Halla guys!

So... 3 episodes left. Who is crying with me? I know, it's going by way too fast. I'm also fully aware that there will come a point where I will have to include pictures of a wrap party on here. But I've decided that it won't be this week. Because lucky for us, they're still filming.

Still going.. but for how long?

At least, as the latest jodel-rumors indicate. On the 31st of May this picture was posted, and even though we don't know who filmed we do know that this is around Frogner, the neighbourhood where Sana lives.

Now I've been asked by many people when Skam will wrap. And as I stated above, it's gonna be soon. However we do not know exactly when. It's a matter of days at this point, but throughout S4 filming has varied. The first few episodes were notably shorter and filming was happening at a faster pace, where as filming for the last few weeks has been for longer episodes, more emotionally charged scenes and also, more cast included.

That said, I don't know when the wrap pictures will start to show up, but this is the skam cast so we know for a fact that this is not the last time we will see them. If something does appear over the next few days, you can be sure to know I will include it in the next edition!

Happy Birthday Eva!

The kids are growing up guys! How emotional is this? 

It's weird to think that these girls who we saw coming together as a group of misfits, are now all heading into adulthood and the next phase of their lives.

I'm not crying, you are!

Anyways, because of the Sana/Isak drama and Vilde being accused we didn't see the girls in party mode, but knowing Eva we will certainly see that fixed soon.

Happy 18th birthday Eva!

Ask Cengiz - Edition 2

Cengiz Al is the gift that keeps on giving you guys.

This weekend he livestreamed and he answered some questions in an #AskCengiz

  • Were you afraid to go to the casting? - No, they called me and wanted me to come.
  • Most difficult scene you've filmed so far? - It's not out yet.
  • Would you say you're currently living out your dreams? - I'm always living my dream.
  • What's your favourite thing to do on your free time? - Dance, eat, train, hang out with friends, be with Maiken (his girlfriend), bake something good
  • Describe Iman with 3 words? - Good, Kind, Fun
  • How is working with Henrik and Tarjei? - Always fun
  • Who is your favourite character in the Balloon Squad? - Adam (he linked @EzzariAdam, the actor)
  • What do you think about Tarjei? - He's so good and talented as an actor man lil bro.
  • What did you enjoy the most about being in skam? - The team is sooo awesome and helpful.
  • How's fasting going for you baby? - It's going well! I love the time we can eat. I'm so thankfull for things I have.
  • What do you prefer between acting and dancing? - Hmm I feel I'm acting when I dance, soooo I have both.
  • Who is your biggest inspiration? - Nature and music, that's where I get all the creativity <3 so that's my inspiration.
  • Will you keep acting after skam ends? - I will try.
  • Does pineapple belong to pizza? - No, I don't like it.
  • Favorite skam ship (relationship)? - I don't know. All of them is cute.
  • What's been your favorite scene to film so far? - Maybe in a kitchen
  • Do you like Harry Potter? Which Hogwarts house are you in? - I'm always behind Harry Potter <3

Also this

  • Josefine was on a holiday in Spain. I'm not certain but I think she was in Malaga
  • Marlon had fun with chineze miniature figures.
  • Iman replied to some fans on instagram with some amazingly nice messages. She is a blessing you guys.
  • Tarjei will be in the Norwegian version of Grease, playing Doody. Below you can figure out what that looks like :)
  • The fandom re-activated the character twitter accounts that existed back around the winter holidays for a little bit. We had some fun with them because we get bored easily over on the This filled up the weekly spot for fandom-memes, after last week's Jimmy Neutron memefest.

That was it for this week!

Happy pride month to all, remember Alt er Love and let's stand with each other in these dark times.

- Taya.

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