Hei dere, Rachelkawaii there!

So, we are all really excited for the fourth season of our favorite Norwegian teen hit-show to premiere within the next months, as well as to find out who will be the main character of season 4! 

Here are my bids of who could be the main character of season 4.... hope you'll like it ^_^ 

Number #1: Sana

Sana has been one of my favorite characters for a long time in Skam, but especially during the third season, as we got to know her better, and she was a supportive friend towards Isak, as well towards Noora during the second season. I hope that she will be the main character of season 4, because in the past seasons, she's been more of a "background character", and there's a lot more to Sana, that we want to see and learn about. Plus, can we talk about how cool her hooverboard is? (I'm not a big fan of them, but she rocks it, so #BonusPoint)

Number #2: Even

One of my close friends from my town, Alejo, is a big Skam fan (almost more than me, haha), and we've talked a lot about the fourth season, and he hopes that Even will be the main character of season 4. As we talked, I actually ended up wanting Even to be the main character of season 4 too (Sana is still my number 1). Although a relatively "new" character, I feel like there's a lot more to Even, that we didn't get to know about during the third season. As we know, Even is manic, and in 2017, when there's so much discussion about mental illnesses, it would be interesting to follow a character, who deals with a mental illness. In addition, Evak is my OTP!

Number #3: Vilde

Many seem to have Vilde as their favorite candidate for the main character of season 4. Personally, I'm not all crazy about Vilde, but it would be fun to see her as the main character. Vilde is kinda crazy, in her own, good way, and we could get a closer look at all her organizations with the "kose-gruppe" and the Russ bus. Many says that chances are high, that Vilde is the main character of season 4, but Ulrikke Falch has denied the claims, so....

Rachelkawaii 14:47, March 14, 2017 (UTC)

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