Season 2, Episode 6 titled Jeg vil ikke bli beskytta (English: I won't be protected) is the seventeenth episode of Skam over-all.


William's brother Nikolai has returned to Oslo, and Noora has problems with William not introducing her properly to him. The girls discuss the fact that Jonas has been beaten up. Noora and William see a strange meeting.



  • Gifte oss (English: Getting married)
Monday April 18, 2016 (8.34AM)

Noora is in William's bed as she watches him sleep in the morning. When he asks if she's doing that, Noora claims she isn't and closes her eyes when he looks at her. He tells her she has to be careful because she will be so damn in love with him. Noora says she's not in love with him, and William says that she is. He points out that she's not wearing clothes and Noora says she is. William tells her they'll be gone in two weeks, and Noora says it's not going to happen.

She then says she won't have sex before she's married and William sighs deeply. When Noora says it's true, William says they will get married then. When she laughs, William says she means it. Noora claims she can't get married with someone called Wilhelm. William tells her to stop calling her like that and Noora teases him with it.

She then gets up and he asks where she's going, pulling her in when she says she's going to get water. William proclaims there is no water today and when Noora says they have to get to school, William says they'll lay in a little bit more first. Noora says she's thirsty and William sushes her. When she says his name, William is glad. He asks how he knows she's just going to get water, saying he doesn't trust her because she left before. Noora assures him that she's just going to get water, and William agrees to let her go when she swears. He kisses her before she goes, and tells her she has 30 seconds. Noora flicks him off as she makes her way to the Kitchen.

There she walks towards music, and notices Niko in the kitchen. He then notices her and switches off the music. He akss if he woke her, and Noora says he didn't. He goes to greet her, introducing himself as William's brother. William walks up behind Noora and asks what he's doing there. Niko says he needed a little break, hence why he is in Oslo. He asks if they're hungry, and William says they aren't. Niko says it's a bit rude and that maybe William's girlfriend wants some food. William then tells him that Noora is not his girlfriend, and that she's leaving now. He looks at Noora and tells her to leave. Niko asks if there was a bad vibe, and William says it was nothing.

  • Bra moral (English: Good moral)
Monday April 18, 2016 (1.21PM)

The girls are at gym, looking at pictures of Jonas getting beat up while Noora and Vilde are doing sit-ups. Eva claims it's her fault because Jonas started fighting with the guy because of her. Eva explains the guy isn't with Yakuza, but he's friends with a lot of them. She says the yakuza guys just want to beat people up, and Sana says they have too much power. Noora says they can't, because then they would just fight each other forever. Vilde then points out that Noora has great morals, and tells her that she looks up to her. Noora thanks her, before she continues doing sit-ups.

Chris then asks how things are with Jonas and Eva says he's still ignoring her. She says it's probably because of Isabell, who she says seems bossy. Sana calls it smart that she keeps him away from Eva. Eva says they're not going to sleep together, and Sana says they won't but that you always have some feelings for your ex, and that Eva has the advantage. Sana points out that when a guy is with a girl, all the others seem more exciting, which Noora picks up on. Sana says guys' instinct is to spread their genes, which is why they sleep around. Sana says to keep a guy you should make sure his needs are covered, and to keep other girls on distance. Vilde then asks if anyone is excited about the start of russ on Friday. 

  • Så snakk da (English: Speak up)

Tuesday April 19, 2016 (12.25PM)

Noora is in the bathroom at school checking her phone with messages from William. Mari compliments her on her lipstick, before she walks out. Noora then rushes to class before William pulls her into a classroom, confronting her about ignoring him. Noora tells him they can't talk at school, and William says he has to because she's not answering her phone. Noora explains she has class now but William stops her from leaving, saying they have to talk first.

He explains the stuff from the day before had nothing to do with her, and Noora said it did because he treated her like crap. William explains that Niko was dumped by his girlfriend and that they were together for a long time so now he's depressed. He states that it didn't feel right to introduce Noora and rub the two of them in Niko's face. William apologizes for it, saying he's very bad at that kind of stuff. 

He tells her he didn't mean to hurt her, and Noora says he didn't hurt her, not even a bit. She states she thinks he was a real asshole, and William agrees, promising it won't happen again. 

Noora then says it's good thing it happened because she doesn't want William to think they're a couple, saying she now doesn't have to be afraid of him taking that. William says they're together though, and Noora playfully denies that. William tells her that they are, and they kiss. She makes a comment about his hair, before they kiss more, and then they get interrupted by people entering the classroom. They leave the classroom smiling.  

  • Samma ulla
Thursday April 21, 2016 (11.41AM)

The girls are sitting by the school benches as Jamila and her friends walk by. Chris calls them scary, and asks Sana if she should delete the picture about 'beers at 7, prayers at 8'. Sana says she shouldn't.Chris says she doesn't want the hijabi police to come after them, and Eva suggests deleting the picture but Sana insists that they shouldn't. 

Noora gets a text from William, saying his pillow smells like Noora. She replies asking him what he dreamed about. William says he dreamed they had sex. 

Vilde then joins them, and she explains she just worked out because Russetiden and bikini season are approaching. She asks if anyone is curious about the Penetrators' concept and she says she wonders how many girls William will sleep with. Eva asks if she's okay with that, and if she's jealous. Vilde says she has to accept it, and that he worked up to this for years and that it's important. Vilde wonders if William will break Niko's record, and Vilde then goes on to talk about how Niko was also a fuckboy. Chris confirms this saying her sister knows him too. Noora is seen taking in the information about the reputation the Magnusson brothers have.

  • Aldri elsket med (English: Never loved me)

Friday April 22, 2016 (3.05PM)

Noora gets into Williams car and he leans in to kiss her but Noora refuses to. She says "This here is not going to work out." She says that it's fine if he wants to sleep with loads of girls during Russetiden, but she says she won't sit at home and wait for him.

William asks where it's coming from, and Noora says she knows he will be sleeping around. She also says she knows Niko didn't have a girlfriend and that he wasn't depressed. William admits that, and he admits that he lied.

Noora asks him why he did, and he said he did it because she was wondering why he acted like that in front of his brother. Noora asks what the true reason for it is then. William says she doesn't always tell the truth either, and Noora argues it's for Vilde's sake. So William counters saying that what he did was for Noora's sake, saying there is no difference.

Noora says the difference is that she doesn't need to be protected, and WIlliam asks her if she asked if Vilde wants that. He asks what it's really about, asking her if she thinks he worked this hard to win her over if he was going to sleep around during Russetiden. He calls that reasoning illogical, and Noora says it's not about that.

She asks him how she can get to know and trust him, when he doesn't want her to meet his family members. William says she doesn't need to know his family to know him. He then asks about her family, and he points out she never talks about them. Noora says she's fine talking about them, saying she's an unplanned only child of her mom, a sexologist, and her dad who is a psychologist. She explains they never loved her and that they were only concerned about each other and their sex life. She tells him she grew up in a crappy town called Mjøndalen which she fled from to Madrid when she was 15. She says she talks to them once a month and that she's happy without them just as they are happy without her. She then tells him it's his turn.

William tells her he has a hard time believing they don't love her, saying it's practically impossible. Noora is quiet after that, before she turns away from him, repeating that it's his turn to talk. William tries to get her to look at him again, and then says he realizes it might be hard to trust him that he can't tell her but that he doesn't want to hurt her, he swears. He says if she really wants to meet his brother, he will introduce her. They lock hands as they sit in the car, and they kiss. Noora says maybe that wasn't so crazy.

Noora then looked out to the road, and notices Isak getting into Chris' car. William asks 'Isak' and Noora says he's a first year. She asks if it's not a little strange, and she says she didn't know they knew each other. William replies with "Same."


  • On Monday morning the girl squad texts about basketball.
  • William texts Noora on Monday evening.
  • On Friday, the girl squad texts about dåpen.

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  • The episode takes place after a two week hiatus

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