Rise of Tarjei, the next social media king

No no, just kidding. Tarjei probably won't be aiming for that title anytime soon. But out of all the cast, his activity has been the biggest this week which is... worth a mention.

On Tuesday, Tarjei changed his facebook profile picture to one of his photoshoot with photographer Stine Raastad. Then on Thursday, when Carl Martin Eggesbø (Eskild) changed his header, Tarjei commented on it. Henrik did the same, seeing as the picture Carl chose was of their characters Isak and Even's first kiss in the pool. Applause for Carl.

Happy Birthday to Tarjei!

If there is one thing that our fandom tends to have an obsession for, it's the Skam cast getting drunk and acting silly. And that is exactly what we got on Saturday.

Tarjei, who celebrated his 18th birthday on May 24th, invited friends and castmates over for a party. And allthough the social media documentation of it was limited (thankfully), we know that they probably all had a good time. Checking off our attendence wishlist was the entire boy squad David (Magnus), Marlon (Jonas), Henrik (Even), Sacha (Mahdi) as well as several other cast members including Carl (Eskild) and Ina (Chris).

Fans were also able to check out the playlist which one of Tarjei's friends made before the party. Amongst many other songs, 5 fine frøkner made an appearance in the background of Carl's instagram, which seemed like the cherry on top of a great evening.

Start of Ramadan

On Saturday, Ramadan started in Norway which is a storyline that will most likely be featured in Skam's final episodes. It was first mentioned in Sunday's clip (titled Ramadan), as part of episode 4x07. We will see what influence this will have on the characters in the show, and on the actors outside of it since Iman (Sana) also participates in Ramadan.

Here is Iman's instagram post about it, including some more info for those who wish to know more:

Ramadan is the name of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and the month of fasting! This means that we don't eat or drink anything from sunrise until sunset everyday for a whole month. It is a month where it doesn't matter where in the world you live or how rich or poor you are, the rules are the same for everyone! It's about getting to know yourself better, and test your patience. It's about getting a feeling of how people without food live every single day, and it's about being grateful that you can come home to a dinner every evening, when so many people can't... It's a month where it's time to feed your soul and not your stomach! 🌸💕🙏🏾 So Ramadan Kareem everyone and may we all become the best versions of ourselves ❤️
— Iman on instagram

With that wonderful message I will end this edition of Skam News. Remember guys, Alt er love. Until next week - Taya

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