Season 2, Episode 4 titled Jeg visste det var noe rart med henne (English: I knew there was something strange about her) is the fifteenth episode of Skam over-all. It is the 2016 Easter Special.


During Easter holiday, Noora and the rest of the girls go to Chris' grandmother's cabin. On their way they meet a weird boy named Kasper. They also play with an Ouija board and Vilde believes Sana has supernatural abilities.



  • Utenfor ring 3 (English: Outside ring 3)
Monday March 21, 2016 (4.30PM)

The girl squad are on a cabin trip in the snowy mountains. Vilde and Chris discus the proximity to Hemsedal. Vilde complains that they're in the middle of nowhere. Sana then comes to a stop, and they notice someone standing down the road. The girls continue walking and Kasper says he prepared the cabin for them, but that the electricity is a bit unstable, and he tells them to be careful. Chris asks if he helps her grandmother with the cabin, and Kasper says that he does.

The girls then walk on past them. Kasper introduces himself by name, and Vilde calls him creepy. Noora states that just because people are different outside of Ring 3 (Oslo's border), doesn't mean he's creepy. Sana walks behind them as Kasper remains standing there in the middle of the road.

  • Noe rart med henne (English: Something strange about her)
Wednesday March 23, 2016 (8.30PM)

The girls are in the living room and Vilde is recalling a story of while she tried to hook up with William at his party, saying how William stopped her. Vilde says she asked if it was because of someone else, and tells the girls that he replied with 'It's because I'm not interested.' Vilde says she doesn't understand how he is so hot and then cold. Eva states she could've gotten a rebound hook-up had they been in Hemsedal.

Sana then finds a mask, and Eva points out it looks like Kasper. Chris suggests maybe Kasper is up for a rebound hook-up. Eva suggests someone nearby might be on Tinder. Vilde says nobody measures up to William anyways. Eva discovers everyone is 20km away, and that there also isn't anything on Jodel. Eva recites the message she sent on Jodel. Vilde states they've lost contact with the world. She then wonders what William would be thinking about now.

Noora interrupts them, asking if they have to talk about guys all the time, and Vilde asks what else they should do because there is nothing else to do. Noora suggests they play games or something, and asks if there are games. Sana suggests Trivial Pursuit but Eva doesn't want to play that.

Chris then goes to look for games, and as Sana sits down Vilde asks her if she has to wear her hijab the entire time. Sana asks if she's stressed out by it, and Vilde says that it's just girls there so she's not forced to wear it. Sana explains nobody is forcing her and that she's wearing it because she wants to. Chris then pulls out a Ouija board.

Eva explains to Vilde how it works, and Vilde gets excited about asking ghosts questions regarding William. Noora, on the contrary, seems rather annoyed. Sana says she is going to lie down, and says goodnight to Vilde.

The girls then start playing, and Eva asks the board if Jonas still has feelings for her. The board doesn't move, which Vilde points out, but after a while it does start to move towards 'yes'. Eva says she knew it, and that it sucks because they can't be friends if he still has feelings for her. She mentions Jonas was also jealous at William's party.

Vilde then says it's her turn, and she asks what William thinks about right now. The board starts to spell out Noora, and Eva and Noora look at one another. When the board spells 'someone here' Vilde gets excited and asks Noora to ask who. Noora says she won't ask that, because she doesn't want to know that. She says she's curious about something else, namely the fact that Sana didn't want to play the Ouija board. The board spells out 'pshychic' and Vilde says she knew there was something about her, like why she wears her hijab the entire time. Noora asks what that has to do with it, and Vilde calls it Mysterious.

Vilde asks if she can ask who William is thinking about, but Chris says she won't, and that she will ask about her man, Isak, instead. Chris asks why he is together with Sara. Noora receives a text from William saying 'Do you miss me'. The board then starts to spell 'gay'. Chris proclaims the ghosts are on crack, and Noora proposes they take a break now. Vilde refuses, saying it's her turn and she wants to ask who William is thinking of. Vilde insists and says they can take a break after her question. Chris states the ghosts aren't very serious if they say Isak is gay.

Eva is on her phone and announces someone answered on Jodel, asking who out of the girls there it was because the Jodel reply consists of the questions they just asked the board. Chris says "2016, spirits are on jodel" and Eva says the Jodel came from somewhere very close. Vilde asks if it's Noora because she had her phone just now, and that she is the only one who could've done it. Vilde then tells Noora to show her phone to see if it wasn't her, and Noora refuses to do so. The power then cuts out and the girls sit in the dark.

  • Hva skjer (English: What is happening)
Thursday March 24, 2016 (10.40AM)

Vilde is sitting at breakfast sating she realized William is now a Russ and they don't want a girlfriend. She comes up with the logic that he might have feelings for her but rejected her now instead of during Russetiden. Vilde says it was noteworthy what the spirits said last night.

Noora notices Vilde isn't eating well and offers her a piece of bread, which Vilde rejects. She asks why not, and Vilde says she has gluten allergy but Noora says she doesn't. Vilde claims she has all the symptoms.

Eva checks the electricity then, which still doesn't work, and Chris said she asker her grandmother for Kasper's number. Eva thinks it might have been Kasper who replied to them on Jodel. Sana glances over at her with a straight face, asking 'What reply on Jodel?' Eva then explains what happened last night.

Chris then gets a text from her grandmother, asking if it's him. The girls ask what it is. Chris then reads the message from her grandmother saying "Kasper who? There is no guy helping me with the cabin."

  • Ingen svar (English: No response)
Thursday March 24, 2016 (3.02PM)

Vilde is working out in the living room and Eva asks if she should ask 'Who are you?' on Jodel. Sana is looking out of the window saying she won't get any answers. Vilde then says 'Can I ask you if you are psychic?'. sana asks her why she's aking that, and Vilde says she was just wondering.

Chris walks in saying there is no bus until tomorrow, and Noora tells them all to relax. She asks if they seriously think Kasper is out to get them. She states that even if it's the case it's five against one and that he's very small too. She says they might have a good mood now that they're stuck here. She suggests they clean up and make some food. Noora asks if Vilde wants to help because they're at a cabin and everyone should help.

Noora asks her to cut and slice the potatoes, and Vilde asks what they're making. Noora explains they're making tortillas, and Vilde wonders if they need potatoes for that. Vilde says she doesn't like potatoes because they're unhealthy. Noora states that's not true, and that your body needs potatoes. She explains the good things about potatoes. Noora then continues to also explain the positives about eggs, which she needs for a strong body with working out. Vilde asks her why she knows so much about food, and before Noora can answer they see Kasper standing outside.

  • Freake Ut (English: Freaking out)
Thursday March 24, 2016 (7.40PM)

The girls are all sitting in the livingroom, wondering about self-defense courses and Vilde says that whatever they do they can't split up because that always happens in horror movies and then people die. Noora then wonders what Kasper even wants, and Vilde says he wants sex because that's all men want. Eva argues Vilde does too, and she says she does but not now and not with him. Noora says they have to think what they should do.

Eva says they should call the police of Chris' mom doesn't answer, and Sana says the police can't do anything. Eva says they can and that a person is stalking them which is what the police are for. Sana then tells her to put her phone away, and says there is something she has to tell them. Eva puts her phone away and listens to Sana. Sana says they can't freak out and Eva says she can't freak out more than she already is.

Sana reminds Vilde of how she asked about her hijab, and Sana says that her hijab, when she wears it, she can see things no one else can see. Vilde asks if she's psychic and Sana says they can call it what they want but that since they got to the cabin she's seen images of Kasper. When Eva asks what images, Sana says 'Images from another time.' which causes Eva to freak out. 

Sana says she sees them right now, and looks over to the door, saying he is standing behind it. Eva freaks out again, and Chris asks what he wants. Sana says he wants to be seen, and that we have to see people like him, people who are different. Sana says she can't do it without the girls, and asks them to be with her. Vilde asks for what, and Sana says they have to see him, because it's the only way to make him dissappear.

Sana then gets up, saying they shouldn't be scared and that she will go in front with her hijab protecting them. She asks the girls if they're ready and they get up, joining Sana slowly. Vilde, Noora, Eva and Sana ahead then walk to the door and open it, but therre's nothing there. Chris then calls out from behind them saying "He's over here." and the girls turn around screaming when Chris is wearing the mask, scaring them.

Eva freaks out as Chris and Sana laugh and high five. They all tease each other about their reactions. Eva then asks what the deal is with Kasper and Chris explains he is just a guy from the electic company who helps her grandmother, hence why he was outside when the power came back on.

Noora then asks if everything was bullshit, and Chris says yes, explaining that it was Sana who fucked with them on Jodel and that they decided to continue fucking with them because it was so much fun. They then return to the couch as Vilde asks about the ouija board. Chris says the board isn't very serious. Noora gets a text from William telling Noora about Jonas dating Isabell. Noora glanced at Eva. William tells Noora that she should also get with a '97er.


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