Season 3, Episode 7, titled Er du homo? (English: Are you gay?), is the thirtieth episode of Skam overall.


Even is sending Isak some confusing signals, so Isak asks Eskild for advice. Meanwhile, rumors that Isak might be gay are spreading through school. After coming out to Jonas, Jonas encourages Isak to tell Mahdi and Magnus as well.



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Sunday November 20, 2016 (4.34PM)

Noora and Eskild are in the kitchen going through Tinder when Isak walks in. Eskild is encouraging Noora to create an account so she can like guys and stuff. Noora says she won't get Tinder because she kind of has a guy already. Eskild says he lives in London and Noora says he's being mean. Eskild points out she's the type of person to always do the right thing and be good, and encourages her to jump into it.

Isak then walks in and waits by the door as Noora walks out. He mumbles that everyone knows William won't return. Isak then says he wants to ask Eskild a question, and Eskild says he accepts Isak's apology and that he's not mad at him. He says he know why he said what he said, and that he is done with it.

However Isak says that's not it, and he tells Eskild he needs advice. Eskild is flattered, and asks if he needs advice because he trusts and looks up to Eskild. Isak says yes to please Eskild. Eskild then asks if it's because he's Isak's guru, and Isak says sure. Eskild tries to get him to say it, but Isak doesn't. Eskild agrees to give him advice, and asks him what he's wondering about.

Isak then mentions Even and that they had a thing. He explains that he said he would break up with his girlfriend. Isak explains how Even suddenly said things went too fast and Isak explains that Even got back together with his girlfriend again. He then tells Eskild he gave him a drawing and that he messaged him to say thanks for the drawing, but hasn't answered.

Eskild asks about Even's girlfriend and how long they've been together. When Isak says it's been 4 years, and asks if it's bad, Eskild asks how honest Isak wants him to be. Eskild says he knows a lot of guys in hetersexual relationships but that not a lot of guys leave their girlfriends to be together. Eskild says that is what he thinks, and that that is his advice.


Isak and Sana are in biology, going through the 4 potential answers for a biological question. Isak settles on D, but Sana is confident it's A. They both question each other's answers. Sana says not to joke around and Isak wonders why they're even having the discussion. They both stay with their point. Isak then proposes to google it, and Sana says he should do so if he's unsecure. Sana then asks the teacher what they should do if they have 2 opinions, and the teacher tells them to circle the answers with their names next to it.

Sana then notices the text notification from Vilde, saying she hopes it's not offensive but she heard Isak is gay. When Isak notices the notification too, Sana clears her throat and they move on to the next question. The bell then rings and Sana gets up to hand in their paper. Isak takes his phone and reads the message before he replies, asking where she heard that. Vilde says someone said he and Even had a thing, and Isak asks who said it. Vilde replies saying it indirectly came from Emma. She apologizes and says it would be okay if it was true because she loves gays.


Isak and Jonas are walking around at the school talking about Ikea furniture when two girls walk by and greet Isak. Jonas asks him if he knows them but Isak says he doesn't. They then enter the classroom where Magnus and Mahdi are jamming to a song. Jonas announced Isak will be hosting a pregame on Friday. Magnus says he's in, and when Mahdi doesn't answer right away, Isak promises he won't get violent again which causes Mahdi to smile.

Magnus then brings up the rumour that they fought at the party because Isak is gay. Mahdi says he hasn't heard the rumour, and Magnus calls it hilarious, wondering why Mahdi hasn't heard it. Mahdi wonders why they would fight about that, and Magnus says it's because Mahdi supposedly is Muslim. Mahdi clarifies that he is not, and Magnus says he know which is what makes it hilarious. Mahdi asks if it's hilarious that the entire school thinks he's a homophobe.

Magnus says it's not, but he says it's hilarious that people think Isak is gay. This causes Isak, who went silent in the conversation, to look up. Mahdi asks if Magnus said it's not true, and Magnus replies saying they should watch out or Mahdi would jihad the entire school. Magnus then says he's kidding and that he told them Isak was going to a family dinner, which is why they fought. Mahdi insists that they didn't fight though, and Magnus tells him to relax and that it was only a rumor.

Jonas then looks over at Isak encouragingly and Isak gathers his courage again. He then asks the guys if they remember the dance girls, and Mahdi comments that they're the only thing he sees when he closes his eyes, and they gush over how how they were. Isak asks if they remember the guy coming up to them. Magnus asks if he means the gay guy, and Isak is startled for a second until he realizes Magnus means the instructor. Isak says it's not him, and reminds them about another guy that came over, the guy who said he forgot his hat in the cafetaria. Mahdi says he thinks he remembers him. Isak takes a while, and then he says they had a thing. Magnus parrots him, and then blurts out the question 'What the fuck, are you gay?'.

Isak says he isn't gay, right away. He then says he maybe is a little gay but that he's not keen on them or all the guys all the time. Magnus says he hooks up with girls all the time, and Mahdi picks in saying he could be pansexual. Magnus asks what that is, and Mahdi they get into a pansexual/bisexual debate. Jonas then says regardless of it, Isak is hosting the pregame. Magnus says they might get more games now that Isak is 'fag' and Isak counters by saying it doesn't mean he has more game.

Isak walks up to his locker and is discouraged about the prospect of it being difficult. However when he opens it, it goes smoothly, to his surprise. A drawing then falls out, in which Even draws that in another universe he would have replied to Even's text. Isak smiles at the text before he tucks it away.

Isak and the boys are having a pregame and talking about russ-music. Isak is following the conversation abscent-mindedly. Jonas notices and asks him what's up. Isak replies 'Nothing, I guess'. Jonas asks if there's anything new with Even, and Isak explains he got a drawing. Jonas asks what his deal is. Isak says he doesn't know, and that he's all over the place.

Magnus asks if they're talking about Even, and Mahdi asks what's going on between them. Isak says nothing is going on and that he has a girlfriend. Magnus asks if he's pansexual as well, ans Isak says he doesn't know.

Magnus then says he's been thinking about something, and asks when gays have sex who is the man and who is the woman. Jonas and Mahdi groan, and Isak counters with a diss saying he as going to ask the same thing about him when he has sex. The boys all laugh, and Isak doubles the dis saying he remembers Magnus doesn't have sex. Magnus says he was honestly just wondering.

Jonas then says he feels like Isak lets him play him a little. He explains how Even keeps him going and then nothing happens and that he's still together with his girlfriend. Isak says he can't control what Even does, and Jonas says he can. He suggests Isak sends him a text saying 'Hey dude, stop what you're doing.' Isak say that's not him though. Jonas then tries to phrase it differently and he comes up with "Stop texting me. Call me when you've broken up with your girlfriend."

Isak seems to like that phrasing better, and Mahdi says that if he's interested he will get stressed, they've all been there. The other boys explain experience with that type of situations while Isak takes out his phone. He thanks Even for the drawing but tells him to let it be if he's not interested. he adds 'Call me when you've broken up with your girlfriend' like Jonas suggested, and then puts his phone on the table, announcing to the boys that he did it.

The boys cheer with their beers, and Isak receives a message. He reads Even's reply 'Where are you now, can we talk' and Magnus suggests calling him. Jonas says not to do so though, and he suggests 'Chiller hjemme' which Isak types. He wants to add 'just call me' but Jonas explains he can't say that even though that's what he wants. Isak asks if he should add a smiley, and Jonas says no feelings.

Isak sends the message again and they drink more when Jonas guarantees that he will call. They then stare at the phone and Magnus says to check if he's writing something. Isak says he won't asnwer because that's how he is, and Mahdi says maybe he's in a place where he can't talk. The boys are silent for a bit, until Magnus brings up the trivial matter of how the beer tastes.

Jonas then begins to recall a story about beer and yeast, but Isak isn't really paying much attention to the story. The doorbell then rings and Mahdi asks if he invited more friends but Isak explains they're the only friends that he has and that it's probably Eskild who forgot his keys. Isak then looks out of the window and says it's Even.

The boys react in surprise and Magnus proposes they meet Even. Isak immediatly says no, and says he's not fucking around telling them to go out. He tells them to have the party outside and take the back door or they'll bump into him. The boys make their way to the back door as Isak gets their shoes. Mahdi says to hurry and that the most important thing is that they leave. Even then knocs on the front door and Isak goes to open it.

Even is standing in the hallway and greets Isak back with 'halla'. They don't say much more and stand in the doorway. Even looks aside briefly, before they lock eyes again. Isak then kisses Even and pulls him inside. They go to Isak's room where they kiss some more. They get undressed and Even spends the night.


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Song Artist Scene
Solo One J Hus Song Mahdi and Magnus are listening to when Isak and Jonas walk into the classroom
7 Arif feat Unge Ferrari Background song duringthe conversation about Russ music
Local God Everclear Isak forces his friends to leave through the backdoor of The Kollektiv
Tonight Lykke Li Isak opens the door for Even and they make out.


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  • The guru line in this episode was originally improvised by Carl Martin Eggesbø.

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