Skam News has returned because aside from content, the Wikia also likes to provide everything fandom-related. So let's take a look at what happened throughout all the texts and clips so far.

Where to watch

"Where can I watch S4" is probably the question I get asked the most, when it comes to my pressence in the fandom as the Skam Wiki admin and a mod in the international fangroup. I usually direct the fandom to a few places: 

  • @SkamEnglish on Twitter (and tumblr) is a great resource that provides subtitled clips and full episodes on their google drive
  • @skamdownloads provides the clips and episodes without subtitles, for those among us who might want to vid or screencap the show. (PS, if you know some great skam videos, link them in the comments!)
  • @skam_fan on twitter is a notif account that tweets whenever there's new content, and only then. Switching on their notifs ensures that you will know about the content as soon as possible.

Other than that there are several update accounts who translate messages and provide transcripts of texts. I suggest turning notifications on for those accounts, to always get the translations as fast as possible. However some accounts also tweet stuff aside from translations so don't overflood your notifs.

Celebrating 420

Skam S3 opened with 4 guys smoking in a bathtub. In S4 the target sentence was 'Smoke weed every day'. So it's no secret that Skam doesn't shy away from the occasional 420. It's also no secret that the cast is into this as well.

In particular Henrik celebrated the day with some posts on instagram.

Note: Henrik was previously the king of 420 when he posted a picture of gate 420 at the airport, and earlier he created an instagram ratio of 420 all throughout. I'm pretty sure 420 is kind of a national holiday for Henrik.

Fandom vs. NRK

First of all, thank you NRK. Skam has managed to warm hearts all over the world and it wouldn't be possible without this amazing network.

Now, down to business, which is the fact that NRK made a few mistakes in these last couple of weeks. First there was a mishap in regards to Noora's icon in one of the chat messages. Secondly, Tarjei Sandvik Moe wasn't in the credits of episode 4x02 which many fans were upset about. NRK ended up apologizing (click here to see their statement, in English!).

The reason why this section is titled "Fandom vs NRK" is because a lot of fans were a bit upset/angry at this, because the fourth season has let some of them down a bit.

Personally I still have faith in the show and the story it's portraying, and I'm very much looking forward to what else is in store.

NRK also fought back on some illegal merch that was created using quotes from Skam. Ulrikke tweeted that this is not allowed and she encouraged fans to biocot the company making this merch. Here at the wikia we're sad to hear that a professional company failed to respect copyright. We're also sad to hear that no skam merch will be availavle, but I'm hopeful that there migh be in the future. 

NRK, have I told you how great you are today? No? Well here you go.

Only the best fandom ever

... Is able to trend on twitter on a Saturday night. That's right, our fandom pulled together with the initiative of Brazilian Skam fans to trend "Thank you for Evak", a thanks truely well deserved for the amazing portrayal of these two characters and their relationship. 

High five to the fandom!

Karpe Diem

Let's close off with a little something related to our lovely cast who, turns out, are still regular norwegians. Several people from the cast attended the Karpe Diem performence including Henrik with friends, Herman, Ina, Marlon and some of the newbies.

Cengiz actually had a special night, because he was performing in dance during the show. Round of applause for this amazing multi-talented cast.

Speaking of talented, the cast was also in praise of Adam's music. His song "Ikke noe press" came out earlier this week. You should go and listen to it!

Since there was also easter holidays, several of the cast members went on vacation including Iman, who went to Istanbul, and Ina who travelled to London.

Social Media Update!

Since the cast expanded with 5 awesome guys, we'd like to share their social media so you can follow them an maybe catch one of the livestreams that the "Real life balloon squad" occasionally does.


  • Simo El (Elias) : simoeljr
  • Cengiz Al (Yousef) : cengizal
  • Yousef Hjelde Elmofty (Mikael) : yousefkc
  • Mutasim Billah (Mutta) : motta05
  • Adam Ezzari (Adam) : ezzari


  • Simo El (Elias) : simoeljr
  • Cengiz Al (Yousef) : cengizal
  • Yousef Hjelde Elmofty (Mikael) : yousefhjelde
  • Mutasim Billah (Mutta) : muttaa97
  • Adam Ezzari (Adam) : adamezzari


  • Cengiz Al (Yousef) : cengiz_al
  • Adam Ezzari (Adam) : ezzariadam

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