More S4 filming!

Let's start off with out weekly those of behind the scenes filming pictures. Three particular instances of filming for S4 occured, which included a girl squad scene (minus Eva and Chris) on the 29th of March. Other scenes happened on Friday at Nissen, where Iman, Tarjei and Henrik were spotted by fans. We don't have photographic proof of them filming, but there are pictures of fans meeting them outside of Nissen, you can find them on twitter somewhere.

SKAM Nominations at Gullruten 2017

  • Best TV drama : Skam
  • Best Male actor : Tarjei Sandvik Moe
  • Best directing (TV drama) : Skam season 3
  • Best screenplay (TV drama) : Skam season 2
  • Best editing (TV drama) : Renate Henrikshaugen (skam)
  • Best photography: Ragnar Molstad (skam)

What is Gullruten? Gullruten is a Norwegian national awards show, highlighting the best of television from the past year. People have been comparing it to the Emmy’s in terms of importance. Many people form the television industry are involved, and earning an award is definitely a big accomplishment!

Sidenote : Gullruten basically changed the rules for the age of nominees so they could nominate Tarjei. The people at Gullruten might be bigger skam fans than all of us!

March 31st, or the day Tarjei made us all feel very unproductive

March 31st was a busy day for Tarjei Sandvik Moe. Aside from school he was seen at Nissen in the company of Henrik Holm (and Iman Meskini) filming scenes for Skam season 4, according to fans who met them. It was an encounter like Tarjei has experienced before, and something he commented on at the Gullruten announcement when an interviewer asked him if he's has trouble in public. 

That said, Tarjei was happy to get the nomination as a recognition for his work, which also includes his play which he went to after they finished filming for the day. Henrik attended a fashion show that evening, but some people said he did went to go and see Tarjei's play. The social media timeline doesn't add up for this one, and since Henrik didn't post anything about the play we're assuming he was at the fashionshow instead. Also within the 24 hour timespan Tarjei started production on his new project 'Østkant/Vestkant'.

David's insta is back!

Hope the fandom has learned his lesson, because David decided to reactivate his instagram. Accompanied with this news came some new pictures of him,which you can find here

Ina and Carl take Berlin

Ina (Chris) and Carl (Eskild) took Berlin by storm along with classmates of theirs. They seemed to have a fun time, but that does mean they weren't filming Skam for the majority of the week. However this wouldn't be the first time they've missed an episode, so we're confident we will see them pop up again soon!

This week's edition purposefully didn't include too much actor social media. During the hiatus we try to find anything to keep us entertained and provide content, but as S4 comes closer we're stepping away from that type of content a little bit. Skam Wiki and Skam News have and always will be respectful of the actor's privacy.

Until next week! Alt er love - Taya

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