Season 4, Episode 6, titled  Har du en dårlig dag (English: Are you having a bad day?) is the thirty-ninth episode of Skam.


Sana distances herself from the russ bus and her friends as she prepares for her biology exam. Sana ignores Yousef when he's at her house and looks back at messages from Jamilla about non-Muslims. Isak reveals he is aware of Sara's fake behaviour. As they're studying together, Sana gathers evidence from Isak's chats with Sara.



  • Ikke snakk til meg (English: Don't talk to me)
Monday, May 22, 2017 (8.15AM)

Sana is in her room doing her prayer while we see flashes of comments and texts about Sana, showing she was bullied at her former school, Uranienborg. Sana then sits in front of her mirror, having applied her make-up. She then adjusts her hijab before she grabs out her phone and texts Jamilla. She doesn't press send though, and instead she scrolls up through the past conversation with Jamilla, which shows they used to be friends until the Hijabi Police incident from Season 2.

Sana then walks across the school yard where people are dancing. Even and Isak walk into the school yard hand in hand, looking happy. Sara and the Pepsi Max girls are on a bench talking, as Sana walks right past them. She then walks towards her friends with a serious face, as Noora is tying her hair into a ponytail. Eva then looks up at Sana, showing her phone. Sana announces that she dropped out of the bus and that she's not going to be a russ. Eva asks that they just gotten a bus, people and everything sorted, Sana wants to drop out. Chris asks what's up. Sana says it's not important for her to be a russ, and Noora says it was important for her just a little while ago. Sana says maybe it's because she realizes it goes against her values to see girs drop all self-respect for a pinecone tied to their russehat. She then walks past the girls into the school building.

She goes to sit next to Isak in biology and Isak glances over a bit weary. Sana eyes the dandilion in his hair, prompting Isak to take it out right away. Sana asks him how his face is doing, and Isak says it's going fine. Sana then apologizes for her brother, but Isak interrupts her say it's okay and telling her not to worry about it. The teacher then starts the class, commenting on how some students need to step it up for the exams next week. Isak comments that he is one of those people, and asks Sana's help because he is so far behind. Sana says he needs to realize the hard truth. Isak asks 'That I will get a 4?' and Sana answers with 'That you're alone.'

  • Gutta boys
Tuesday May 23, 2017 (5.36PM)

Sana arrives home while her parents are discussing their car. She greets them, inquiring about dinner and she declines her mom's offer for a carrot. She then complains about the boys being around all the time, and her dad says that they have hospitality in their house. Sana says they're there all the time. Her dad comments that her friends are welcome too, just like Elias' friends. Noora then texts Sana asking if she wants to hang out.

Her dad asks if she had a bad day, and Sana explains she has a biology exam next week. Her dad assures her that she is good at that, asking what the problem is. Sana explains that if she's going to be a surgeon like him one day, she needs good grades. Both her parents assure her that she will, because she is a good student. Her parents then talk about the car again, before Sana hesitantly asks about Jamilla. Her mom says she started a nursing program at University, and says she's glad Sana asked. Noora replies to Sana's 'sorry' text asking if something is wrong because she is so quiet lately.

The boys then enter the kitchen and Yousef's smile falters the moment he sees Sana. Sana looks away from them as her dad greets the guys and asks what's up. The boys explain they're going to play football. Yousef glances over at Sana several times, but she avoids eye contact.

Elias says they won't join in for dinner, and that they will grab kebab after instead, but they do take the offer of having some carrots. They then leave, saying goodbye to Sana's parents before they settle on buying a new car. Sana then texts Noora back saying she's just stressed with the exam. Noora announces she dropped out of the bus too, saying she doesn't want to be in it if Sana isn't.

  • Fake Fake Fake
Wednesday May 24, 2017 (11.59AM)

Noora, Eva and Sana are sitting in the windowsill at school while they discuss an assignment of Eva's. Noora is eating a carrot while Eva complains about how difficult the assignment will be on the exam. Sana is a bit fixated on Noora eating the carrot when Eva asks her if she's joining them to McDonalds. Sana says she has to study for her exam. Noora asks if she wants them to get her something, and when Sana declines they walk off. Sana then spots them going outside and joining Vilde, Sara and Laila in the school yard. The girls are seen laughing and happy.

Isak then appears behind Sana, asking her if Sara stole her friends or something. Sana jumps a bit, and then denies it being true. Isak says he was kidding, before he moves to look out of the window himself. He comments 'Fake Fake Fake' when he sees the girls, saying Sara doesn't even like Vilde. When Sana asks how he knows, Isak explains that Sara talks shit about Vilde. Sana asks 'To you' and Isak nods. When Sana asks if he and Sara are friends, Isak explains that they were in a relationship. Sana seems to remember that then, asking him how he could stand dating her. Isak explains it wasn't a very sexual relationship and that they mostly chatted. He says looking back, he was more of an online psychologist than a boyfriend. He comments that he would have loved some payment for all the time that he spent reading Sara talking shit about russ, which he didn't give a fuck about.

He then changes the subject asking Sana something about biology. He gets it wrong, potentially intentionally, causing Sana to correct him. He then walks off as he leaves her by the windowsill.

  • The one and only
Thursday May 25, 2017 (7.21PM)

Sana is staring off into the distance for a long time, thinking about something. She then goes to read old messages between her and Jamilla where Jamilla says that she will look out for Sana at Nissens like she did at Uranienborg. Sana then gets a notification from the "Flawless since 99" facebook group. She gets frustrated seeing Saras post about being the bss of the russbuss. She then sees the comments about why sana is no longer part of the bus anymore. Vilde says that Sana thinks that it goes against her values but says its weird that she never was against those values before. Then Sara says it might be because of her parents and that its not so good to be on russ when you are a Muslim.

Sana gets angry and starts to type 'Its NOT because i am a Muslim but because you're a fake girl.' She decides not to send the text and starts pacing in her room instead, eyeing her phone. She then grabs it again, and starts texting Isak to Isak about wanting some help for the exam. She says that she owes him that because Elias and his friends punched him. He says that they didn't punch him, attempting to downplay the severity. Sana asks him if he wants the help and he agrees. They then make a plan to meet tomorrow after school at Isaks place.

  • Let's go bitches
Friday May 26, 2017 (3.54PM)

Sana arrives at Isak and Even’s apartment, and the two of them greet her by the door. Even then starts looking for something, and he announces that he has to go to work. Sana compliments the apartment and the boys say thanks at the same time. Isak then mentions how they got stuff from the flea market. Even then leaves, and Isak asks him to bring knakkebrød. He also asks Even to go down to the laundry basement, and Even points out he has to work in 5 minutes, and that it would take him 10 minutes to do that. Isak says it won’t take 10 minutes. In the meantime Sana takes out her books and her laptop. Isak jokes that Even can’t smell the laundry, and Even says he will do it if it’s important to Isak. They kiss and Even leaves, saying goodbye to Sana and reminding them both that they are geniuses.

Isak then says he doesn’t get a certain biology element, and Sana comments ‘back to basics then’ before she starts explaining the material to Isak, pointing out a certain schedule which Isak then starts studying. Sana points out she has sent him a link on facebook. Sana then asks him is he’s not going to offer her something to drink, and when he asks she replies saying she wants tea. Isak says he can make tea, and goes into the kitchen. While he is away, Sana takes Isak’s laptop and starts going through his messages with Sara, but she gets surprised when Isak asks her what she’s doing, standing in the doorway. Sana says she was looking for the wifi. Isak says she could’ve just asked, and tells her it’s ‘yellow curtains’ before he goes on to ask her which tea she wants. Sana picks green tea, and Isak goes to make it.

Sana then gets a text from Noora, asking if she wants to hang out even though she says she knows Sana is stressed about the exam. Noora mentions she has something to tell Sana. Sana doesn’t reply the text and puts her phone away when Isak brings the tea. Sana then asks him if he used hot tap water, and Isak defends himself saying they don’t have a kettle. He explains Even is the one who drinks tea but that he doesn’t know how he does it without a kettle. Sana comments he didn’t do it like that.

After a little silence, Isak asks her why he never told her that she knew Even. Sana replies saying she knew he would ask and dig around about him. Isak asks her what the danger is in that, and Sana says Even should choose himself how much he wants to share about his history. She adds that one doesn’t want to share everything about one’s past. Isak comments saying she is a good person.

Even then calls Isak, apparently not having done the laundry Isak asked him to do. Isak rolls his eyes a little, calling it a surprise in a sarcastic way. He then says he will go down and do it himself, and tells him to have a good time. He replies ‘You too’ to an implied ‘I love you’ from Even’s side of the line. After the conversation, Isak says he needs to go to the laundry room, and Sana turns Isak’s laptop towards her again as he leaves.

She starts reading messages between Sara and Isak. The first one she reads is where Sara says she hopes they can remain friends because Isak was her first love. Another one is of Sara calling Vilde dumb over the Brun og Bild sponsorship. Sana takes screenshots, and then returns the computer when Isak gets back. He then comments they should get started with studying, and Sana replies with “Let’s go bitches.”


  • On Mondayevening, the girl squad texts about Sana leaving the bus
  • During Gutta boys Noora texts Sana asking to hang out and telling her she will also drop out of the bus.
  • During The one and only Sana and Isak text to meet up with Sana offering to help Isak studying.

Social Media

  • On Ascension Day, Isak posted a video on instagram of Jesus ascending to haven with a flame/rocket-emoji.
  • On Fridaymorning Vilde posted a group picture with her, Eva and the Pepsi Max girls


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Song Artist Scene
Ikke snakk til meg Merone Sana walking into the schoolyard.
September Gabrielle First part at of the scene at Isak & Even's apartment, where the song is playing in the background.


Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first episode to air after the 10-day midseason break.

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