It's that time any tv-show goes through again: hiatus. But Skam wouldn't be Skam if they didn't add a touch to it.

Unlike most shows, where you wonder 'how will that one cliffhanger end' or 'will character x survive the season', all skam fans wonder is "Who will we get to obsess over next?". And because I'm exactly like that, I've written out my options for the S4 main character

  • Even - Even Bech Næsheim is such an amazing character, not making a season about him would feel like a waste of so much potential, and the prospect makes me sad. Because there is, in fact a large chance that he is not the main character for S4. Sadly, his time at Hartvig Nissen almost comes to an end, as he is set to graduate, making season four Even's last chance of being a main character. But not only timing wise would it be a good choice. Even's mental illness and it's portrayal of it on the show, are such good representation for bipolar disorder, that we just have to see more of it. That along with the LGBTQ-rep (weither it's bisexual, pansexual, or any other sexuality), makes for more compelling reasons to give Even S4. With Even in S4, my dream order would be Sana (S5) and Vilde (S6). And while these are all valid reasons, he's also why I don't think it'll be him: First of all, there is Henrik (the actor who portrays Even) who has been very in the picture on social media lately, even answering some questions about filming S3 and working with Tarjei. Some people consider this as a definite sign that there won't be a continuation of that collaboration - simply because they won't be able to show it, since someone else will be the main character. Other people have pointed out that Tarjei and Henrik both seem to be working on other projects, leaving little time to be the main couple (and main actor, in Henrik's case) of Norway's most popular show. Then there's also the theory that the main character must be a 99'er, with a 97'er-love interest, which is about as much of a 'negative' as the camera theory is a positive. The camera theory is the theory where the next main character has looked in or vaguely at the camera in the last few moments of the season. This was the case when Noora and Eva discovered Isak's phone history, and when Isak was at the summer party at the end of S2. Some people read into the missletoe-scene at the end of S3 as Even having his 'camera moment'. But like I said, this puts far less weight to the possibility than, for example, the actor being available or not. 
  • Sana - Every tv-show needs a character like Sana. And right now, so does the world. Given Sana's religion, how aware she of social issues and how little representation there is for strong, muslim girls like her, Skam would do absolutely right by giving her a season. She is strong, she is an amazing friend, and I want to see much much more of her. People are hoping (wishing) at a friendship with Isak and Even (so we could at least stay in touch with them if they're not the main couple in S4) which the drug-scene in the S3 finale seemed to be a step towards. But other than that, Sana's pressence as Isak's biology partner has given far too little reasons to make her the next main character. Maybe it's because we already know her for 3 seasons. It's the flip-side of the cultural relevancy that she would bring to the table, evening out the pros and 'cons' about having her as a main characters. And for the fans of the theory, Sana did not infact have a real 'camera moment'. Opposite of that is the fact that Julie (show creator) recently followed people on instagram that would fit into Sana's storyline, and that a potential love interest could be seen in the character of Elias (the actor of which character has recently switched his instagram account to silent). 
  • Vilde - Vilde. Oh Vilde, I absolutely love you. And I think that goes for the majority of the fandom, who all would love to see a season centered around Vilde. Her eating disorder, pointed at in S2, and her obsession with Russ Bus combined with her... something.... with Magnus, makes for a story that basically would write itself. Only problem is that it doesn't add up to the S4 timeline. In fact, pretty much the entire fandom agrees that Vilde's season is either going to be season 5 or season 6, seeing as this is the peak of Russ Bus season. There would be some loss of momentum about her and Magnus, but that could be fixed in other seasons if for example Sana was the main. However, one of the 'pros' people are pitching in as to why a Vilde season would make sense, is the continuation of a S3 storyline: sexuality. Many people in the fandom believe that Vilde might be attracked to girls (too), as it was frequently hinted during S1 and S2. It could be her sexual orientation, or her trying to be a good friend. But people are convinced those drunk make-outs with Eva were no coincidence.

And there you have it. Honorable mentions go to Jonas, who could get a season later on if a social issue is worked into his storyline, as well as Eskild, although those chances are slim seeing how he is way older than the other characters and kind of falls out of the group. One potential main character was already ruled out: Penetrator Chris. The actor who portrays Chris has joined the military and will not be a part of S4, as will neither of the other penetrators so don't get your hopes up for a return of William either.

What do you think of these posibilities? Let me know, because this is my favourite thing to discus while the show is on hiatus

- Taya :)

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