(Taya, please don't delete this blog post. Even if you don't like it, it's just free speech)

Hei dere, Rachelkawaii here!

So, as we all know, our beloved Norwegian TV-show is coming to an end soon this week ( ╥ω╥ ), and after the last chapter, there won't be anymore of all the drama, stories and plot lines from Hartvig Nissen.

Which also would mean that the wiki would become a bit dead, right? With no new content, we can't really create too many new articles. So...... what could we do now? I have some suggestions:

  1. Create some articles for the American version  
    I know many of you guys don't really favor the American remake, but we can't know how it is before it actually airs. Once we have more information, we could maybe create some articles about the US version.
  2. Expand the wiki by creating cast articles 
    It has been decided by the admins here that there should not be created articles about the cast, but for what reason? I mean, there are already Wikipedia articles about them? Plus the fans would also be curious to know about the actors behind the characters.
  3. More users with rights 
    As of now, we only have one admin/bureaucrat/chat moderator/rollback, but even on the smaller wiki's, it is necessary to have more users with rights, to take care if cases occurs.

Rachelkawaii 01:18, June 20, 2017 (UTC)

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