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  • TotallyTinkerbell

    Hi everyone!

    How are you all  doing one week after the show's end? Are you pouring your love for SKAM into hard-worked on fanvids, fanfiction, or just generally contributing to the Wiki?

    Either way, I had the idea to make the abscence less painful. 

    Starting tomorrow, as per Fredag tradition, Skam Wiki will host a rewatch. From now until 43 weeks from now, we will rewatch one episode every friday, at 8.25PM (Skam's old timeslot). 

    This includes is livetweeting from the @SkamWiki twitter account, and creating engagement on social media. We can also discuss the episode in the comment section on the Wiki-pages.

    Let's all keep this amazing show alive a little longer :)

    - Alt er love, Taya. 

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  • TotallyTinkerbell

    Skam (2015-2017) - It's a wrap.

    That's right you guys. Are you ready for one final edition of behind the scenes pictures? Are you ready to see the actors celebrating the end. Crying about the end? Hugging each other about the end? I don't think I am. I'm typing this edition with tissues next to me, so yeah. Here we go

    Edit Note: I postponed this edition so I would be able to include the event on Friday, so I wouldn't have to make 2 seperate versions. There will also be a special "Skam News - Finale Edition" coming out soon.

    At some point two weeks ago now, Julie probably said that. The cast finished filming episode 4x10. In doing so they managed to keep it a secret that the final episode would have several POV. So round of applause for the sk…

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  • TotallyTinkerbell

    You guys... This might be the saddest edition of Skam News, at least until the finale aired. Because this is the final edition in which I will be able to include filming stuff. For that reason I did wait until Monday to write this post, because a little birdy told me that they might still film today, and here we are. June 12th. It's the end. And everyone is sad.

    Oh how we love the Holm family. We truely do, and many fans showed their appreciation by sending gifts, which Henrik displayed on his instastory on June 7th. Here are some highlights.

    And that's it guys! If any more final-day-of-filming stuff appaers I will include it in the post next weekend, which should also include some pictures from the wrap party (although we don't know that f…

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  • TotallyTinkerbell

    Halla guys!

    So... 3 episodes left. Who is crying with me? I know, it's going by way too fast. I'm also fully aware that there will come a point where I will have to include pictures of a wrap party on here. But I've decided that it won't be this week. Because lucky for us, they're still filming.

    At least, as the latest jodel-rumors indicate. On the 31st of May this picture was posted, and even though we don't know who filmed we do know that this is around Frogner, the neighbourhood where Sana lives.

    That was it for this week!

    Happy pride month to all, remember Alt er Love and let's stand with each other in these dark times.

    - Taya.

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  • TotallyTinkerbell

    No no, just kidding. Tarjei probably won't be aiming for that title anytime soon. But out of all the cast, his activity has been the biggest this week which is... worth a mention.

    On Tuesday, Tarjei changed his facebook profile picture to one of his photoshoot with photographer Stine Raastad. Then on Thursday, when Carl Martin Eggesbø (Eskild) changed his header, Tarjei commented on it. Henrik did the same, seeing as the picture Carl chose was of their characters Isak and Even's first kiss in the pool. Applause for Carl.

    With that wonderful message I will end this edition of Skam News. Remember guys, Alt er love. Until next week - Taya

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