Halla! Seems like Skam News is taking place on Mondays from now on. But I actually do have a valid reason. See I was chilling (Chilling hjemme, as Isak would say) when someone decided to post a 21.21 insta. Cue me fangirling about that instead of finishing this edition of Skam News. So I'm sorry.

Midseason hiatus

First, let's adress the elephant in the room. How sad is it that we don't know how our beloved (or not so loved, in recent episodes) characters are doing. No clips, no texts, no social media (Isak didn't get the memo :p). It feels weird. 

As a result, most of us spend the past week worrying about Isak's health. Does he have a concussion? Is Even making sure he puts ice on it? Are Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus coming over for a visit and playing fifa? It's the stuff of fanfiction, really.

Secondly, many people worried about Even. Now that his past and present came to clash, rumors started to spread that this might not end well for EVAK, and that come Skam's return on May 22nd, they would have broken up. I'm glad to say that those rumors I never believed, and the positive about posting this edition of Skam News after the first clip is that we know for certain that the boys are doing just fine. Yay!

Many people also speculated about the origins of the fight, Noora's motives to kiss Yousef and why Vilde would betray Sana like that. So here are a few facts to hopefully clear some stuff up:

  • Noora was not aware of Yousef & Sana. Noora had hinted at being interested in Yousef and aside from telling her that Muslim boys only used Norwegian girls, Sana didn't exactly fight back a lot. Yes, some reading between the lines from Noora would have been useful in this scenario but she also felt hurt because Sana (or the other girls) didn't tell her about William. With this in mind, I think some sort of redemption for Sana and Noora is still possible, although then everything would have to fall perfectly into place
  • Vilde has always wanted to be the russ bos, and in past seasons has been seen to go to great lengths to please the Pepsi Max girls. Feeling like she belongs with the popular girls has always been Vilde's biggest desire, which is probably what drove her to get Sana off the bus, potentially completely destroying their friendship in the process.
  • As for the fight origins, we don't know much. We know Mahdi and Jonas in particular were fighting a lot, probably due to Isak getting hurt (at least, we know Jonas who is rather non-violent would defend Isak with violence if needed to). Some people suggested the fight originated from a misunderstanding that dates back to November 2016 surrounding Mahdi and his connection to Islam (note, Mahdi isn't Muslim). Others think it's a case of homophobia while many people also think the fight was about Even. In the end, we don't know yet what exactly happened. I'm thinking they will probably adress it soon though, because it was a pretty big thing to leave un-adressed. For that, we will have to tune into 4x06.

Skam actors and their other endeavors

On Sunday, Henrik made a trip to Denmark where he signed with Panorama Agency. Round of applause and let's hope that this means many good things for his career. As per a statement by the agency they seem to be excited to welcome Henrik, and they seem to already have some future roles lined up. One thing that we won't be seeing in the near future is any more gay roles. This was said by the agency to counteract some 'typecasting' but we shouldn't worry about this. It is the best thing for Henrik to have different roles that challenge him and that recognize his talent. It doesn't mean that he doesn't like Even, on the contrary; we know from what he said at Gullruten that playing Even and the representation that it has brought with him has meant a lot to him. So don't worry, this is by no means him distancing himself from his role. It is simply a career move that just makes sense.

Edit note: I failed to mention that I do not agree with the way that the agency chose to phrase this choice, because of the negative conotation it brought upon playing 'gay roles'. That part of the statement shouldn't have been made like that, and if it's the agency's mindset to think like that then they're wrong. [End note]

Other actors that showed busy were the off-screen balloon squad, although Adam Ezzari (Adam) and Simo El (Elias) rubbed fans the wrong way with their fan-interactions on social media. Adam already had a history of using slurs in livestreams (which he tried to justify by saying they were song lyrics) as well as Yousef Hjelde Elmofty (Mikael) who has made some inappropriate jokes in the past. In recent times, Adam and Simo planned to exit a fangroup's twitter groupchat.

All fine, since groupchats can be overwhelming. But they went at it by using a language they assumed nobody understood, and when they were asked what they were saying, they lied by saying it was all positive, where as they were in fact being rude. This just adds to a list of disrespectful behaviour by Adam and his co-stars Simo and Yousef. Their connection to Skam has exposed them to a large fanbase of followers, who are now rightfully so turning their backs on them when they are being used to promote music and other projects.

Good ridance.

That's what I'm going to leave it to for this time. Hiatus meant less things to update on, but that will probably change by the next edition.

Remember guys, Alt er Love. 

- Taya

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