gSeason 3, Episode 9, titled Det går over (English: It will pass), is the thirty-second episode of Skam over-all.


After Even has a manic episode, Isak does some research on bipolar disorder. Isak later struggles to get in touch with Even, but Magnus offers some good advice. Isak then goes to a church concert with his parents.



  • "Life is Good"

Isak is in his room researching mania when Eskild appears at his door. Eskild tells him that it will pass even though right now it may seem that way and that right now it's very painful. He tells Isak that heartbreak always hurts and that he thinks it won't pass but it will. Eskild offers that if he wants to talk or needs anything he should ask him.

Isak gets a series of texts from Even with lyrics to 'Cherry Wine' by Nas. He scrolls through them and eventually types a reply saying 'Hi Even. I understand shit right now. Stop texting me.'

He then gets another text, this time from his mom. She writes that the first second she saw him, on June 21st 1999 at 21.21 (9.21PM) she loved him and that she always will. Isak cries of happiness reading the message, and clutches his phone to his chest.

  • “Klikka" (Gone nuts)

Isak walks up to Jonas and Mahdi talking in the cafetaria at school. He puts down his plate of waffles which prompts Mahdi to ask if they have waffles today, and then he leaves to get some. Jonas then asks Isak what's up with him not being at school and Isak replies saying he is a little down.

Jonas asks what's up and Isak says Even lost it. When Jonas asks what he did, Isak says he went outside naked in the middle of the night. Isak says Even is apparently bipolar. Magnus then joins them saying his mom is also bipolar. Isak asks if Magnus also has a crazy mom, and Magnus states she is not crazy, but bipolar.

Isak asks how she is, and Magnus says she's awesome, stating he's met her. Isak says he has and that she's normal. Magnus says she is normal, but that there are periods when she's depressed or very excited. Magnus wonders who they're talking about and Isak explains Even is also bipolar and that he went outside in the middle of the night, naked. Magnus laughs about it and Isak says it's not funny but Magnus calls it comical. He then explains an incident of one of the episodes his mom had.

Magnus then asks where Even is, and Isak replies he's at home, he guesses. Magnus then clarifies that he meant in his head. He asks if he's stoked or depressed and Isak says he hasn't talked to him. Magnus asks why not and Isak says because it's all been bullshit from his part because he was manic. Magnus then states he's been with Even for a while and that he hasn't been manic this whole time. he explains that when his mom is manic he doesn't have contact with her, and he points out that he had plenty of contact with Even.

Isak then says Sonja told him and Magnus asks who she is. Isak explains she is Even's ex, and Magnus is surprised, asking Isak if he thinks he should trust his ex saying he doesn't have feelings for him. Magnus jokes that's very smart logic, and suggest asking Even how he feels. He explains Even isn't braindead because he had a manic episode. Magnus suggests he talks to Even when he calmed down, and Jonas says he's pretty cool. Magnus jokingly asks if he only realised now.

  • Sees fredag (See you friday)

Isak is standing in his room with Even's contact screen on his phone. He contemplates calling him and gathers the courage to do so. The call goes to voicemail however, and Isak hangs up again.

He then gets a call from his dad and he picks up the call. His dad says he wanted to make sure he's coming to the Christmas celebration on Friday, and Isak assures that he'll be there. He inquires about when it starts, and his dad says it starts at 8.30PM.

Isak's dad then say it's nice that he has a boyfriend, and Isak says it was a joke. The subject then switches back to the Christmas celebration when Isak's dad says he and his mom are both looking forward to it. Isak then says it wasn't a joke but that it's just over. When his dad asks if he's upset about it, Isak denies that he is. As he starts crying he ends the call quickly.

  • “O helga natt” (Oh Holy Night)

Isak walks into the church and greets his parents and talks to them casually for a bit before he gets a text. The text is from Even and reads 'Dear Isak. I'm now sitting at the place where we met each other for the first time and I'm thinking about you. Soon it will be 21:21. I want to tell you a thousand things. Sorry for scaring you. Sorry for hurting you. Sorry for not telling you that I'm bipolar. I was afraid of losing you. I'd forgotten that it's not possible to lose someone, that all people are alone anyway. A different place in the universe we are together for all eternity, remember that. Love you, Even.'

Isak reads through the message and then goes to sit down with his parents. He watches the performance of 'O Helga Natt' as he notices the cross behind, and he starts flashing back to Even. He then reads the text again, and realises what it means. He leaves the church and starts running towards the school while memories of Isak and Even flash by.

Once he gets to the school he goes to the bench where they sat the night they met after Kosegruppa. He then turns his head and sees Even leave the building on the other side of the schoolyard. Even then notices him too and they walk towards each other. Isak walks all the way up until their foreheads are touching, and then leans in even closer. He then softly places both hands on each side of Even's face and says "You are not alone." They kiss softly, and Isak then moves to wrap Even in his arms.


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Song Artist Scene
Hjernen er alene De Lillos Isak is reading about mania and Eskild walks into the room
O Helga Natt Nils Bech Church scene with Isak and his parents. Continues to play as Isak has flashbacks of him and Even and ends when he gets to Even in the Nissen schoolyard


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