David has deleted his instagram

On Sunday last week, David deleted his instagram. Earlier this week we found out that the reason behind the was people leaving mean comments on there. Some people, who call themselves 'fans' still think it's okay to invade the privacy of actors by hacking and leaking pictures. It is not. Fans are not entitled to seeing their private pictures, nor do fans have the right to insult the actors on their instagram pictures for who they portray or how they look.

In relation to this, the fandom came to a conclusion earlier this week about pictures that got leaked a while ago. We're happy to find out that the pictures were posted willingly and that there wasn't a breach of privacy in that particular case. That said, we still encourage everyone to stay alert about the sources of pictures.

Penetrator Chris turned 20!

In other more joyful news, Christoffer Schistad turned 20. This isn't the first birthday to occur during the show's hiatus. We previously also had Even's birthday: he turned 20 on February 12th. One of the upcoming birthdays is Noora, who will turn 18 on April 6th. And people are connecting this to the recent filming location...

Filming at Nox

On March 23, clubbing at Nox was on the schedule for the cast of Skam. Several people from the cast, including Julie & Henrik, took to instagram to document the atmosphere where they filmed for several hours.

It is unsure as to what they filmed, but considering it is a club we can expect some partying going on. Based on social media posts, we know that Henrik (Even) and Tarjei (Isak) filmed that day, as well as Josefine (Noora) and Ina (Chris). There could be more people, but that might be kept under wraps.

Amazing women

Ulrikke meanwhile started a trend on her instagram to celebrate some amazing women that the world has forgotten about. It's a really awesome initiative, that's all about celebrating strong women throughout history.

That's it for this week. If you want to find out more about the actor's other project (such as Josefine at the premiere of the Smurfs, or more info on Tarjei's new play) we suggest you have a look at the actors' social media :)

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