Hi and welcome to Skam News.

Skam News will be a weekly updated blog article about the latest news in the world of Skam. Updates will appear on Fridaynights, and they will cover the past week (at least until S4 starts to air, after which updates will probably move to Sunday). The content of Skam News will include updates on released clips, texts and social media, but will mainly cover fandom news.

This week, the Skam fandom took a lesson in "Polling 101" as they voted Isak and Even into the finale of E!Online's Top Tv Couple-poll. Defeating Steroline (TVD), Clexa (The 100) and most recently Stydia (Teen Wolf) in a record-breaking race, they are now facing Malec in the finale. This means that Evak has a good chance of becoming 2017's Top TV's couple. And let me tell you, the fandom is determined.

Fansite has created a handy link to update the voting proces (check it out here). On social media, several accounts (including the officiall NRK Twitter) are encouraging fans to vote. Among them are series creator Julie Andnem, actor Henrik Holm and many many fans of the show.

But the fandom wasn't the only part of Skam that was busy. Reports came in that the Skam Crew was spotted at Nissen on Thursday (March 2nd) and that a trailer is potentially in the works. For those of you wondering if any of the actors were spotted - Not officially. Actors Tarjei Sandvik Moe (Isak) and David Sjoholt (Magnus) were spotted at the school but that is no surprise since they actually attend the school. Skam News won't be covering any sightings of them at Hartvig Nissen for this reason, as there is at least one fan-encounter every week. If you really want to see the actor's in their daily lives, then you should look elsewhere than the Skam Wikia.

That's it for this week's Skam News. Alt er love - Taya

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