Skam is a Norwegian online television show hosted by NRK P3, the leading TV network in Norway. Skam (Translates to Shame in English) is a teen drama revolving around Oslo high school students attending Hartvig Nissen School

This teen drama has grown around Norway in early 2016 and gained worldwide recognition after the release of Season 3 in October. Since it's start it has become one of the most popular television shows in Norway, with nearly half of all internet traffic to NRK leading to Skam.

Series Format

One of Skam's most interesting features is how the series is released. Much like the British TV drama "Skins", the show relies on revolving certain parts of the show around a specific character's point of view. Although, while Skins devotes episodes to specific characters, Skam devotes entires seasons to specific characters. In this set up, we follow one character throughout their journey of being a student in Nissen and the conflicts they experience with their friends, their partners, and their daily lives. 


Season 1

SKAM - Trailer Season 1

SKAM - Trailer Season 1

Season 1 (Original Air Date: 25 September, 2015) revolves around the character Eva and her relationship with her boyfriend Jonas. In this season, many characters are introduced including the main cast (Eva, Jonas, Isak, Noora, Sana, Vilde, and Chris) and recurring characters (Ingrid, "Penetrator" Chris, and William). Season 1 takes place during the fall semester in their first year at Hartvig Nissen. To read more on Season 1 click here.

Season 2

SKAM - Season 2 Trailer

SKAM - Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 (Original Air Date: 4 March, 2016) revolves around the character Noora, her sexual assault and her relationship with William. In this season, Eskild, Linn, Kasper, and Nikolai are introduced. William also becomes a more major character. Season 2 takes place during the spring semester in their first year at Hartvig Nissen.To read more on Season 1 click here

Season 3

Skam Season 3 Trailer

Skam Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 (Original Air Date: 7 October, 2016) revolves around the character Isak, his dealings with his sexuality, and his relationship with Even. In this season, Mahdi, Emma, and Even are introduced and Magnus becomes a more major character. Season 3 takes place during the fall semester in their second year at Hartvig Nissen. To read more on Season 3 click here

Season 4

Skam Season 4 Trailer

Skam Season 4 Trailer

Season 4 (Original Air Date: 10 April, 2017) revolves around the character Sana, and her problems with racism, russetiden as well as her feelings for Yousef. Elias, Mutta and Adam are also introduced, while Ingrid and Sara become more major characters. Season 4 takes place during the spring semester in their second year at Hartvig Nissen.

Awards and nominations

  • Gullruten 2016: Skam won the most prizes of the year at the 2016 edition of the Gullruten awards, with a total of 5 wins.
    • Best TV-Drama (won)
    • Best new tv-show (won)
    • Innovation of the year - 2 awards [Skam & Julie Andem/Mari Magnus] (won)
    • Best editing TV-drama [Ida Vennerød Kolstø for Skam] (won)
    • Best directing TV-drama [Julie Andem] (nominated)
    • Audience Award [Josefine Frida Pettersen as Noora] (nominated)

  • E! Online top TV-couple 2017
    • Isak & Even (won)

  • Gullruten 2017: Skam is nominated for several awards at the 2017 edition of the Gullruten awards.
    • Best writing [Julie Andem] (won)
    • Best directing [Julie Andem] (won)
    • Audience Award [Henrik Holm & Tarjei Sandvik Moe] (won)
    • TV-Moment of the year [O Helga Natt] (won)
    • Best TV-drama (nominated)
    • Best actor [Tarjei Sandvik Moe as Isak] (nominated)
    • Best picture - drama [Ragnar Molstad] (nominated)
    • Best editing TV-drama [Reante Henrikshaugen] (nominated)

  • One award at Nordiske Serie Dager

  • Gay galla 2018: Best Tv-series


Notes and Trivia

  • Julie Andem started the story of the show around Noora and William but chose Eva as the main character of the first season to give the second season's romantic relationship a bit more background. Early on in the show, the central character for Season 3 (Isak) was decided as well.
  • In January 2017, NRK geo-blocked their website for non-Norwegian users, meaning people living/staying outside of Norway couldn't watch Skam through NRK, due to a dispute with Norway's music industry.[1]
  • During fall 2017, several remakes of Skam will start production; including one for American, Italian and French audiences.
    • "SKAM France" started airing in February, 2018.
    • "DRUCK", the German Skam, started airing in March, 2018.
    • "SKAM Italia" starting airing in March, 2018.
    • "SKAM Austin", the American Skam, will take place in Austin, Texas which started airing in April 2018.
  • Several actors attended the Nordiske serie dager in September where they discussed the show and its impact. The show also won an award.


  1. Skam geo blocked outside of Norway

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