Season 3, Episode 8 titled Mannen i mitt liv (English: The man of my dreams) is the thirty-first episode of Skam over-all.


Isak's father wants Isak to go to a church concert with him and his mother. At school, Sana reluctantly admits to being wrong about a point she made in a previous discussion with Isak, and Even surprises Isak by booking a stay in a hotel suite for them.



Isak wakes up and notices Even is not there. He then looks around the bed for a note, wondering if Even left without saying anything. He then checks his phone and reads a text from his dad.

He gets dressed and puts on clothes before walking to the kitchen where Even is thanking Noora and Eskild for letting them use the shower. Even is cooking breakfast in the meantime. He then spots Isak and greets him with a good morning kiss. He said he made a lot of food and that he hopes Isak is hungry.

Noora then clears her throat and tells Eskild they should get changed. She comes up on the spot with the story that they have yoga. Even asks if they do yoga and Eskild says they don't but Noora tries to clarify the situation to Eskild, and she says that they do. Eskild picks up on it and pretends like he's forgotten. Noora and Eskild then leave the kitchen giggling.

Even said he didn't know what Isak liked so he made everything. Even asks 'what movie' but Isak doesn't know what he means. Even then lets Isak try some of the eggs. He explains the secret is a tablespoon of sour cream. Isak then looks at Even and says that when he woke up he thought Even had left. Even walks over to him and assures him he was just making food and talking to Isak's friends.

Isak then asks if Sonja knows where he is, and Even replies with 'Fuck Sonja, we're not together anymore'. Isak says that last time he said that they were hooking up two days later. Isak sys it's not easy for him not to give a fuck about her. Even then says that he has to understand that Sonja is in control. Even explains that sometimes he feels as though she knows him better than he does himself because everything she says it's true. He explains he's tired of that because she can't feel what he feels or thinks. Isak agrees, saying only he can feel what he feels.

Even moves over to Isak again and looks at him, their faces barely apart. He then says he hasn't felt anything like this, ever. Isak says that he hasn't either. They kiss softly and linger around each other's lips before the song changes on the radio which excites Even. Even starts jamming to the song and Isak asks if he's serious, saying it's a hashtag. Even asks what he means, and Isak explains with 'When you've found the man of your dreams and it turns out he likes Gabrielle.'

Even picks up on the 'Man of my dreams' part and asks him if he is the man of Isak's life. Isak rolls his eyes a little, saying that's the way the hashtag goes. Even repeats that he called him the man of his dreams, and Isak smiles at that. They kiss again, and Even asks Isak to say it again, which Isak does before they kiss more to the tunes of '5 fine fr0kner' which Isak proclaims is a stupid song, but Even points out Isak is dancing to it. Even playbacks along with the song as they kiss again.

Isak is in his biology classroom working on his computer on a homework assignment when he gets a text from his dad. He scrolls up through repeated messages from him. Isak then says he will go to the Christmas concert but that he will be taking a new boyfriend, whose name is Even. Isak clarifies it's a boy's name, before going back to work. When he gets a message back, his dad asks him if he's joking and says he doesn't understand. He tells Isak that if he has a boyfriend then that's nice and that he would love to meet him, but that Isak's mom is really stressed. Isak doesn't reply to the message.

Sana walks into the classroom, pointing out that Isak forgot to do the assignment. She then asks him if he saw the link that she sent. He says he didn't, and asks her what it's about. She says it was a link to an article and Isak asks what it was about. Sana says the article was about research on evolution and homosexuality. Sana says she was thinking about the discussion they had a while ago. She says she's not wrong often, but that she was wrong in that discussion. She explains homosexuality has had a natural part in evolution and that they have done a lot of new and interesting research on it. She says she was wrong, and Isak smiles a little.

Isak then asks about Islam, asking if there's anything new or if it's still the same. Sana says Islam says the same as always, being that all people in the world have the same worth, and that no person should be talked behind their back, violated, judged or mocked. She says that if he hears someone use religion as an argument for hatred he shouldn't listen because hate doesn't come from religion, it comes from fear. The teacher then starts the class asking everyone to send in their assignments.

The boy squad leaves their classroom and they say they're going to get pizza. Isak says he can't come because he would have to skip and he can't. He claims research shows you learn more by attending class, which the boys laugh about. Even then walks up the stairs to them, and Isak introduces Even to them. Even goes around and shakes their hands. Mahdi then explains they were going to get food but that Isak has one more class. Even says 'that sucks' and Isak smiles.

Magnus' coin drops as he realizes Even is thé Even who Isak threw them out for. Isak claims he didn't throw them out and that they were going to a party, which seems to amuse Even. Magnus says it was sudden and that they were supposed to go to the party together. Even then says it's probably better they weren't there.

The boys then leave to get food, and Magnus hugs Even goodbye. Isak then gets an unknown call and picks up. Sonja greets him and when Isak tells Even, he takes the phone and tells her to stop calling Isak. Isak asks why he did that and Even tells him not to talk to her. When Isak asks why, and what she wants, Even says she wants to control him. Isak asks how she would do that, and Even explains she doesn't like people who are free and real.

Even then kisses Isak in the school corridor before ascending the stairs. He tells Isak he's hot as he ascends the stairs, and Isak is left a bit blown away.

Isak is in Kaffebrenneriet as he texts his mom. He tells her he started dating a boy and that he knows she believes in God and that the bible says it's a sin. He then types that she doesn't have to be afraid because it also says that God created man in his image and that everyone is of equal worth. He ends the text with 'I'm sorry if it makes you sad. Hugs, Isak' before pressing send. He then gets a text from Sonja, asking him to call her if he's not with Even. She adds it's important.

Even then knocks on the window and Isak smiles as Even draws a heart with an 'i' in it on the window. He goes to meet Even outside but shies away from kissing him in public. He then asks Even if he's keen on going to his place, but Even says he isn't. Isak asks what they're doing then, and Even says he's keen on checking in a suite. Even then starts walking and Isak walks after him.

They make their way to the Radisson Blu hotel, walking up to the reception. Even says he ordered a room to his name, and Even hands his ID when the woman asks for it. Even then asks if she's Danish, which amuses him. He says he is a fan of Danish. They discuss Danish movies. Even then asks if Isak likes Denmark, and Isak says Denmark is great.

Even then wraps his arm around Isak and tells the lady at the reception that he is his boyfriend. The lady says it's nice and Even agrees. He then says 'Isn't he handsome' and when the lady doesn't entirely understands Even tries to say it in Danish. He eventually switches to English saying 'Isn't this man beautiful?'

Isak and Even then get into the elevator where they look at each other and Even kisses Isak's cheek. As the elevator goes up they embrace and eventually kiss. Next they move to the suite, where Isak and Even have sex.

The scene intercuts with little fragments of them in bed afterwards and them eating burgers from roomservice, which Even is excited about. Even says they will have mini-burgers at their wedding and Isak repeats the 'wedding' part. Even asks him if he thinks they won't get married. He then says they will get married with a grant fucking wedding. He says they will be dressed as God and Julius Caesar. He then changes his mind and suggests they go naked. He states he will propose from a balcony, driving up in a white limo Tesla yelling 'Princess Vivian'.

Isak asks 'Princess Vivian?' and Even says it would be genius if that was his asnwer and that the joke is that Isak would think it's a Romeo and Juliet reference. He says Isak wouldn't get it until he got to the balcony and saw him naked with a tie, which is when he would get the reference. Even says that after he climbed the balcony he would ask Isak 'What happens after I've saved you?' He asks what Isak would anwer. He fills in the question when Isak doesn't appear to know by saying 'And I'll save you right back.' Isak smiles a little as Even explains it would be very funny and that it's one of his dreams.

In the bed, Even asks how many Isak and Even's are laying in bed like they are. Isak replies with 'Infinite.' Even strokes Isak's face as he asks him 'In infinite times' and Isak replies with a whispering 'yes'. They don't say anything for a while, looking at each other, before Even says 'You know, the only thing to have something for infinite time is by losing it.' and Isak tells him not to say stuff like that. Even assures him that he's only joking.

Later at night, Even is going through the room. Isak asks him if he never sleeps, and Even jumps on the bed, kissing him and explaining he doesn't when Isak is laying there so fucking hot. He then leaves the bed again, and Isak asks him to come to lie down with him. Even says he will,and that he will just go out and buy some McDonalds first. Even leaves the room naked and Isak hears the room slam closed.

Isak goes to the door but Even isn't there, and so he stands by the door for a few moments, processing everything. He then puts on his own clothes and grabs Even's, rushing to the elevator. Once he gets down to the lobby he asks for the direction to the people there, and he starts walking through Oslo.

He walks around for a while, and then grabs out his phone to call Sonja. He says something happened with Even, asking her to check where the nearest McDonalds is. He is scared Even will get beaten up if he's walking around Grønland naked right now. He walks around in the area more, before he meets up with Sonja who gets out of the taxi while she's on the phone.

Sonja tells him the police has Even, so he's safe. She then looks at him, and Isak asks her what happened just now. Sonja tells him that he Even manic. She says he is not well, and asks him if he thinks Even is in love with him. She tells Isak that he isn't, and that it's just a sick idea he has right now. She explains that last year Even memorized the Quran in Arabic because he thought it was a good idea at the time.

Sonja then says he's not supposed to smoke, and that it's not good for him. She then asks Isak to stay away. She walks past Isak forcefully and Isak is left alone, and he cries.


Social Media

  • Isak posts a picture of Even.
  • On Monday, Jonas posts a picture of Mahdi with the caption 'Mandag'.



Recurring Cast




Song Artist Scene
Misread Kings of Convenience Kitchen radio song
5 Fine Frøkner Gabrielle Isak and Even in the kitchen
II. Worldstar Childish Gambino Isak and Even walking to the hotel
High for This The Weeknd Elevator scene
On the Run (Part II) Jay-Z feat Beyoncé Credits song


Notes and Trivia


  • In the scene, where Isak introduces the boy squad to Even, Jonas presents himself as "Marlon", the name of his actor (Marlon Langeland), and not "Jonas", the character's name.

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