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  • Rachelkawaii

    So.... what now?

    June 20, 2017 by Rachelkawaii

    (Taya, please don't delete this blog post. Even if you don't like it, it's just free speech)

    Hei dere, Rachelkawaii here!

    So, as we all know, our beloved Norwegian TV-show is coming to an end soon this week ( ╥ω╥ ), and after the last chapter, there won't be anymore of all the drama, stories and plot lines from Hartvig Nissen.

    Which also would mean that the wiki would become a bit dead, right? With no new content, we can't really create too many new articles. So...... what could we do now? I have some suggestions:

    1. Create some articles for the American version  
      I know many of you guys don't really favor the American remake, but we can't know how it is before it actually airs. Once we have more information, we could maybe create some articles ab…
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  • Rachelkawaii

    Hei dere, Rachelkawaii there!

    So, we are all really excited for the fourth season of our favorite Norwegian teen hit-show to premiere within the next months, as well as to find out who will be the main character of season 4! 

    Here are my bids of who could be the main character of season 4.... hope you'll like it ^_^ 

    Sana has been one of my favorite characters for a long time in Skam, but especially during the third season, as we got to know her better, and she was a supportive friend towards Isak, as well towards Noora during the second season. I hope that she will be the main character of season 4, because in the past seasons, she's been more of a "background character", and there's a lot more to Sana, that we want to see and learn about. P…

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