Season 3, Episode 5, titled Samme tid et helt annet sted (English: Same time in a completely different place), is the twenty-eigth episode of Skam overall.


Isak and Even spend time together and talk about their relationship. Isak also has to answer to his friends for ditching Magnus' birthday that weekend, and later Isak and Eskild have a talk about homosexuality.



  • Hjernen er alene (The brain is alone)
Saturday October 29, 2017 (3.15PM)

Isak and Even are in Isak's room laughing, cuddling and kissing. In the beginning of the clip they're also seen smoking. They start talking about a movie and Isak mentions one with Nicolas Cage in it. Even thinks it's not possible for him to overplay. Even then mentions how he thinks life is a movie, and that you can be the director of your own life. Isak says he understands but that he doesn't entirely agree.

Instead, Isak says what makes it interesting is the infinity: all the parallel universes, how big everything is and how insignificant they are compared to all the parallel universes that exist. He says that everything that can happen, will happen. He thinks there is an Isak and Even lying the exact same way and in the exact same place but instead with a different colour of curtains. Even thinks of yellow curtains, and then comments Isak has had enough jay.

When Isak asks if he's never thought about it, Even says it makes him feel lonely. Isak comments it is very interesting, and Even explains he doesn't like it. When Isak asks why not, Even replies he doesn't know, that it freaks him out. Isak laughs a little, and asks Even in which way it freaks him out. Even clarifies it's not in the way a scary movie does, but more of a 'feeling alone' sort of freaked out. Even tries to explain how in your head, it's you and your thoughts, and that you can't escape your thoughts, stating the only way is to die. Isak states that's dark though. Even asks him if he's never thought about it, and when Isak says he hasn't, Even comments that he forgot how young Isak was.

When Eskild knocks on the door, he asks if Isak is going to stay in his room all day, and Isak says he's sleeping. When he asks whose shoes are outside the door, Isak lies saying he borrowed them from Jonas. Even then asks how he ended up at the Kollektiv, after Isak called Eskild a babysitter. Isak explains he was really drunk one night and he met Eskild. Even jokes Eskild picked him up, and Isak says no, but that he doesn't really remember. Isak says he thinks Eskild felt sorry for him because he was really drunk, and his dad had just left his mom. He says he didn't want to go back home, so Eskild brought him to the Kollektiv. Isak finishes with 'bla bla bla' and Even jokes it was a good story. Isak says he can have it, to make a movie about, and Even says that he will. Even then says he'll name it 'the boy who couldn't hold his breath underwater" which Isak says sounds like pompous piece of shit movie. He then claims he can hold his breath underwater, but that he just had a water drop in his throat, which Even obviously doesn't buy. 

Even's phone keeps ringing, and Isak wonders if it's Sonja. Even says he's fucked with the situation. He asks if he can just stay with Isak forever, and Isak replies saying he can, before they kiss.

  • Samme tid et helt annet sted (Same time, in a completely different place)
Sunday October 30, 2016 (9.32AM)

Isak wakes up in his room and finds that Even is no longer there. There is a note from Even, with a drawing of Isak in this universe and in another universe with the water drop in his throat. Even has written the message 'I don't sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death' and below it, 'you're hot'.

Isak then goes to leave his room, but finds Noora outside of it, cleaning the wall. He greets her, and when Isak asks, Noora explains she is cleaning. Soon after Eskild appears as well. Isak asks Eskild about Noora cleaning the walls, and Even seems to suggest Noora has gone a bit crazy. He then tells Isak good morning again, and says that Even was cool. Noora stops cleaning at this. Isak asks if he's met him, and Eskild says he was in the bathroom this morning. Eskild asks who he is, and Isak states he is just a friend.

  • Familieselskap (Family dinner)

Isak is at school waiting outside Even's class, who hasn't been at school. He asks someone passing by, and they confirm that he wasn't at school today. Isak leaves when he sees Emma walk up the stairs. He then joins his friends in the school yard, who are talking about Magnus' birthday. They're talking about a particular girl, and when the word birthday drops, Isak realises he totally forgot about it. He apologises and congratulates Magnus, before going on to explain he had a family dinner to go to, which is a lie.

The boys nod, before Isak brings the story back to the previous conversation. He asks what happened and Magnus said the boys hooked him up with Vilde. When Isak says if they (Magnus & Vilde) hooked up, Magnus explains they didn't but it was close. They joke about how it was close, but when Isak asks to explain Jonas just says it's a long story. They then talk about another specific girl but Isak is seen to not be involved in the conversation for a bit, as Jonas explains the girl had a moustache. The scene fades out into laughter from there.

  • Pause (Break)
Wednesday November 2, 2016 (10.34AM)

Isak is at the school gym playing soccer when he sees some people walking by and eventually he sees Even, who walks away from the door and into the locker room. Isak stands pretty close to the door while Even is in the middle of the room and they great each other. Isak then asks where Even went, but Even doesn't really explain. Instead he tells Isak that he told Sonja about him.

  • Pride
Thursday November 3, 2016 (5.15PM)

Isak is in his bed thinking about Even and he rolls over to smell his pillow. He then grabs his phone and texts Even about his day, asking if they can hang out. Eskild then walks in with a present because Isak paid his rent. He lets Isak pick a hand, and when he picks right he tells him to pick left. Eskild hands him an air freshener, saying it's for his room for when he has Even back over for a visit.

Isak's smile falters a little and as Eskild is about to leave, Isak says he guesses he could tell him that there's a thing going on between Even and him. Isak says they're hooking up. Eskild says it's awesome and absolutely amazing, and Eskild is proud of him. Isak asks him if he isn't surprised, and Eskild said that the first time they met he was alone at a gay bar at 2am, not wanting to go home. Isak replies saying he doesn't know it was a gay club.

Isak then says it doesn't mean he's gay, and Eskild says it doesn't matter and that the important thing is that he's found someone he likes. Isak says there is nothing wrong with being gay, but that he is not 'gay'-gay. Eskild seems a bit taken back by that statement, and asks in what way. Isak replies with 'You know, like you' and Eskild asks how he is then.

Isak mentions how Eskild talks about certain things, and Eskild seems a bit offended. Isak says he respects that Eskild takes the gay-thing all the way, but that he is not like that. Eskild explains that there is no gay-thing he decided to take all the way and that he is just trying to be himself. Isak says he gets that and that Eskild is being himself but that it seems like everyone associates being gay with being 'like that'. He says it's a bummer, because there are some who are not like that. Isak says it's not as though he's going to be wearing mascara, tights and going to Gay Pride just because he likes Even.

The Gay Pride comment strikes a nerve with Eskild, and Eskild says he will tell Isak something about the people Isak doesn't want to be associated with. Eskild says he will talk about those who fought for the right to be themselves, people who throughout the year have chosen to withstand harassment and hatred. People who have been beaten and killed, and that it's not because they wanted to be different but because they would rather die than to pretend to be someone they're not. He explains that it requires courage on a whole different level than most people are able to comprehend.

Eskild says he thinks until he has fought that battle himself, until he has the guts to stand up for who he is, he has to be very careful talking about and putting himself above gay pride. Isak then says he didn't mean to put himself above it, and Eskild says he did. He then says he doesn't feel like talking to him anymore, so now he should think about what he told him.

Eskild then leaves the room and Isak thinks about what he said. He then gets a reply from Even who says it was nice to see him too but that things moved along a little too fast and he needs time.

  • Bros
Friday November 4, 2016 (9.32PM)

Isak is at a pregame with the boys and they are drinking. Magnus mentions a specific hook-up with a third year at a party at 'Løkka' in the bathroom. Isak has little interest in the story, but Magnus talks excitingly. He says they didn't fuck because there was no toilet seat which causes for Mahdi and Jonas to react confused. Magnus then realised he should have hooked up with her in some other way, yet continues to tell the story of how he got out through the window.

Mahdi then asks what's happening tonight, and Jonas said he put on a shirt saying they have to find a place, and Mahdi compliments him on it. Magnus gets in touch with Mathias, a friend from Handels, and gets them to a party hosted by Emma. Magnus says Isak can get them in, and Isak explains she hates him. Mahdi and Magnus try to convince him to try get them in regardless.

Mahdi then jokes about how he has to go to a family get-together. Magnus then says he forgives Isak about forgetting his birthday, but Isak still says it won't work. They start chanting and rapping about Emma. Isak seems annoyed, but the boys leave anyways, walking to the party with Isak walking a bit behind them.

Once they get to the party two guys by the door greet them and asking them if they're invited. Magnus spots Vilde and smiles at her. The guys by the door say they're friends of Emma's and Mahdi says they are too, asking the guys to check if Emma's there and confirm that they've been invited. Vilde vouches for them. The guys then say it's getting too crowded and Jonas argues that it's just a party.

Isak then spots Even inside at the party, and he asks the guys to let him in because he knows Emma. He says the guys will wait outside, and the guy by the door agrees he gets a minute.

Isak passes by Eva and Chris making out, and makes his way through the crowd. He then spots Even on the other side of the living room, before he bumps into Emma. Emma looks pissed, and asks him what he's doing here. He says it was shitty of them to ditch them on halloween. Emma says that's not the reason he's an asshole, and says it's because he lead her on even though he was gay. She says it's 2016 and that he should get out of the closet. Isak looks around him and spots Even, who is joined by Sonja. He then sees them kiss before a guy bumps into him.

Magnus and Vilde are talking outside about hooking up when Isak walks back out and says they're leaving. Mahdi teases him about the family get-together again and Isak shoves him, before Jonas steps in asking whats up with Isak. Isak then walks off and walks down the street, taking his anger out on the hedges before falling to his knees on the ground in the middle of the sidewalk.


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Song Artist Scene
I'm Not In Love 10cc Isak and Even in Isak's bed
Sunday Morning The Velvet Underground Isak in his bed, smelling his pillow
Gikk I Bakken Dårlig Vane Pregame with Isak, Jonas, Magnus and Mahdi
Lift Me Up Vince Staples Isak, Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus on their way to Emma's party
Berghain 2016 Brensel Isak looks for Even at Emma's party
Hold My Liquor Kanye West Ending scene of Isak on the pavement + credits


Notes and Trivia

  • This episode was the Season 3 midseason finale and was followed by a break of 1 week.
  • Henrik mentioned the locker scene was shot many times because him and Tarjei kept laughing at one another

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