S4 is upon us!

And the fandom rejoices. Two weeks ago, cameras were already spotted at Nissen but it wasn’t until this week when we saw the first evidence of scenes being filmed. Which scenes? Who was in them? Well.... tricky question.

On Wednesday, Jodel was on fire with talk about a scene with Sana, Noora as well as Vilde and Magnus (yes, Vilde ànd Magnus. You read it right). Over the next couple of days however, things got more confusing with reports of scenes filmed with Even and Isak, as well as Magnus and Mahdi and the Kollektiv. All of this information causes more questionmarks about S4, but the mystery is also super intruiging. Check out the pictures below and judge yourself.

First shooting of Skam Season 400:31

First shooting of Skam Season 4

Yoursef/Mikeal and Cengiz/Yousef

In case we weren't confused enough, leave it to Julie Andem to cast two new characters to completely throw us off. One of them actually isn't new, as he is Mikael, Even's friend from Bakka. The second one is another friend, Yousef. And of course, the Skam fandom wouldn't be the skam fandom if they weren't already mildly obsessed, even before these boys show what they're made of.

However the fandom is also confused. Because the actor playing Mikael is called Yousef, and the actor playing Yousef is called Cengiz. I'll give you a moment to process that.

Iman and Siv being angels

Meanwhile, the female cast of the show continues to be angels. On Ulrikke's social media we saw that she hung out with Josefine this week, and earlier in the week Imane also posted some lovely messages from fans, thanking them in the end of her instastory.

And of course we can't forget everyone's favourite Norwegian mom, Siv! Henrik's mom has always been very supportive of her son's career and the fandom that comes along with it. This week, she took to instagram to break some genderroles. After someone posted a comment on her photo (one of Henrik as a toddler), she replied this message:


That's it for this week's skam news. There is more BTS filming pictures out there, but I don't want to post too much of those or every edition of Skam news will essentially just consist of that. Now that we know S4 is filming, I'll include some pictures weekly, but if you wanna see all there is to see behind the scenes, you should check twitter, tumblr or the general internet.

Until next week. Alt er love. Natta!

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