Skamily. We’re introducing the word now, because it is truly how this show works. Every one of the cast is so supportive of each other, and almost everyone in the fandom is so very kind. This week saw some sweet highlights of that.

Ulrikke’s interview

Ulrikke did an interview in which she talked about how she got her start as an actress. Highlights of the interview included that she did not have much experience before joining Skam, aside from the school revue. She said there were jokes about Skam becoming an international success, but nobody thought it would become reality.


David and Henrik posted screenshots of Ulrikke’s interview on social media in support.

Holm family adventures in Switserland

Last weekend the Holm family went to Switzerland on a snow sport holiday. While there, Henrik kept in touch with the fans and updated his social media frequently. Things got particularly heated when some of the fans from the competition (Malec, in the E!Online poll) commented on his social media. Henrik fired back with a ‘Suck my board bitch’ followed by a comment saying things went a little too far, and encouraging fans not to hate on Malec. Henrik, you’re too good for this world.


ISAK & EVEN WON TOP TV COUPLE in the EOnline Poll.

And now for the biggest news from this week: WE DID IT GUYS!

ISAK & EVEN are the TOP TV COUPLE of 2017!

We took home the victory, winning the finale from Malec with over half a million more votes. The percentage difference was 10% (ending somewhere in 55/45) meaning we all came out and voted a ton of times.


New (old) pictures were also released, providing the perfect voting motivation for the many many many fans who wanted to take this win home. And we did.

Both me and rest of the Skam-team are truly touched by the fans' dedication, and thankful for all the hours they spent marking road signs. I think this shows that Skam-fans are not only the coolest fanbase on earth, they are also the most hard working. Alt er love!
— Julie Andem to E!News

Read the full victory-article on E!Online here

To put the win in perspective: the little Norwegian google drive show that could defeated strong fandoms like Clexa (Clarke and Lexa,The 100), Stydia (Stiles and Lydia, Teen Wolf), Steroline (Stefan and Caroline, The Vampire Diaries) and lastly Malec (Magnus and Alec, Shadowhunters). We congratulate them and their fandoms for putting up a good fight.


I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted. We really pulled together as a fandom and won this fairly. We didn't use other fandoms to vote against the other LGBTQ-ship in the finale. We didn't insult actors and their families. We showed them: Alt er Love. We can be very proud for accomplishing this. Tusen takk!

Josefine's instagram milestone and other projects

Josefine is also keeping busy. Earlier in the week she reached 1 Million followers on Instagram, and she thanked the masses with a funny boomerang post (click here to see it). News also broke this week that she will voice Smurfette in the Norwegian version of ‘The Smurfs: Lost Village’. So on top of her play and Skam, we’ll be seeing (or hearing) more of her soon.


International Women’s Day: Skam Cast style + “Jævla homo” campaign

If there’s one thing the Skam cast has down to a tea, it is being woke. On International Women’s day, Ulrikke (Vilde) gave a speech in Oslo. Ruby (Emma) and Henrik were also out and Ina (Chris Berg) posted on it on instagram. Earlier in the week, Ulrikke and Carl (Eskild) were also seen with a Jævla homo shirt posting pictures on social media in support of the campaign, like many other Norwegian celebrities have done.


These actors are truly using their voice and their talent for great causes, and we as a fandom could not be more proud.


On Thursday a trailer for Tarjei's new play, DET GÅR BRA, dropped. You can click this link to watch it. Marlon liked the post Tarjei wrote, and Henrik said he “Can’t wait”. Neither can we.


Respecting actors’ privacy

This week, some trouble also came from our favourite high school, Nissen. According to several reports there were fans at the school, waiting to meet people from the cast. After an interaction with Tarjei (Isak) and David (Magnus) they were told to leave. They returned the next day however, continuing a disturbing trend of fans not respecting actor’s privacy, even when asked to leave them alone.

Henrik (Even) also met up with fans, and when they mentioned this event, he told fans not to visit the school. Henrik’s mother Siv, well known to the fandom for how much she supports the show, also confirmed this statement. So even thought this should be common sense, we will clarify this once and for all: We ask the Skam fandom to respect actor’s privacy and let them live their lives. Do not just post pictures from their personal lives. And certainly do not post pictures that were taken without their consent.

Furthermore, the Skam Wiki will not have pages about the actors. We will refer to the actor’s social media, which is where they themselves are deciding which information to share with the world. We will link all of the social media accounts that we are aware of so that you can support them and follow their adventures as a respecting fan.

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