Season 4, Episode 10, titled Takk for alt (English: Thanks for everything) is the forty-third episode and the series finale of Skam.


Vilde has to take care of her mother. Eva and Penetrator Chris talk about having a relationship, but she rejects him. Jonas is dating Emma, but doesn't want to tell his friends. Chris wants to help Vilde out because she suspects that Vilde is having issues at home. She talks to Dr. Skrulle, and she motivates Chris. Even is trying to prepare the perfect birthday for Isak. William and Noora go on a date together while they're trying to write a speech for Sana. Eskild and Linn are afraid that Noora might move in with William. Sana hosts an Eid-party and invites all of her friends. Jonas performs a speech for Sana, written by the girls.



Clips in this episode followed several POV's

  • Vilde
Saturday, June 17, 2017 (5:24 PM)
Note: This clip is from Vilde's perspective

Vilde is in the bathroom, putting on some mascara while Beyonce's "Pretty Hurts" plays in the background. She gets a text from Chris (Berg) who says that she is almost at Vilde's place and asks if she can come in so she can buy Vilde a beer. Vilde tells her she will meet her outside and goes back to doing her make up but is interrupted by the door bell ringing. She hesitates outside the front door but the bell rings again and this time there is a knock. Vilde eventually opens the door with a smile and a man named Hakon introduces himself as the new leader in cooperative housing. He asks her if her mother is home and Vilde says no, asking if she can help with anything instead. Hakon says that he is greeting the neighbours before saying that Vilde's mum hasn't paid the housing fees yet. Vilde remains cheerful and tells him that her mum probably forgot as she works a lot but that she will remind her. After Hakon leaves, Vilde rifles through a stack of papers in search of the housing fee payment but comes up empty-handed. She receives a text from Sana who says that she admires her strength and unwillingness to give up. Sana tells her she loves her and invites her to an Eid pre-party to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Later, Vilde fills up a glass of water and collects a tablet of "Sobril" (an anti-anxiety medication which helps with alcohol withdrawal) to take to her mum. She tells her mum that she is going out and her mum asks her who was at the door. Vilde lies and says it was someone asking them to sign a petition before tucking her mum into bed and meeting Chris outside. She apologizes for losing track of time and says that she sat and talked with her mum to which Chris smiles and nods. They leave together.

  • Penetrator-Chris
Sunday, June 18, 2017 (10:11 AM)
Note: This clip is from Penetrator Chris' perspective.

Chris is in bed with Eva who is still half-asleep. He wakes her up by gently touching her face. Eva asks him if he slept well and he says yes before telling her that he dreamt about something messed up. She asks him what and he explains that in the dream he was at his old elementary school, sitting outside with a girl named Caroline whom he dated when he was in fourth grade and eating lunch. Then he says that Eva showed up in his dream and he thought 'wow' before walking up to her and asking her to be his girlfriend in front of Caroline. Eva asks him what he she said in the dream and Chris says that she said yes. She tells him that the dream wasn't real and Chris asks her what she means by that to which Eva says that they will never be together in the real world. Chris asks her why not and Eva tells him that it's because he is a "cheating fuckboy." They kiss but Eva pulls away to answer a call from Vilde. They chat about doing something nice for Sana at the Eid-Celebration to show her how much they care and Vilde asks her if she has any ideas but Eva is unsure, proposing that they should ask someone muslim for advice on what to get for Sana. Eva ends the call, turning back to Chris. She asks him where they were and Chris says they were talking about getting together but Eva disagrees and they before Eva pushes him off and tells him to hide much to Chris's surprise. Eva stumbles out of bed just as her mum walks into her room but it is too late. She apologizes and Eva tells her that she has a visitor. Chris gets up at that moment with Eva's bed covers wrapped around him and introduces himself to Eva's mum. Her mum says that she didn't know Eva had a boyfriend and Eva tells her that Chris is not her boyfriend. Chris adds that they are not a couple yet. After Eva's mum leaves, the two have a laugh about it before falling back into bed with each other.

  • Jonas
Monday, June 19, 2017 (12:19 PM)
Note: This clip is from Jonas' perspective

Jonas is walking to school with Emma Larzen and they stop to kiss, just outside of the school. He tells her that they will chat later and they part ways. Jonas meets the boy squad and Sara who is talking to them about Sana inviting her to the Eid pre-party. Sara sounds skeptical as to why she was invited, thinking that Sana has some other motive considering what happened between them but Isak tells her that Sana only wants peace. After she leaves, Jonas receives a text from Penetrator Chris who asks him for advice about Eva. Jonas relays the message to the boy squad and asks them if he should reply, saying that Chris is not good enough for Eva but Vilde interrupts them by asking Mahdi if he knows of any muslim traditions or anything they could do for Sana for Eid. Magnus tells her that they should make a card for Sana. Before Vilde leaves, Jonas asks her about Eva and Chris and she tells him that they sleep together but that Eva may have feelings for Chris.The boys tells Jonas that he should give Chris some advice if Eva likes him and Jonas texts him back with some sound advice. After having sent the text, Jonas texts Emma and asks her if she wants to come to a party with him on Saturday.

  • Chris Berg
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 (10:57 AM)
Note: This clip is from Chris Berg's perspective

Chris is at school with Noora and Eva. She receives a text from Vilde asking if she can borrow 1000 kroner to buy a top that is on sale. Before she can reply, Emma interrupts them by asking if they are going to Sana's Eid party. She says that Jonas asked her to come with him and that she feels stressed because she doesn't know anyone going. Eva tells her that they are going and that they will watch over her. Later, Chris goes to see Dr Skrulle. She tells her about Vilde (not specifically naming her) and how she thinks that Vilde has it difficult at home because her mum is depressed. Chris says how she feels as though she should be a better friend and asks Dr. Skrulle if she can talk to Vilde. Dr Skrulle tells her that no one deals well with conflict and that Chris shouldn't lie to herself about what she can and can't do before saying that Chris is more than enough a good friend to Vilde. Chris seems to have come to an understanding about what to do at the end of the clip.

  • Even
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 (1:13 PM)
Note: This clip is from Even's perspective

Even is waiting for Isak. He texts the group chat, asking them if they have brought enough beer for Isak's birthday get together. Even tells them that he wants Isak's birthday to be perfect, considering everything he has to deal with (referring to Even's bipolarity). Isak arrives a little while later and Even gives him a beer to commemorate his eighteenth birthday. They talk about a video Even had made for Isak and posted on YouTube. Even refuses to tell him what the title of the video is, prompting Isak to make a few off-hand guesses. They laugh and kiss before they are interrupted by a homophobic man from across the street. This infuriates Isak and he starts yelling at the man, saying that he can't deal with people like that but Even is quick to calm him down. Even holds Isak close and tells him that it's okay, he tells him to calm down because they will go and meet their friends at the park, drink beer and enjoy themselves. Isak reluctantly agrees and Even kisses him before hugging him tightly.

  • William
Thursday, June 22, 2017 (2:07 PM)
Note: This clip is from William's perspective

William and Noora are on a date together when William receives a text from his father. His father asks him if he has talked to Noora and when he's coming home to which William replies that they haven't talked yet. Noora asks William to help her write a speech for Sana but he protests that he can't write. Noora looks at him incredulously and tells him that she knows he can write. They talk about Sana and Noora muses how they wouldn't be here, together without her. As Noora tells him what she is planning to write in the speech, Linn calls her and William texts his Dad back while Noora is preoccupied. He tells him that Noora won't be coming to London with him because she needs to be with her friends and that he needs to be with her.

  • Eskild & Linn
Friday, June 23, 2017 (7:31 PM)
Note: This clip is from both Eskild's and Linn's perspectives

  • Kjære Sana (English:Dear Sana)
Saturday, June 24, 2017 (10:46 PM)
Note: The end of the clip features the point of view of the show's fans.


Social Media

  • On Wednesday, on Isak's birthday, Even posts a video on youtube titled Gutten Som Ikke Klarte å Holde Pusten Under Vann  (English:The Boy Who Failed to Hold His Breath Underwater.
Gutten som ikke klarte å holde pusten under vann

Gutten som ikke klarte å holde pusten under vann





Song Artist Scene
Lover, Where Do You Live? Highasaskite Eva notices Chris & Emma. Jonas & Eva almost kiss. Sana texts Yousef.


Notes and Trivia

  • In Kjære Sana the song Lover where do you live? was used, as a parallell to the song being used in Season 1, Episode 8 in the skatepark scene.

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