Hello everyone!

So somehow I had the urgue to try this whole blog thing out. Since I never have seen or read a blog before I'm just going to ramble about some of my season 4 thoughts and predictions. 

The last couple of episodes have been a ride so far. Sana struggling with her idientity, Even's backstory, Noora and William, I could go on this. This season is filled with thousands of conflicts that all somehow relate around Sana. I have no idea on how exactly they are going to wrap up all the storylines, but from the spoiler pictures ( YES SPOILER ALERT) we know that hi briskeby ( I rather call them that than the ballon squad to be honest) and the boy squad are going to fight. I think that has nothing to do with EVEN/MIKAEL but more a ELIAS/VILDE/MAGNUS drama. In the last clip Elias came home drunk. So he must have attended a pregame or something similar like that. I can't imagine Elias and Yousef getting drunk all on their own. Elias being drunk seems very coinicentally to Eva, Vilde and Chris also attending a pregame somewhere. As much as I love random updates, Chris IG story in SKAM style must have had a greater purpose. I suggest that Elias and Vilde might have hooked up or will in the soon future. That will be the catalysing event that will cause the fight.

Also I think that the biggest missunderstanding of the season will be MIKAEL/EVEN related. But we will see!



(Edit: I wrote this after midnight, 100% sure there are millions of typos)

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