comes back.






Family relationships


Niko is William's older brother. He shows up in season 2 just as Noora and William start dating. He gets Noora drunk and takes naked photos of her. Noora thinks he raped her but it turns out nothing happened between them. Niko studies in Stockholm and leaves after Noora threatens to call the police on him for child pornography. We later learn that Niko was a very bad child and was the one who killed Amalie, him and William's younger sister. As a young boy he stole his fathers car with William and Amalie in it and crashed it killing Amalie. Niko and William are no longer on speaking terms and is not seen after season 2


Amalie was William's younger sister. Not much is known about her, nor the relationship between her and William. Amalie was killed in a car accident, where Nikolai was the driver, and William and Amalie the passengers.


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Listen, Noora Amalie Sætre. You're a smart girl. You have to understand that every time you reject me, I only want you more and more.
— William to Noora
In a peaceful society with equal rights, we have to manage to listen to, and to try to understand each other.
— Noora’s article written by William
Thanks for the email.
— William to Noora

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