Season 3, Episode 10, titled Minutt for minutt (English: Minute by minute), is the thirty-third episode of Skam over-all and the last episode of Season 3.


Isak has to take care of Even while he is in a period of depression, and he gets help from Eskild and his other flatmates. Later, at Vilde's request, Isak hosts a Christmas party for the revue group.



Isak and Even are in Isak's bed where Isak is watching Even sleep. He stays up throughout the night as Even sleeps, and in the morning he texts Sonja to let her know that Even is with him if his parents are worried. He apologizes if it's because of him that he's not well.

Sonja then calls Isak and Isak explains he doesn't have the number of Even's parents. Sonja tells him that Even texted them. She says she called to apologize for last time and Isak says it's okay. Sonja explains she didn't mean to get mad at him and that it's not at all his fault. Isak says he understand that she was probably worried.

She then explains it's not his fault that he is depressed, and that it's because Even is bipolar. When Sonja is about to end the call, Isak asks if he should get Even to his parents. Sonja says she thinks it's good that he's with Isak for now. He then asks if there's anything he can do for Even, and Sonja says not really.

She tells Isak to just be there for him. She advises that if everything seems hopeless to just take it one day at a time. And when that gets too much, to take it one hour at a time. And when a minute seems too much, to take it one minute at at time.

Even then wakes up after Isak gets back to bed, and Isak asks if he's hungry. Even asks what time it is and Isak says it's 10.30AM to which Even says he should leave. Isak asks why, and Even says he doesn't want to lie here and look after him. Isak says he doesn't, and asks why that's wrong. Even says there's nothing wrong with it, but that he can't stand Isak being sad. Isak states he's not sad.

Even then says he knows it's not going to work out, and Isak asks how he knows that. Even say because it's true, and he claims he's going to hurt Isak and that Isak is going to hte him. Isak denis that, saying Even knows shit about how it's going to end and that they could die because of an atom bomb, making the discussion a waste of time. He says they will not talk about the future and take things very chill.

Even sighs, and Isak proposes they play a game called "Isak and Even, Minute by Minute." Isak explains that the only thing they need to worry about is the next minute. He asks if Even's up for it, and Even says 'Okay' before asking what they'll do this minute. Isak says this minute they'll kiss, and Even smiles a little, saying it's chill. They kiss, and Even nuzzles against Isak.

Isak is on the phone with Eskild, telling him to let Even be asleep if he's asleep. Eskild says Isak asked them to take care of him, and Isak says to look out for him because he's depressed, not look after him like he's an infant. Eskild hangs up when Even is awake.

Vilde then walks up to Isak, asking if he saw the message about Kosegruppa. Isak says he hasn't seen it, laughing a little, because he almost forgot Kosegruppa existed. She asks if he's till in, telling him he can't just be part of the parties and not do any of the work. Isak says of course he is still in.

Vilde announces that all the groups have a Christmas-gathering and she says that since it went so well last time at the rave-pregame, she suggests they have the gathering at the Kollektiv again. Isak agrees, and when Vilde asks if he should check with his roommates, he says it should be fine. Vilde walks off saying she will send the invites then.

Isak then spots Emma by her locker across the hall and walks up to her. He tells her there's an asshole in second-year who's hosting a christmas gathering for Kosegruppa on Friday, asking her if she'd want to come because he thinks it would be nice. Emma announces she switched to PR-group, but says he should tell the asshole she's glad he asked. Isak says he will tell him, and that he will appreciate it, before they walk away.

Isak comes home to Even and Linn playing fifa, and Linn loses a game. Linn leaves the room to go sleep, and Isak greets Even with a kiss before they lay on the bed. Isak asks if everything is okay, and Even asks him if he asked his roommates to look out for him.

Isak denies that he did, and Even calls him a bad liar. Isak says he isn't a bad liar, and that there is no one who is a better liar than him, saying he doesn't want to know the things he got away with. Even says to tell him which things. Isak says he doesn't want to know, which makes Even laugh. He says he likes Even laugh.

Vilde then calls Isak, and Isak tells Even she's nagging about the gathering on Friday. Even then remembers Kosegruppa, saying he forgot all about it. Isak warns him not to tell Vilde because she well get pissed and she's terrified people just joined for the parties. Even then says he just joined to meet Isak, which surprises Isak.

Isak is a little confused, and asks Even is he had seen him before the first Kosegruppa meeting. Even says he saw him the first day of school. Vilde then calls again and Isak picks up the call. He tells her they do not have a Christmas tree, and that if she's so keen on having one she should buy it herself. He says she can buy them anywhere, and then ends the call.

Even then asks about the Christmas tree, and Isak tells him about the party on Friday. He asks if Even wants to come, and he contemplates it. Even says he promised his momo, after talking to her today, that he would go home to eat and stuff. He also says he was considering staying at the Kollektiv for a while. Isak tells him to just take it one day at a time, and Even leans over to kiss him.

Isak walks up to the boys in the schoolyard and greets them cheerfully. Magnus asks how 'Evak' is doing and Isak says things are fine and that they're taking it minute by minute. Magnus is intruegued by that idea, and says they could sell 'Even and Isak, minute by minute' to NRK and that people would dig it. Isak says it's kind of fucked up to think about, and Magnus asks if it's because they'd bang on TV, asking if Isak things he can't handle that. Isak says it'd be more fucked up for him having them watch because it would be a real turn off.

Magnus then asks if Isak think she's a turn off, and Isak says he's not exactly a turn on. Magnus calls bullshit and states Isak would bang him if he had the chance. Isak denies this. He then asks who he would bang first out of the guys, and he says Jonas. Out of Magnus and Mahdi he sayd 'you' before adding 'Mahdi'. Magnus is upset, asking why nobody wants to bang him and Isak explains it's because he's so desperate. Magnus claims he's completely chill.

The dance chicks then walk up to them and all the boys but Isak swoon. They walk up to Isak and say they heard he had a thing with Even. They say they dig it, and that it's insanely cute that two guys are together. They then invite Isak to the Christmas get-ttogether of the dance-group. Isak says he can't because he's going to the Kosegruppa-gathering. Jonas, Magnus and Mahdi react confused. The girls say it's too bad but that they'll see them around before they walk off.

The boys then turn to Isak, asking what is up with Kosegruppa. Isak says they should come and that he's hosting. Mahdi says the gate to paradise was wide open and Isak talks about Kosegruppa. Isak then looks at them and deadpans that they should start getting chicks themselves. Magnus curses that the world is unfair, and suggests they ditch eIsak to go to the other party.

Isak and the boys are eating mnm's while Eva and Chris are over by the tree. The girl squad is at the table decorating ornaments, which Eskild and Linn are hanging in the tree, discussing if it's askew. Eskild jokes Linn might be askw. Vlde then asks if the midterms went well and Chris says she's failing English and German because she didn't know about the 10% abscence limit. Vilde says she told her, but Chris thought she just said that because she was jealous of her and Kasper. Vilde explains that she doesn't have to be jealous because she gets plenty of dick. The girls then joke about the dick-ornaments on the table.

The boys are in the kitchen encouraging Magnus trying to get the right attitude, telling him to be a predator. Jonas says he can't make a big deal about it. Isak asks Magnus if he's in love with her, and Magnus says he might be a little. Magnus then asks what the hint would be, and Isak settles his nerves saying it wouldn't be the end of the world i it doesn't work. Magnus says it would be awkward though iif she said no. The boys tell Magnus not to be direct but to approach it casualy.

Even then walks into the kitchen and greets the guys, asking what they're tallking about. Isak explains they're helping magnus fuck Vilde. Mahdi says he shouldn't be so desperate, and Magnus says that's impossible not to do when he doesn't get it. onas tells him to be like some laid-back guy, and Magnus thinks of James Bond.

Even proposes Magnus takes desperate to the next level, and Isak asks what he means. Even explains he should go all in and be more himself, show her how desperate he is and go all out. Magnus then goes for it and Mahdi and Jonas join him.

Isak and Even then greet each other with a kiss once they're alone in the kitchen. Isak asks how it's going, and Even says it's fine. He says he talked to his mom, explaining she's nagging because she wants to meet Isak. Even asks f he would want to meet his mom, and Isak agrees as long as Even is smiling and wearing clothes. Even promises he will and they kiss before Sana walks in.

Isak asks if they've met each other and Sana replies with Kosegruppa. Isak introduces her as his biology partner and friend. Even asks how Isak is doing in biology, and Sana says he is useful. Isak tells her he helped her grades while he got good grades already.

She then hands him a Christmas present and Isak opens it, revealing the 10%. Even comments that she is a cool biology partner. Isak asks if she didn't find a use for it after all, and Sana says she just did. She then walks out while Even inspects the stash, but Isak takes it and tells him he can't have it because it's not good for him. Even says it's not good for Isak either, but Isak says it's fine for him. Even asks if he's going tot tell him if it's good or not, aand Isak states it's his job.

Isak jokes that's why he's doing it, because he found a poster that says 'Even Bech Næsheim needs a contact person/boyfriend' and Even asks him if he then applied, running with the joke. Isak says he did, because he thought 'Holy fuck, he's hot!' Even says it's nice, and Isak says he could've done it for free.

Even then asks if he gets paid, and Isak jokes Even's mom pays him 500 kroner a week. Even acts in mock-surprise/offense and Isak says it's no wonder she wants to meet him. Even says he wants some of that money, but Isak says he will have none of it.

Over by the Christmas tree Vilde is hanging ornasments when Magnus says hi. He notices the cat ornament and asks her if she likes them. She says she does and he says he does too. She then makes a cat noise, and Magnus asks her to do it again. He then tells her he hasn't had sex and would really like to have sex. Vilde says he's welcome to fuck her, and Magnus says thanks before he kisses her.

Isak then walks over to Eva by the coffee table, decorating her angel. She asks him how he's doing and they comment on how it's been a long time. Isak says it's weird because they used to hang out all the time but now it's just 'hi'. They agree that they should hang out more, and Isak says he misses the time when they hung out more before Nissen etc. Eva then points out he has a boyfriend now, and says that Even is handsome. She jokes that she might steal him.

Isak then says he's been thinking, and he says he wants to apologize for last year, for ruining things between her and Jonas. He says he's been thinking how it wasn't okay what he did. Eva then assures him that he didn't fuck it up between them, but that it was themselves who fucked it up. Isak says that might be the case but he still feels as though he tricked her by telling her he had feelings for her. Eva says she firued that out and that she's over it and so should he.

She suggests they talk about his new boyfriend instead, and she asks him if he's the man of his dreams. Isak answers honestly saying he doesn't know, band when Eva asks if he doesn't, Isak asks if it's important. When Eva asks if things are good with them, Isak says they are now but last week they weren't so it's very up and down. Eva comments that it's stressful. Isak points out that the reason it's so good when it's good is also the reason why it's so bad when it's bad. He comments how it could all be over tomorrow, and that he's still insanely happy to have met Even.

Eva asks if it's because that's when he was certain he liked guys. Isak says it was more because he was fake before it. He says he was lying at home watching Norcos and gaming. He says he's over that and that he wants his life to be real even if it means that it will be absolutely awefull at times. It's still beter than for everything to be fake and boring. Eva says 'Well said'

He says it might be cliché but that everything could be over tomorrow. Isak says that "Wether you believe in Allah, Jesus, the theory of evolution or the parallel universes there is only one thing they all know for certain..." Isak glances over at Even and Eva asks him what it is. Isak replies with "That life is... now."


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Note: Sonja's appearance was through a phone call with Isak.


You just need to… Be there for him. And when everything seems hopeless, you just take one day at a time. And if one day becomes too much, take one hour at a time. And if one hour is too much, take it minute by minute.
— Sonja's advice to Isak.

Isak: Hey. there's this asshole in second year who will be hosting a christmas get-together with Kosegruppa on Friday. So he was wondering if you would come, because he thinks that would be nice.
Emma: I have switched to the PR-group, so... But you should tell the asshole that I'm very glad he asked.
Isak: I'll tell the asshole, yeah. He'll appreciate that.
Emma: Do that.
Isak: Bye.
— Isak making amends with Emma

I'm the fucking master liar, there is no one who's a better liar than me! I mean, you have no idea what I've gotten away with.
— Isak to Even.

I get plently of dick!
— Vilde

You're a predator, and she's your pray, you get what I mean?
— Mahdi's advice to Magnus

As long as you’re smiling and… wear clothes
— Isak to Even

I’m a virgin and I would really like to have sex.
— Magnus to Vilde

That life is... now.
— Isak's final words of the season.



Song Artist Scene
Lantern The White Birch Isak watches Even sleep
Girls Love Shoes Benji Hughes The dance chicks approach the boy squad
Conqueror Aurora Isak finds Even playing fifa with Linn
Home for Christmas Maria Mena The boy squad talking in the kitchen
Thank God It's Christmas Queen Credits


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