Season 3, Episode 2, titled Du er over 18, sant? (English: You're over 18, aren't you?), is the twenty-fifth episode of Skam over-all.


In class Isak attempts to get his drugs back from Sana. He's also crushing on Even, and tries to find out more about him. However, Emma, still interested in Isak, invites him and the boys to a party at her apartment.



  • Grindr
Sunday October 9, 2016 (11.11AM)

Isak is hanging out in his room with Eskild while searching Even on social media. When Eskild shows him a guy he plans to hook up with, Isak says he's probably handsome. Eskild says Isak can call another guy handsome without being gay, to which Isak confirms he said he's probably handsome. Isak wonders why Eskild needs his confirmation of the guy being handsome to meet up with him. Eskild makes a comment about this particular guy not being out, but that it won't last longer than a year before he is, claiming he has a good gaydar. Isak asks how the gaydar works, what the characteristics are of a gay guy. Eskild mentions talking to strangers about blowjobs is one clue. He adds it's suspicious to have a grindr profile. Noora then calls Eskild, and Eskild comments that the state of Isak's room is a little bit better now.

  • Even
Monday October 10, 2016 (8.10AM)

Isak is walking down the school when he finds the sign up sheet for Kosegruppa and he takes mental note of Even's full name: Even Bech Næsheim. Isak then goes to his classroom and takes his computer out to find him on facebook, but he gets no results. He then goes to check google and finds an interview with Even by his friend Mikael Øverlie Boukhal from back when Even was still at Bakka. In the video, Mikael asks Even to talk about his movie. Even explains the movie is about Captain America and Vladimir Putin falling in love but they can't be together because Sarah Palin cursed them. The curse means every time they kiss, a kitten dies of AIDS. Mikael inquires if the barbie is Sarah Palin, but Even says she's just a random barbie. They then comment there should always be a hot chick included, and they joke about that being Sarah Palin. When Mikael asks who Even's favourite director is, Even says it's Baz Luhrmann. Mikael asks if he's kidding, and Even asks why he's so skeptical in return. Mikael thinks Baz Luhrmann's movies are clichés but Even finds them epic love stories where the main characters has to die. Even then comments the main characters have to die in order for the love story to be epic. Mikael comments that Even's gonna have an E on the movie. When Sana comes to sit next to Isak, he abruptly closes his computer which Sana notices. Isak asks for the stash, but Sana counters saying it wasn't even Isak's which he stated the week before. Isak then asks if she can give it to him, but Sana says she can't because Isak's friends didn't show up at the Kosegruppa meeting. Isak says he can't make his friends go, and Sana replies with "Control your hoes, is all I'm saying.". Isak says he's not going to do this anymore, and Sana says neither is she before asking him where he wants it and proceeding to move it to Isak's bag. The teacher spots them and calls out their names, causing for Sana to hide the stash in her hijab. The teacher approaches them, asking what Sana hid in her 'burka' which she replies offended to. The teacher corrects herself but is still wrong when she calls it a 'niqab' instead. Isak then pitches in, saying the teacher doesn't know the name of the garment 10% of her students use. He calls her out for being a racist and when the teacher asks, Isak rightfully says it's called a hijab. The teacher says okay and tells them to pay attention because class is about to start. Isak shows relief when the teacher backs off.

  • Ikke vær frekk (Don't Be Rude)
Wednesday October 12, 2016 (11.16AM)

Isak is walking in the schoolyard when he spots Vilde and calls out for her. He asks her if there will be any more Kosegruppa meetings and Vilde replies saying it's great that he's engaging. She says there won't be any more this week, but that there is a revue party next week. Vilde says they'll have a group-pregame, and asks if Isak can host it. When Isak asks why, Vilde lists the reasons why the other girls can't. Isak says maybe. When Jonas, Magnus and Mahdi walk up, Vilde says Isak hosts a pregame and invites the other guys. When the other guys make fun of Isak for it, Vilde asks why they're laughing, asking if they think the revue is stupid. She says the revue sets the social foundation of the school. Isak then spots Even walking across the schoolyard, and Even spots him too before he joins his friends. Isak is called out of his daydream by Emma who walks up to him, asking if he got her message. Emma says she's hosting a pregame and asks if Isak wants to join. When Isak is hesitant, Mahdi jumps in and says Isak has brain damage and that they'll be there. Emma and her friends walk off saying she'll text Isak. When Isak's friends ask what was up, one of them asking if he's gay or something, Isak says he's getting psycho vibes from her. Vilde then seems infuriated by Emma and her friends, wondering what's up with the first year girls and their self-confidence. She asks why first year girls ask second year guys out to pregames, stating they aren't supposed to. Jonas asks what the problem is, and Vilde replies that there is a system. First year girls sleeping with third and second year guys leaves nobody for the second year girls to hook up with. Magnus then thinks he has a chance and says he'll gladly volunteer if she wants to fuck, and Vilde shuts him down saying "Don't be rude". The boys then walk off while Magnus is confused about what just happened, asking if she's playing him. At the end of the scene a girl walks by saying she's hungover from the weekend, and her friends replies saying it's Wednesday.

  • Romeo & Juliet
Friday October 14, 2016 (1.01AM)

Isak is in his room rewatching the interview of Mikael and Even, and then goes to research Even's favourite director, Baz Luhrmann. He lands on Romeo & Juliet (1996) and goes to watch the movie. He is seen crying during the death scene and afterwards he lies on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He goes to find Even on facebook again but still gets no results. He then goes to download Grindr, remembering Eskild's conversation from earlier that week. After receiving several messages he puts his phone down sighing.

  • Mekke øl (I Need Beer)
Friday October 14, 2016 (4.40PM)

Friday after school Isak, Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus are walking down the road after school. Magnus claims he's going to fuck a girl today and go down on her. He says the guys are going to help him and Isak jokes he's going to give on-the-job advice. They all say they're stoked, and Jonas goes to the subject of beers, claiming Isak owns him a six-pack. Isak argues that was a while ago, and Jonas adds on saying there were other occasions in which Isak didn't have beer either. Mahdi agrees, and Isak says he wasn't even there but Jonas says Mahdi just gets it. Isak splits off from the guys, promising he will get Eskild to fix them beer. Jonas tells Isak to message him when they need to be there. Isak then gets to the bus-stop and texts Eskild to get him beer. He then gets on the tram and without realising stands right next to Even. Eskild texts him back saying he has to work until 9. Even greets Isak causing him to look up from his phone. They have a brief conversation about them both heading home, which Even comments on by saying "awesome conversation though". Isak then asks if Even is over 18 and if he could buy some beer. Isak is waiting outside the store when Even walks out empty-handed, claiming he has forgotten his ID and that he left it at home. He invites Isak along with him and doesn't really wait long for a reply.

As they get to Even's house, he calls out to see if anyone else is home. They move to Even's room, where he starts looking for his ID. Isak looks around and notices the guitars and Even's drawings on the closets. He asks if Even drew them and when Even says he did, Isak comments that they're good and funny. Even then says "here it is" implying he got his ID but when Isak asks and looks up, Even is holding a joint and Isak replies "Hey" with a smirk. They smoke in the window and talk about skipping classes for a bit, with Isak explaining the absence limit. They ten talk about music, and Isak says he is a NWA fan. Even comments saying "That's what you listen to before school to get hyped" and Isak says it's the type of music you listen to to feel cool. Even then asks if he has listened to Nas and Even is surprised Isak hasn't listened to it, although Isak claims he has. It becomes obvious he hasn't when he starts saying the name a few times differently, and Isak is caught with Even saying "doesn't sound like it". Even states they will listen to him later, which they do (the background music in the scene is NAS). They're seen having fun hanging out and after a while they move to the kitchen to get some food. They make cheese toasties and Isak comments on the state of the cheese which Even says he left it out when he left for school. When Even asks if it's happened to Isak as well, Isak says he always forgets cheese. Cheese and keys, he states, are things he forgets, which Even calls a first world problem. Even then goes to get a beer, and they say cheers. They then discus spices for their cheese toasties, and they include Caribbean jerk barbecue (which Isak comments 'perfect!' on), chilli (always chilli), rosemary (lots of it). When Even asks if they want more, Isak says they have enough until Even finds Pottagaldrar which they decide to add as well. Isak is briefly distracted by his phone, which has messages from Jonas and Emma about the pregame. Even notices and continues to add spices, including cinnamon (yeah, fuck it) and they conclude it will taste like balls. Even comments there's no turning back now, which Isak repeats mumbling. He then goes to text Emma and Jonas, cancelling his plans for the pregame. They then go and put the toasties in the oven. 

They're back in Even's room eating the toasties. Even says there's something not quite right with it. Isak comments they're absolutely terrible. Even says they're so bad they're kind of good, but Isak objects saying they're so bad it got even worse. Even says it's Isak who wanted to add all the spices. Isak then states that it's important to have cardamom, and Even asks him if that's the trick for it to taste good. Isak shouts out 'Kardemomme'. Isak grabs the beer and asks if Even's heard rumours about his rapping, which Even says he has. Isak asks Even to give him a beat, and Even agrees after which they start rapping. They break out into laughter and Isak mock-yells at Even to get it together but their laughter ends when the doorbell rings. Even asks for the time and he realises he invited people over. He tells Isak he can stay and that he has plenty of beer. Isak then gets up and introduces himself to Even's friends Elise, Eskil and finally Sonja, Even's girlfriend. Sonja talks about how she became seller of the month. Even reacts proudly and Sonja tells him not to overreact. Even says she is talented and he can be proud, which Sonja says he can. Sonja comments she got a wine from Trond who apparently is always angry and grumpy. Even comments on how he's her flirty boss, and Sonja confirms he flirted a little before receiving a kiss from Even. Even asks if that's how she got the wine before they continue kissing. Isak stands by the entire time, until he gets a message from Mahdi who asks why Isak is lying, because they talked to Emma and her friends.


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Song Artist Scene
C.R.E.A.M Wu-Tang Clan Isak and Eskild hang out in Isak's bedroom
The World Is Yours NAS Even's video interview scene
Talk Show Host Radiohead Isak watching Even on the schoolyard
Electric Feel (Justice remix) MGMT Boy squad after school
The Message NAS Isak and Even in Even's room
That Girl Nils Bech Closing credits


Notes and Trivia

  • The 'Kardemomme' line in the bedroom scene was improvised by Tarjei.
  • Tarjei rapped a lot more in the scene, but that got cut out of the episode.

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