Season 4, Episode 1, titled Du hater å henge med oss (English: You hate hanging out with us) is the thirty-fourth episode of Skam, and the first episode of Season 4.


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  • Er jeg sen? (English: Am I late?)
Monday April 10, 2017 (1.28PM)

Sana is on the bus on her way to the Kollektiv and looking out of the window. She spots some guys showing off their abs and then she gets an alert from her prayer app. The woman across from her on the bus gives her a judgmental look. Walking up to The Kollektiv, Sana spots Isak and Even. Soon the other boys join them by the van, which they got because Even and Isak are moving today. Sana says she's late because of something on public transportation and all the boys joke about this. Eventually Sana joins the girls upstairs, where they are discussing Vilde and Magnus' sex life over pizza. After a while, Sana comments on Vilde's oversharing, and when Vilde mentions Sana's sexual frustration Sana educates her on the fact that she can have sex if she wants to, and that she just chooses not to. Noora breaks the awkward moment that follows to ask if anyone wants tea, and she and Chris go to the kitchen. Eva then says Chris told her William has a new girlfriend in London, and when Noora returns Vilde subtly brings up William to Noora. The scene ends with the sound of a kettle about to boil over.

  • Slave
Tuesday, April 11, 2017 (5:50 PM)

Sana enters her home, noticing some people chattering, and a bunch of shoes by the door of the apartment. While taking off her jacket and backpack, she tries to figure out if anyone's at home, by yelling "Hello?". She enters into a room, where she finds Elias, her brother, hanging out with a group of friends, playing a "game", similar to basketball. Elias gives her a challenge; hit the case with the "ball", while Snoop Dogg sings "Smoke weed everyday", with the reward being that Elias will serve as her slave for an entire week. If she failed to do so, she would have to serve as Elias' slave for an entire week. Sana ended up hitting the case with the "ball", but too early, so she lost the challenge. The first favor Elias asks Sana to do is to make some tea for him and his friends, where Sana tells him that she's not slave for his friends, to which Elias responds with that they're "his guests". Sana heads towards the kitchen, and he tells her "thanks, slave-woman", which his friends tells him to calm down.

  • So hot
Wednesday, April 12, 2017 (2:06 PM)

Sana, Eva, Vilde, Chris and Noora are hanging out together and eating ice cream. While sitting, Sana receives a message from Elias, who asks her to let him borrow her key, since he forgot his. Meanwhile, the girls start talking about what they could do during Easter break. Sana tells the girls that she has to go give her brother her key, and the girls, except for Noora, follow her to the gym, where her brother and his group of friends are training. The guys are lifting weights, and the girls squad are staring at them. Sana yells Elias' name, and gives him the key. The girls seem to show interest towards the group of boys.

  • Fy Faen
Friday, April 14, 2017 (8:17 PM)

The girls are at the subway, waiting for Elias and his friends to come so they can all go to a party. Sana tells the girls that the guys are "childish" and that they "won't be coming", but a few seconds later, the guys come into view, carrying a bunch of McDonald's balloons. On their way to the party, Sana's mother calls her, asking where she is. Afterwards, Sana receives a notification from her prayer app, saying it's time to pray. At the party, Sana goes into the bathroom, washes her face and hands, and finds a bedroom, in which she starts to pray. While she prays, two people enter the bedroom while making out, interrupting Sana and causing her to leave. Sana then walks around in the apartment and sees Noora talking to Yousef, which makes Sana jealous.


  • The girl squad discussed the G-spot and Easter plans over group text on Monday night.
  • Sana texts with her mother about a theme-evening at the mosque, about women's role in Islam. (Er jeg sen?)
  • Sana and Elias are texting. Elias tells her that he's hungry, and to call him "Lord" on Tuesday night.

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I can have sex, Vilde. I just choose not to.
— Sana to Vilde

It's always going to be me and William
— Noora, after the girls start asking her about her relationship with William



Song Artist Scene
None of dem Robyn Sana is in the bus looking out of the window and she sees the guys. She gets alerted by her phone's prayer app.
Chewing Gum Annie The girl squad eating pizza
Smoke weed Everyday Snoop Dogg Sana in the apartment, with her brother and his friends.
Hot in Herre Nelly Gym scene
Fy Faen Hkeem ft Temur Sana's brother and his friends arriving at the train station, meeting the girls squad.
Aloha Møme feat. Merryn Jeann Girl squad and balloon squad on their way to the party
Nostalgi 3Millioner Tomine Harket, Unge Ferrari Sana sees Yousef and Noora.


Notes and Trivia

  • The scene with the boys is inspired by fan-art drawn by ELLI_SKAM. [1]

    By the Instagram-user ELLI_SKAM. Photo: Instagram

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