Season 2, Episode 3 titled Er det noe du skjuler for oss? (English: Are you hiding something from us?) is the fourteenth episode of Skam overall.


Noora tries to keep the fact that she and William had a date a secret, especially from Vilde. Christoffer and some of William's friends have been in a fight. William is hosting a large party in his apartment.



  • Fortsatt Drita
Saturday March 12, 2016 (11.05AM)

Noora leaves her room and heads into the living room where she finds Eva asleep on the couch. Noora has to call out her name several time to get her to wake up. Eva is giggly when she wakes up, then stating "I slept here." and Noora points out the guy next to Eva. Eva calls him Håvard, but the guy corrects it to Halvor. Eva then asks how the date went yesterday, and Noora tries to act casual saying it went "fine". Eva asks how the guy was, and when Noora says he was nice, Eva insists she tells her more than that. 

Eskild then leaves his room with a loud "Good morning" which Eva replies to with "Hey birthday boy!" reminding Noora about the excuse that they came up with. Eskild then states he's still a little drunk. Linn then asks them to be quiet, and Eskild loudly says they will be quiet all day, before heading into the kitchen to get water. Noora awkwardly smiles at Eva, before joining Eskild in the kitchen.

Noora asks Eskild what he said to Eva, but he claims he didn't say anything. After a stern look from Noora, Eskild admits that he told Eva that Noora had a Tinder date. Noora exclaims "Tinder ?" in disbelief, adding "What world to you live in". Eskild defends himself by saying he had to say something about why she wasn't out celebrating my birthday with him. Noora then informs him it wasn't his birthday and that he can't hang out with her friends when she's not there.

Eskild then explains they were just chatting on facebook and Eva mentioned she wanted to party, which he wanted to. Eskild then asks her if she's jealous because he's stealing her friends, and Noora playfully glares at him. Eskild then assures her he won't steal her friends because she is hugely popular, funny, pretty, smart, etc etc. Eskild then insists on hugging Noora and after Noora insists that she doesn't need a hug, he wraps himself around her for a bear hug, causing Noora to laugh. Eskild asks if she's better now, and Noora tells him to just take her seriously. Eskild says he does

  • Yakuza
Monday March 14, 2016 (11.45AM)

The schoolyard is buzzing with people describing what happened over the weekend between the Penetrators and the Yakuza guys. After following several groups, we get to the girl squad where Vilde is describing the text she sent to William. Vilde says she is worried because he hasn't replied, but Eva says that she heard he wasn't even there. Eva states she was talking to Iben, who told her that it was just Chris and a few others. She explains how that was unfair since the Yakuza-boys were with 20.

Eva explains that the Yakuza guys were looking for William, but that William wasn't there. Eva laughs at how the guys got beaten up while William was at home fucking some girl. When Vilde asks which girl, Eva clarifies it's just a rumor and that she doesn't know if it's true. Chris then asks if William replied to Vilde's texts, and Vilde says he didn't and that she send another text saying "William, could you answer, so I know you're alive? I'm terribly worried." and she says he replied at 11.33 with "Alive, I'm alive." 

Eva then asks if anyone has seen them, and Vilde states Chris is definitely still in the hospital. However moments later Sana spots William's car pulling up. The girls glance over to William and his friends getting out the car, in a slow-motion scene. The entire schoolyard looks at them as they cross it, covered in bruises. Noora watches them too, hair blowing in her face as she looks at William walking by. Vilde then asks if Iben said anything about the girl William was with.

  • Modelltynn
Wednesday March 16, 2016 (12.15PM)

Noora, Eva and Vilde are int he windowsill discussing who William's girl could be. Vilde points out several potential girls, including Isabel who Vilde points out was with Jonas before Eva cuts her off. Vilde then points out another girl, calling her a bit 'thick' to which Noora tells her to stop. Vilde says she doesn't think she is fat-fat, but that William likes skinny girls. Noora calls it the dumbest thing she's heard. Vilde defends herself by saying she just pointed out guys like different things.

Vilde states not everyone has to be super skinny, but that William likes girls who are model thin. Noora frowns, and looks away when Vilde comments "Like you." Vilde then concludes that if it's true that William is dating a girl, she's definitely really skinny. Vilde then asks if anyone wants gum, and she herself takes one after Eva and Noora decline. Vilde then says she will find out who the girl is on Friday. When Noora asks what's on Fridat, Vilde explains that that if William is dating a girl, she will be coming to his party.

When Eva mentions they can't have a pregame at her place cause her mom is coming home, Vilde asks if they can have it at Noora's. Noora agrees but says she won't be going to William's party. When the girls ask why not, she says she can't go. Vilde then points out she never goes out anymore and that she didn't go out last weekend either. Noora justifies herself by saying nobody could go out last weekend. Vilde then smiles, thinking she knows why as she asks Noora if there is someone she's hiding from them. Vilde implies maybe it's a girlfriend, and in that moment Eva starts to piece things together.

Vilde tells Noora she can bring her non-existent girlfriend to the party, and Noora sarcastically replies with "Seriously? I can? That's so amazing Vilde!" 

Vilde then says she should come to the cabin, smiling as she says "A lesbian couple in Hemsedal. That would be so cozy." before turning to Eva with "Right, Eva?" Eva smiles and lets out a smiling "yeah" before she returns to thinking, as Vilde asks what class they have now. Noora states she has chemistry, and Vilde says she has class in the B-building and she gathers her stuff. Vilde and Eva watch her leave, before Eva turns to Eva and says "Fucking hell, it's you, isn't it?" Noora is shocked as Eva smiles and leans over, saying "You're dating William!"

Noora doesn't say anything for a little bit, before she finally says "Eva, before you freak out." which has Eva freaking out, gasping and covering her mouth as she repeats "Fucking hell." a few times in disbelief. Noora then explains herself, saying they've been on one date and that she did it for Vilde. Eva asks why for Vilde, and Noora explains that what William said at the christmas party was just because she promised him a date.

Eva then asks if she's kidding, wondering if she's on an episode of Gossip Girl and Noora states she hates that show. Eva still tries to wrap her hand around it, and Noora kind of shrugs. Eva then looks at Noora and saying "But you don't like him at all, right?" which Noora frowns at, replying with "It's William we're talking about here."

Eva then asks how the date went, and Noora replies saying it was weird. Eva just smiles. Noora then says "Do you realise now why I can't go to the party?" explaining that if William starts to make a move on her, Vilde will start to realise it. Noora says she hopes Vilde doesn't ask him about it, because Noora doesn't trust William at all. Eva then states it is like Gossip Girl. "Maybe a budget version, but it's fucking Gossip Girl." Noora says she had it with the Gossip Girl references, and as they get off the windowsill, Eva tells Noora that she is impressive. Noora replies with "Thanks".

  • Natta Noora

Friday March 18, 2016 (9.22PM)

Noora is at home watching tv with Linn, who comments that she doesn't agree how Eskild can party so much and she says she prefers staying at home and relax. Noora hums in agreement while looking through instagram. In the meantime, Linn talks about school. Eva texts Noora that there is drama between Vilde and William, and Noora tries to get a hold of them but they're not answering their phone. She then decides to head to William's party.

Upon arriving them she walks by someone throwing up and a couple making out on the staircase, before she makes it upstairs. Eva greets her excitingly right away, and Noora asks what happened and where Vilde is. Eva states Vilde ran away and embraces Noora once again, a bottle in her hand and swaying from left to right. Noora then asked what happened, because Eva said there was drama between Vilde and William. Eva comments that Vilde is so in love with William but that he is not in love with her. Noora then asks if they said anything about her, and Eva is confused for a bit before she realised Noora went on a date with William. Noora introduces two guys, Halvor and Jakob, to Noora, stating he's almost her boyfriend. She then squeels excitingly as Jonas and Elias walk into the party.

Noora then spots William across the room, as she stands in the doorway where Eva tells Jonas he needs to drink and meet girls. Noora then takes off her coat and bag, handing it to Eva before she moves through the apartment. After a few steps, Jonas stops her, and he asks her where she's going, stating she can't leave Eva like that. Noora says it will take two seconds. They then see Eva making out with Halvor, and Noora makes her way through the apartment. Noora walks by Sara, as she looks for William who then suddenly appears behind her. He seems pleased that she decided to come, but Noora gets right to the point and she asks him what he said to Vilde, stating she walked out crying. William explains that Vilde wanted to hook up and that he wasn't intrested. When Noora asks him if he talked about her, he jokingly asks her who she is, which makes Noora cross her arms and roll her eyes. William then assures her that he didn't say anything about her. William and Nora notice fighting by the door including Jonas, Elias and Eva. All three of them leave when William walks up to them.

As William is by the door the cops walk in, telling him he has to put an end to the party because the neighbors complained. Noora then realizes Eva left with her phone and the rest of her stuff. She asks if she can borrow William's phone and she calls Eskild while people start clearing out of the apartment at the cops' request. Eva doesn't pick up the phone so Noora ends up leaving a voicemail message for Eskild, telling him to call her on William's number when she gets the message.

She then walks through the emptied out apartment and walks into Chris making out with two girls. Noora is unimpressed, and William leans behind her before he tells Chris he has to leave. William takes some drinks and throws one of the girls over his shoulder, asking Noora if she's joining. He says he's kidding as he walks out. William asks if she was able to reach Eva and Noora says she left a voicemail for Eskild instead. She says he will probably call back soon. 

Noora asks when his parents come home, and William says that they won't. Noora asks where they are, to which William says his dad lives in London and his mom lives in Snarøya with a new man. Noora asks if he lives by himself, and William says more or less. He offers her a drink, and Noora says she doesn't drink to which William jokingly says 'shocked'. Noora then asks if he has siblings, and William says he has a brother who studies in Stockholm. He asks if she wants something else, and Noora asks if he has cacao. 

William finds baking cacao in the kitchen, saying he doesn't know why he got it but the lady at the check-out got it for him so it was okay. He then reads the packaging. Noora asks if he doesn't remember how to make it, and William says he does but he wants to do it right. Noora is sitting on the kitchen counter while William reaches behind her to get the sugar. 

Noora asks him why he doesn't live with his mom, and he says it's because his mom is a cunt. Noora says it's still his mom, and William says 'So what, should I not be honest about it.' Noora says he should, but that he doesn't have to be a complete misogynist about it. William asks her if she wants him to only be honest if it's politically correct.

Noora asks if Eskild called, and Wiliam says he hasn't without checking. Noora tells him to check, and he then shows her his phone. In doing so the cocoa milk runs over.

Noora wonders around the apartment with her cocoa when she stumbles upon a box of penetrator-jerseys. William asks her if she wants one, and Noora jokes that it's the sweater of all sweaters and that many at the school have acquired it, while posing with it. Noora says it's insanely popular and that she would've been just like him. She jokes how that's the dream.

She notices the guitar and jokes about how they've come to the point where nothing's missing then. She asks if he plays for girls, calling it sweet. Noora asks him if he plays for them before taking them to bed, and that he has to do something right. Noora asks what he plays, and William says he doesn't play for girls. Noora is convinced he does, and plays the strings, pointing out it's a real guitar then.

Noora says she knows he plays for girls, and tries to figure out what songs he plays. She first plays 'love is all around' by Wet Wet Wet. She then moves on to 'When You say Nothing At All' by Ronan Keating, before settling on 'More Than Words' by Extreme. The final song seems to have a reaction from William, as he looks at her intensely while she plays. 

William's phone then rings, and he hands it to Noora saying 'I think it's for you.' Noora picks up and asks Eskild where he is, and Eskild says he's home. Noora explains she lost her keys, cellphone, everything. Eskild then says it sucks but that she can come home now. Noora ends the call and hands the phone back. William asks if he's at home, and Noora thinks a bit before saying he's not at home and that he's in the city with people. William smiles at her.

He then arranges the sheets in his room, and he says he can sleep on the couch. Noora says it will be fine like this, as long as he sticks to his side of the bed. William says it's his bed so both sides are his. Noora says that's not how it's going to work, and that he might not be used to it but she states there are sides to the bed. She suggests they build a little border so he doesn't come and invade her personal space. As he undresses he asks her if she's going to sleep in her clothes, and Noora says yes. 

William asks her what she wants for breakfast tomorrow, and Noora says she's won't be eating for breakfast. William says 'eggs and bacon'. Noora calls him the biggest cliché she has met in her entire life. William replies saying he was never validated as a child, and that his mom never came to graduation and his dad never saw his drawings. William says she likes him for it, and Noora states she doesn't. William claims she does.

William then gets a text, and Noora asks is there's someone he has to go beat up. William says it's from Eskild, and he reads the message saying Eskild won't stay up and wait for her any longer, wondering when Noora's coming home. Noora knows she's busted. William says he'll reply that Noora is so keen on him that she failed to get away. Noora then reaches for the phone, telling him not to write that, and William states she's on his side of the bed now. Noora still tries to get the phone, laughing as William rearranges their little border, and he says they will let phones and pillows be now. Noora eventually agrees and lies down again. She tells him to write she's coming home tomorrow. William then puts his phone away and claims she likes him. Noora closes her eyes and says 'Goodnight, Wilhelm.' William replies with 'Goodnight Noora.'


  • On Saturday, Chris reports to the girl squad about her adventures at her cousin's party with a guy from Switserland.
  • On Monday, Eskild tries to convince Noora to come to the premiere party of Paradise Hotel via text.
  • Mondaynight, Vilde reveals she heard William was on a date, and she asks the girl squad group text if they know who it was with. They also discuss The Penetrators's entrance to the school yard.
  • On Tuesday, Chris announces they can go to her grandmother's cabin via the girl squad group text.
  • On Wednesday, Noora and Eva discus the events from last Friday.
  • On Thursday, Eskild and Noora text.
  • On Friday, the girl squad discusses the upcoming party at William's.

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  • On Saturday, Noora posted an instagram picture of Eva fallen asleep behind her computer in Noora's bed.
  • On Thursday, Noora posted a 'freethenipple' picture on insta.


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  • Axel Onshuus as police officer
  • Arne Vanglid as police officer
  • Nadim Lahlahi as Nadim
  • Erik Alexander Malm Lien as Erik
  • Baard Røthe as Adam
  • Sondre Opedal as Jesper



A lesbian couple in Hemsedal. That would be so cozy.
— Vilde



Song Artist Scene
Illest Motherfucker Alive Jay-z & Kanye West William and his friends exit the car in slow motion
Penetrators 2016 Hanzee Song at William's party when Noora sees William
Galleriet 2015 ZL-Project Song at William's party when Noora walks around and the cops show up
Love me Lil'Wayne feat Drake & Future Chris making out with the 2 girls
Love Is All Around Wet Wet Wet One of the songs Noora plays on the guitar
When You Say Nothing At All Ronan Keating One of the songs Noora plays on the guitar
More Than Words Extreme One of the songs Noora plays on the guitar


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