Season 2, Episode 8 titled Du tenker bare på William (English: You only think of William) is the nineteenth episode of Skam overall.


William tries to explain himself to Noora after he was involved in the fight. Sana gives Noora some advice, and Noora decides to come clean to Vilde. While looking for William, Noora ends up at Nikolai's party.



  • Krig (English: War)
Saturday, April 30, 2016 (12:34 PM)

Noora is at the park where she has arranged to meet William. When she spots him she doesn't look too happy. She explains to him that her battery is fucked. William suggests they take a stroll, and Noora agrees to a little stroll. He asks if he gets a kiss, and Noora walks up to him, looking at his black eye. She then leans into him and they kiss.

They're walking down the park when William asks how long they're going to walk for. He says they should stop and argue now to get it over with, and Noora says she doesn't want to argue. William says she does. He conjures up a conversation between them of Noora telling him to stop fighting, him telling her she wasn't meant to see it, she saying she did see it and him eventually agreeing he will stop fighting.

Noora then says he smashed a bottle on a guy's head. William says he did so in self-defense, and Noora explains he could have killed him, asking if he knows how serious it is. William replies saying it's serious that the Yakuza beat up innocent people. He said someone had to do something, and Noora said they didn't. She said they could have talked to them or contacted the police, but certainly not respond with violence.

William then calls her naive, and she asks if she's naive because she doesn't believe violence answers anything. William says violence solves things every day and that the world is driven by violence and war. He asks her why she thinks Norway is such a free and democratic country, asking if she thinks it's because they had a nice chat with coffee and cake. He says people fought for it, and that when people tried to take their freedom they solved it with violence.

The argument dies down when the orkest passes by, and Noora tells him that she can't be together with a guy who smashes bottles on other people's heads. William tells her no to do this, and she says she needs a little bit space to think through all the stuff. She says she can't think when she's with him because everything gets messy in her head. William nods and agrees, saying "A bit of space." before he walks away from her.

  • Slut slut slut
Monday, May 2, 2016 (11:30 AM)

Chris is going through Sana's insta, reading the comments that were left by the 'allah9753' insta account, which all read 'slut' on every picture. Vilde asks if it happened this weekend, and when Chris says it's from when Sana posted the rulling picture, Vilde asks if it's because she simply went to the bus. Chris says it wasn't because she was slutty because Sana behaved like a nun while the riot guys worked for dear life.

Eva then recalls the story of how one of the guys came up to Sana asking if she wants to join him on the back of the bus to sit on his face, and Sana countered with "Why should I? Is your nose bigger than your dick?". Vilde asked to who she said that, and Sana said it was a sexist asshole who wouldn't take no for an answer.

Chris then comments how the one time they're having a good time on a big, a random fight pops up. Meanwhile, Noora glances over to the other side of the schoolyard where William is. Eva then says it wasn't random, revealing Isak contacted the Penetrators after Jonas was beat up. Sana then notices where Noora is looking at, while Chris asks why they had to time the fight the one time they were on the bus with the Penetrators.

Vilde then inquires about what happened to the guy who got smashed by a bottle, and Eva said someone filmed it so that if they report it, William is screwed. She mentions he could get a prison sentence for extreme violence.

  • Bare tenker på William (English: Just thinking of William)
Wednesday, May 4, 2016 (3:34 PM)

Noora is sitting in the window of the rec room when she is joined by Sana, who asks what she's doing. Noora says she's trying to write an article for Norwegian. Sana asks her directly if she can't concentrate because she is thinking about William, and then smiles at Noora. She asks her what the deal is, and Noora says the deal is that she's really in love with William. She comments that it's serious, and Sana hums.

Noora then asks her if she never wants to just drink untill she's really drunk and hook up with people. Sana says "Sure." and Noora asks her what makes her not do it then. Sana says her religion is stronger than lust, and that it's more important than hooking or drinking. Noora says "That's exactly it." saying nothing feels more important than to be with William, despite the fact that she knows there should be.

Sana then asks why they're not together then, and Noora replies saying he's a bad person. Sana asks why, and Noora says he's very controlling, to which Sana ask how. Noora explains he tells her what to feel, say and do. Sana then asks her if she doesn't dare to contradict him and Noora says she does. Sana asks if he gets angry when she does, and Noora says he doesn't but that he argues in such a way that she can't disagree with him.

Sana asks what the problem is, if it's that he's smarter than her. Noora replies saying he tries to change her opinions. Sana tells her that Noora's opinions can only change if she thinks he is right. Noora says she's just trying to be strong and independent and that she shouldn't change all her opinions for a guy. Sana says she is strong and independent when she is capable of changing her opinions, regardless of what gender makes her do so.

Sana says there's nothing wrong with William challenging how Noora thinks, and that if she's not afraid to say what she means then she doesn't see why she's worried he's controlling her.

Noora thensays he's violent, and that he smashed a bottle on someone's head. Sana says he did, but asks why he did so. Noora replies saying he has the idea that world is driven by war and violence, pointing out that they are very different. Noora says she is against war. Sana says that's not the reason why he did what he did. She says he did it because he was angry and scared, and asks Noora why that was. Noora says she doesn't know, and tells Sana that she hasn't asked.

Sana says it's interesting that Noora is against war, because war doesn't start with violence, it starts with misunderstandings and prejudice. She says that if Noora is for a world full of peace, she has to try to understand why others think and act the way they do. She says she has to accept that not everyone sees the world the same way as her.

Sana clarifies that she can't just believe everyone has the answers to whats right and what's wrong. She confronts Noora on how she hasn't made an attempt to understand the one she loves, and then she's pessimistic on behalf of the rest of the world. Sana finally says that Noora doesn't have to be together with William, but that she can't decide it without trying to understand him.

Noora is seen taking in that information, and then brings up Vilde. She says she's scare she'll be devatated, and Sana says she's underestimating Vilde, saying she's the coolest of them all. Sana even goes as far as saying Vilde would be the first one she takes to war with her. She encourages Noora to tell ehr and that she will understand because deep down she knows William isn't hers, really deep deep down.

She wishes Noora good luck and tells Noora that, seriously, if nothing is more important than being with William, then she has to try and make it work. She says it's not certain it'll go well, and that it might go to hell, but that is life and it's impossible to know for sure. She jokes that is the case unless she has a magical hijab like hers. Noora asks her what her magical hijab says about her and William, and Sana says it says "Inshallah". Noora asks if that's good or bad, and Sana says it could go either way.

Noora comments "Who would have thought, Sana has a soft side." Sana's face gets serious and she wants Noora that if she tells anyone...

  • Vilde
Thursday, May 5, 2016 (12:34 PM)

Noora walks up to Vilde, who is working out on the stairs in the park. Vilde greets her and asks her what she's dong, and Noora says she has to talk to her. They go sit down on a bench, and Noora offers her coffee. 

Noora then tells Vilde that she is in love with William, and Vilde asks if he's in love with her. Noora says she thinks so, and Vilde is seen taking in the information. Noora asks her what she's thinking, and Vilde replies saying she's a little bit relieved. She says she thought she was so obsessed with William, knowing he was a fuckboy, because she thought she could use him to get her first time over with.

She says that once they were together he wasn't a fuckboy, and that he was good, and kind and that meant something. She says she started to think it meant something to him too. Vilde says she understands that when he told her she wasn't enough she was done with him because it confirmed he didn't feel anything for her. But then he apologized, and invited them and she was unsure. She says it was the uncertainty that made her crazy.

Vilde then explains that now that Noora says she's in love, she doesn't have to wonder what he's feeling and that's a relief. Noora nods when Vilde asks if she knows what she means. She then asks Noora if she can ask something, and she asks about those times that William was an asshole that was not good enough for Vilde. Vilde asks if she felt like he was good enough for her, and Noora says she doesn't know. 

Vilde then says she's glad she told her, and Noora says "Of course". Vilde then tests Noora saying it's not "of course" because she could have kept it a secret and let herwonder about William while Noora dragged it out. Vilde is testing Noora then, because she already knew because she saw them kissing. Noora seems to feel a little guilty for not telling Vilde sooner, and she says she did keep it a secret, passing Vilde's test. Vilde then says she knows, and that she was testing Noora. Vlde then says she will continue working out because she has a routine to keep her body, and they arrange to have lunch in half an hour.

  • Har dere venta på meg? (English: Have you been waiting for me?)
Friday, May 6, 2016 (7:45 PM)

Noora rings the door to William's condo and hear voices outside. She rings again and when the door opens she sees Niko. She greets him and asks if William is home. Niko says he isn't, and Noora asks if he knows where he is. Niko says she might be training and checks if she tried calling him. Noora explains her phone runs out of power all the time. Niko offers trying to call him for her, and Noora asks if he has a charger. Niko tells her he does and Noora walks into the apartment.

Noora spots Mari there, and Niko offers her some wine, which Noora declines, as she does with another drink. Noora is looking at Niko, and then says she thought he was back in Stockholm. He asks why and he guesses William said so. Niko then says William doesn't like to mix friends and family.

Noora then takes her phone and tries calling William but he doesn't pick up. When she tries again, Niko asks if he's not answering. Noora explains they're in a fight, and Niko suggests he sends him a message asking when he's coming home. Noora agrees to the plan, and she then looks around the room.

She asks Niko who Mari is, and tells him she goes to her school. Niko confirms she goes to Nissen. He then gets a text from William and Noora asks if he got a reply. Niko is seen thinking, and he then says William isn't coming home tonight. Noora asks where he is. Niko tells her she seems incredible and that he's happy for William and that he wishes for him to have a girlfriend like him. He poors her a drink and tells her that William is complicated, saying he used to have inane tantrums in which he would hit, bite or kick. He said he once treatened to push their little sister out of the window and that their mom had to lock him inside of a room because she was scared of what he could do.

Niko then explains William has always done what he wants, and that he is good at manipulating people. She says he can become extremely destructive if he doesn't get what he wants, and Niko states William doesn't care about other people. He claims all of that is why William didn't want Noora and Niko to meet, because William is scared of being found out.

He goes on to say he might be a bad brother for telling her this, but that he's seen enough women like her come and go. He states that there are girls who believe he is good deep down and that he will be better for them. Niko says she is standing there, waiting, while he is out sleeping with someone else.

The doorbell then rings and Niko leaves Noora. Noora then seems very upset and she takes the drink, chugging it down. We then see flashes of Noora at the party, drinking to the point where she blacks out while people drag her along the party. She is left vulnerable and she ends up on the couch totally out of it. Niko then sits next to her and takes advantage of the state she is in.


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War doesn’t start with violence, it starts with misunderstanding and prejudice. If you say you’re in favour of a world full of peace, you have to try to understand why others think and act the way they do. You have to accept that not everyone sees the world the way you do. You can’t just believe that everyone has the answers to what is right and wrong.
— Sana to Noora

If you say you're in favour of a world full of peace you have to try to understand why others think and act the way they do.
— Sana to Noora

You are strong and independent when you can change your opinions
— Sana to Noora



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Darlings Susanne Sundfør Noora and William meet up at the park
Because Smerz Song played during Niko's party
Peer Grynt - Suite No. 1 Op: Morning Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Outro


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