Season 2, Episode 9 titled Jeg savner deg så jævlig (English: I miss you so damn much) is the twentieth episode of Skam over-all.


Noora wakes up nude in bed with Nikolai, not remembering anything from the day before and suspects she has been raped. Sana's problems with some other Muslim girls get worse.



  • Ferdig (English: Finish)
Saturday May 7, 2016 (9.04AM)

Noora wakes up and she realizes she's naked and in bed with Niko and Mari. SHe looks over at the two of them who are still asleep, and panics. She then gets dressed and gathers her things from the kitchen quickly before she leaves the apartment.

On her way home she reads a message from William saying he lost his phone and only found out today. He says he's in Lillehammer and that he misses her, and asks if they can be done with the space stuff soon. He adds that he loves her. Noora gets sick and throws up.

  • Alene (English: Alone)
Sunday May 8, 2016 (3.36PM)

Noora is in bed reading up on alcohol poisoning, getting drugged and symptoms of rape and sexual assault. She gets a call from William but doesn't answer it. She sits in her bed staring into nothingness. William then calls again, but she still doesn't answer. Instead she goes to look Nikolai up on facebook. She sees his picture and then decides to message him, asking what happened on Friday, saying she doesn't remember anything. She then rephrases it to 'I blacked out.' and sends the message.

Eskild knocs on the door and asks her if she locker her door. He says William is outside and Noora asks him to say she's not at home but Eskild said that would be weird because he already said she was. Noora moves to the door but doesn't open it, and tells Eskild to say she's sleeping or that she's sick. Eskild says William is insistent and he suggests she just goes out and talks to him. Noora asks him to find an excuse. Eskild asks her if she's okay and Noora says she wants to be alone, asking him if it's impossible for him to understand that. She then listens to him leaving.

  • Sharmuta
Monday May 9, 2016 (8.29AM)

Noora walks to school with little to no confidence and avoids talking to anyone. She then runs into her teacher who asks her if she wants to write an article for Afterposten, saying they want a young voice. The teacher says he showed him her article from last week which they liked so the teacher suggested she could write the article they want. Noora says it's cool but that she doesn't know if she can, if she has the time. The teacher says there's a week left and that she should do this if she wants to become a journalist. Noora says she will try and the teacher says he will e-mail her. 

Noora then turns around and almost smashes into William. She doesn't look at him, as he asks her if she called him Friday. Noora claims it's a wrong number. William asks her what's going on, and Noora says that she said she wants space so he has to give her that. She then walks up the stairs and notices the girls standing at Sana's locker. She reads "Sharmuta" written on it, and she asks what it means. Vilde says it means "Whore" and Chris blames the Hijab police. Sana says they if they want war, they'll get war.

  • Snylte på folk (English: Mooch on other people)
Tuesday May 10, 2016 (4.35PM)

Noora is at home in the kitchen, looking at the message she sent Niko, to which she still hasn't gotten a reply. Eskild asks what's up when he enters the kitchen and Noora goes to grab some food. Eskild suggests they watch Paradise hotel afterwards. Noora then complaints she doesn't have her fishcakes. Eskild asks if they were hers, and says he'll buy new ones now. 

Noora yells that she doesn't need them tomorrow, but that she planned to eat them today. Linn walks in during this, and looks between Eskild and Noora, shocked because she is yelling. Eskild tells her he can make something else for her, and Noora says he can't because he can't even cook. She says the only thing he can do is benefit from people. Linn mumbles that she's kind of right, and Eskild asks if she's serious.

  • Allah 9753
Thursday May 12, 2016 (12.05PM)

Noora and Sana settle down on the benches and Sana asks how the talk with William went. Noora says she dropped it because she doesn't think they fit well together. Vilde, Chris and Eva then join them, laughing about what they did to get back at the hijabi police. Sana explains they logged into her brother's computer and copied all the kinky messages with Jamilla, posting them on his wall. Eva asks what Jamilla said, and Sana says she hasn't said anything.

William walks by with his friends and Noora watches him. Vilde notices, and asks Noora if she brought lunch to distract her a little. Vilde asks her if she wants to borrow some money to buy some. 

Chris then says they might gotten themselves into shit now, because the hate-account commented "Good click yesterday, guys." on a picture of the Penetrators/Riot club. Eva asks what it means, and Chris says that it means the hijab police isn't behind the account. Sana concludes it has to be the guy she rejected at the ruling two weeks before. Vilde then notices Jamilla and her friends walking up to them, and when Chris asks what they should do, Sana says they should run.

  • Føkke det opp mellom oss to (English: Fucking it up between us)
Friday May 13, 2016 (2.37PM)

Noora is in the bathroom at the school refreshing her face when she gets a text reply from Niko. She reads the text, saying. "Hi Noora, didn't see your message until now. Nice to hear from you. Don't worry, absolutely nothing happened, just a party." Noora is relieved, and she goes to wait outside of William's classroom.

Chris tells him that they have to go, bu William closes the door of the classroom in front of him so he can talk to Noora. Noora then drops her stuf and hugs him. She kisses him and William asks her what's going on. Noora doesn't answer and instead they kiss more. Noora then says they have to talk, and William says that he does. He tells her that he knows he shouldn't have smashed the bottle on the guy's head. He says that there is nothing they could do about it now, and he says the guy terrorised half of Oslo and beat up innocent people, including Chris. William says he's angry andfrustrated because the Yakuza were actually after him. He says Chris and the guys have been there for him because he doesn't really have a family. Noora asks if he doesn't and William explains his dad is a workaholic, and that his mom goes around taking valium with wine. He calls his brother a psychopath.

Noora asks about that, and William says Niko is manipulative which is why he was an asshole when Niko suddenly showed up in the kitchen. He explains that if Niko found out he had feelings for her, Niko would have tried to fuck it up because that's how he is, saying he doesn't tolerate that others have something he hasn't. William explains he's taken a lot of shit from Niko because he is the only brother, the only family, that he has. William says that if he had tried to fuck things up between the two of them, he would've killed him. Noora listens to him with a pained expression and William then tells her he has to be together with her. He asks her to say that they should be together, and Noora nods gently. They kiss again, and he tries to get her to look at him, telling her not to be so sad.

Chris then enters the room saying they have to go, and William tells her that he loves her before he leaves. Noora stays behind in the room, and she gets a text notification. She reads the text from Niko in which he says "No way, fucked up! Just found this picture on my phone and then remembered everything. You were so horny, haha, behaved yourself like a little whore." He then sends her the picture.


  • Niko texts Noora about seeing her message late, and later lying about what happened by sending her the picture he took. (Føkke det opp mellom oss to)
  • On Monday, there is a girl squad group chat.
  • On Tuesday, there is another girl squad group chat.
  • On Wednesday, Eskild texts Noora.
  • On Friday, there is another girl squad group chat.

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  • On Tuesday Eva posted a selfie of her and Chris revising for their exam the next day with the caption 'performance generation'.


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