You guys... This might be the saddest edition of Skam News, at least until the finale aired. Because this is the final edition in which I will be able to include filming stuff. For that reason I did wait until Monday to write this post, because a little birdy told me that they might still film today, and here we are. June 12th. It's the end. And everyone is sad.

Christmas in June!

Oh how we love the Holm family. We truely do, and many fans showed their appreciation by sending gifts, which Henrik displayed on his instastory on June 7th. Here are some highlights.

Ulrikke's Post-it project

Ulrikke also started a project which is right up her ally as it's all aout spreading positivity, through the usage of post-its. It's an amazing project that I definitely encourage you all to participate in.

And that is a wrap!

It's inavoidable. But here it is. The part where I tell you guys about the final day of filming. First of all there's the thing about Saturday, which was presumably the last day filming at Nissen. We had a lot of cast members there, everyone from Ulrikke to Sacha to Ruby (Emma). We're not sure what was filmed at Nissen, but we do know some of the castmembers were saying goodbye to their fictional high school.

I was surprised to hear that filming might take a little longer than Saturday though, and that was confirmed this morning, as the cast started to post messages on insta about the 'last day of filming' and tear-emoji's.

Okay I might be getting a bit emotional, so I will leave you with some pictures and some videos from today here, here.

And that's it guys! If any more final-day-of-filming stuff appaers I will include it in the post next weekend, which should also include some pictures from the wrap party (although we don't know that for sure).

Be kind to each other, always. Alt er love ♥ - Taya

PS: For those of you who are trying to find a way to stay in touch with skam fans after the show has ended, you're welcome to join us at Skam International , as well as the Skam Stories group on Facebook, a cosy place to discuss fanfiction and more fun stuff :)

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