Season 3, Episode 1, titled Lykke til, Isak (English: Good luck, Isak), is the twenty-fourth episode of Skam overall.


Isak has to hide the drugs belonging to him, Jonas, Mahdi, and Magnus at Eva's party when the police arrive, and he struggles to get it back. Meanwhile, Emma, a first year girl, shows interest in him, and he also joins the school revue group.



  • Lykke til Isak (English: Good luck Isak)
Sunday October 2, 2016 (1.05AM)

Party scene at Eva's house. Vilde, Sara and Ingrid are annoyed with the first year girls. Eva and Penetrator-Chris make out. Jente-Chris, Kasper and Sana are dancing. Mahdi, Isak, Jonas and Magnus are talking about which girls are fuckable. Isak mentions there is a particular girl. The boys discuss Isak's chances with her, and then they proceed to discuss who will hide the stash. After back and forth between Jonas and Mahdi, Isak offers to take it. A girl then enters the bathroom, followed by another girl, Emma, who the girls had been describing earlier. As Emma looks for pills, Isak takes the challenge and tells her she looks like Mike from Stranger Things, visibly pissing her off. Then he uses his charm to make up for it and he helps her with the pills, offering one on his tongue. Isak and Emma make out but Isak breaks things off and Emma's friend returns and Emma leaves Isak. As he descends the stairs, Vilde is looking for Eva and asks Isak if he's seen her. Isak spots the cops arriving at the party and goes to hide away the stash. Sana notices this. Isak leaves the party over the fence but gets stopped by a cop. When she asks for an ID, Isak notices Jonas on his bike down the road. Isak gives the cop a fake name and as she is distracted he takes off towards Jonas and they head off on his bike.

  • Morrabrød
Sunday October 2, 2016 (11.20AM)

Isak in his room the morning after the party, wearing the jesus shirt. He looks for his phone and finds the pills from the night before. Isak then reads his messages including a bible verse from his mom. Isak reads Jonas' text of how Eva is pissed because the police found greens at her house the night before. When Isak calls but he gets a voicemail, he explains things through text. Eskild and Linn then walk in while facetiming with Noora. They join him on the bed and Isak greets Noora. Noora asks about what their plans are, and Eskild says he'll watch a film with Linn. When Eskild asks about Noora's plans, she says she'll find something. She explains William is working and that she doesn't have many friends herself. She says she does a lot of stuff like visiting museums, which Eskild finds boring and he suggests going for drinks instead. Eskild says he wants her to have a good time and Noora assures him that she does before changing the subject asking how it goes living with Isak. Eskild teases how Isak doesn't pay rent and Noora smells better.

  • Går ned på chicks (English: Go down on girls)
Monday October 3, 2016 (11.40AM)

Isak, Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus are in the school cafeteria talking. Magnus tells his story about hooking up with a girl with a cat tongue. Isak spots Even when Vilde is talking to him across the cafeteria. Jonas recounts a story about going down on a girl which the boys then discuss, Jonas being surprised that the other guys don't. Magnus is amazed by the new revelation that girls apparently love it. Vilde and Sana then move over to the boys table and they invite the boys to Kosegruppa. Vilde informs them on their social status and encourages them to join unles they would like to be a nobody at the school. Isak calls for Eva and uses the excuse that he forgot his sweater at her place to get the stash back from Eva's house. Eva says she saw the messages and that she will look for it. When Isak insists he comes to her house because he knows what it looks like, Eva asks him to just describe it and Isak tells her it's a black sweater. Eva replies 'Got it' before her, Vilde and Sana walk off. Jonas then looks at Isak and says 'a sweater' and after exchanging a look, Isak admits he had to hide the stash at Eva's. Mahdi warns Isak about the cost of it, and Isak assures him he will fix it.

  • Biologi
Wednesday October 5, 2016 (12.25PM)

Isak is in his biology class when Sana goes to sit next to him, revealing that she has his drugs. Isak seems a bit confused, and Sana says that if there's one thing she can't stand it's someone who fucks their friends over. Isak asks what she means, and Sana explains Eva could have gotten in trouble over it. Isak reasons that she didn't, and Sana counters saying she didn't because she took it. Isak apologizes for leaving it there, and thanks Sana for taking it. Isak says he needs it back because it's not even his, and Sana says she wants a reward for saving it from the police. Isak doesn't agree with that, commenting on how she thinks it's an episode of Narcos before asking her to simply give it to him. Sana demands ten procent of the drugs to which Isak asks if she even smokes. Sana says no, but that it's good to have some. She then adds another condition, which is that Isak and his friends join Kosegruppa. Isak replies with "Okay, whatever." and saying they'll join Kosegruppa but then she has to give it to him. Sana says she will once they attend the meeting on Friday. Sana is very pleased until the teacher pairs them together for the biology assignment which Sana objects to. The teacher makes some xenophobic comments towards Sana supposedly not wanting to work with Isak saying "In Norway we do that."

  • Kosegruppa
Friday October 7, 2016 (7.15PM)

Isak is sitting in the Kosegruppa meeting while Vilde, Sana and Eva welcome people. Vilde is surprised when Chris shows up with Kasper and after exchanging a look Chris asks if Kasper can join. Vilde argues that Kasper doesn't go to the school, but Eva says it'll go fine. Vilde comments it's not healthy that they (Chris and Kasper) are around each other every second. Even then walks into the meeting and Vilde greets him, saying it's nice of him to come. She tells Even to find a seat. Isak and Even spot each other. Even takes a bun from Vilde before walking up the seats and settling behind Isak. Isak's friends text him saying they can't come to the meeting. Emma then shows up in front of Isak, and states they were looking for the coolest group before settling on Kosegruppa. Vilde then starts her speech. She talks about being excited and introduces Eva, Sana and eventually herself, before explaining the vision of the group. Vilde says their meeting is three weeks earlier than other groups because their group is more important than costumes or PR. Vilde says it's best to have a system for the entire revue and so she tels the group to split into duos. Vilde explains the duos will cook together. She also explains it's important, in the Kosegruppa, to spread a lot of good vibes and a good atmosphere so she suggests a "love"-exercise. As everyone gets up for the exercise, Isak sneaks out and he starts roaming the halls of Nissen. Eventually he ends up playing videogames in the restrooms, where he spots even again by the sinks. As Even finishes washing his hands he takes an abundance of paper towels, down to the very last one. He then innocently asks if Isak also needed some, and hands him one. Isak is confused, and Even smiles at him. Even then tells him to come outside. Even sits on the bench where he lights up his joint. After passing it to Isak, Even asks if he knows the group leader lady and Isak chuckles a bit about Vilde's love-exercise. Isak says he had to leave because he couldn't deal with that stuff and asks what happened. Even explains they had to go around and feel each other up in a dark room. He jokes that if you touched someone's dick, you had to suck it. They then both laugh and Isak coughs a little before Even takes back the joint. Isak is seen thinking, before he asks Even what class he's in. Isak mentions Even didn't go there last year, and Even replies saying he went to Bakka (Elvabakken) last year. Isak comments on Even transfering his final year beofre Emma walks up, greeting Isak. She says how they're in the process of splitting up the group, and that they have to be in duos. Emma mentions she doesn't know many people aside from her two friends who are in a duo together, so she asks Isak if she wants to form a duo with her. Even pitches in, saying Isak was already in a group with Even, but when he confirms this to Emma he fails to know Even's name so Even introduces himself to Emma. Emma mentions they can be a trio. Even says Vilde insisted on pairs but that he doesn't care and Isak repeats the statement about pairs, but then upon seeing Emma's glance he gives in and agrees she can join them. When Even offers the joint to Isak, he declines to which Emma asks if she can have a drag. The scene ends with the three of them sitting on the bench somewhat awkwardly.


  • Isak texts his dad about needing rent money (Går ned på chicks)
  • Isak texts his friends during the kosegruppa meeting because they haven't showed up yet.

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Song Artist Scene
LiQr Sandra Lyng Intro scene at the party
Silver & Gold Pieces of Juno Isak and Emma make out in the bathroom
Smoke Bomb Datsik (feat Snoop Dogg) Isak returns to the party
Fuck tha Police N.W.A. Isak hides the stash
Panda Desiigner Isak is stopped by a cop while trying to sneak out. When the cop is distracted Isak runs to Jonas who waits for him with his bike down the street
Fredag Kjartan Lauritzen Kosegruppe meeting
Three-Way The Magnetic Fields Closing credits


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