Season 2, Episode 12 titled Vil du flytte sammen med meg? (English: Will you move in with me?) is the twenty-third episode of Skam over-all, and the last episode of Season 2.


Noora and William go back to William's apartment, and find a letter from the police. William is wanted for questioning for hitting a boy with a bottle during a fight. Vilde and Noora try to make sure no one is a witness against him.



  • Bare ligge her (English: Just lying here)
Saturday May 28, 2016 (11.23AM)

Noora and William are in bed, cuddling, and Noora says they should just lie there all day. William agrees with that plan, and they kiss. When they're making out, William stops and Noora tells him not too. He then jokes that he needs a little bit space. Noora says he doesn't need space, but William pulls a pillow in between them anyways. He then tells her "Dead serious. I respect you. Now you have to respect me."

Noora looks at him and then tells him tha she had sex when she was thirteen. She explains that the guy was really shitty afterwards. She then says that the following spring, not only becaue of that but because of lots of stuff, she got sick. Noora says she's probably just scared that something like that will happen again.

William strokes her hair as he takes in the info, and then stares at the ceiling. He is thinking, and William eventually says "I am really damn sorry for what Niko has done." to which Noora says it wasn't his fault. She says nothing serious happened and he will be convicted. She says they have a legal sytem and they have to trust that it is fair. Noora tells William that he doesn't have to kill Niko, and asks him if he did. William tells her he hasn't seen him, and that he went to London.

Noora asks if Niko is in Oslo, and William says he doesn't know because he hasn't been in the apartment. Noora then asks if it's him who has been living in their basement. William calls it creepy, and Noora says "I know." William says he stayed with Chris and that he will continue to stay there. Noora says he can stay at the Kollektiv, but that he has to go back to the apartment at some point. William says he can't meet Niko, and Noora says she can come with him. She says she is not scared of him, and William smiles at her. They continue their cuddly/kissing session.

  • Ta tilbake leiligheten (English: Take back the apartment)
Sunday May 29, 2016 (4.52PM)

Noora and William return to the apartment, which is empty. They go to the kitchen, and Noora points out Niko isn't there. She then asks William what he wants to do, and William says he wants to leave again. Noora asks him if he doesn't want to stay, saying he needs to take back his apartment. William then says he can't live there, and Noora says he needs to give in because he can't run from his brother the rest of his life. She says he has to face him, look him in the eye and tell him he is a fucking loser. She tells him to be done with it, but William says that's not how it works. he says he doesn't know what he would have done had he been here now.

Noora then asks where he will move, and William says he will buy a new apartment. She asks if he has money for tat, and William says it'll sort itself out. Noora asks if buying a new apartment is his sollution, and William says it is. He then smiles at her, and asks her to move in with him. He walks over to her and asks her to say yes. Noora smiles, but doesn't really reply. He tells her to stop giving a damn about what's right and what's wrong and for once do what she wants. Noora then says "Okay. We'll move in together." and William says it too. They kiss on the kitchen counter, and Noora tells him not to stop. She says he doesn't need to stop.

William then spots the police notice, and he opens it to read about the summmoning to be interrogated. When Noora asks what for, William says it's about the yakuza fight, and the video of it.

  • Politiet (English: The Police)
Monday May 30, 2016 (11.25AM)

Noora arrives at school and asks notices the girls go quiet when she walks up to them. She asks them why they stopped talking, and Eva asks her if she got a letter from the police. Noora says she didn't, and the others say they did, explaining they've also been sommoned for questioning. Chris and Eva say their moms snapped. Noora wonders why she wasn't summoned, and Vilde says it's probably because she left before the police arrived, who took their names. Vilde states the police found the video and reported the case themselves.

Eva says it's good that she won't have to testify against William, and Noora asks if they will. Eva says they can't lie to the police, but Sana says they can remain silent. Chris states they can't convict him based on the video alone anyways because of bad quality and it being unfocussed. Vilde says they have to think about it because there is a 6 month prison sentence.

Vilde then says William did something good, and Vilde goes to explain that William beat up a yakuza guy in winter too, for calling Iben (Chris' ex-girlfriend) a cheap whore. She states the yakuza guy beat up 3 penetrators, and William did nothing. She explains how then the yakuza beat up Jonas, and Chris and Isak planned to beat up Yakuza the night of the bus party which William knew nothing about.

Eva says they might tell that story, and Vilde said the police only cares about who smashed the bottle. When Sana asks Noora why he did it, Noora says he did it because he felt it was his fault that Yakuza beat up his best friend. She says he's extremely loyal to the ones he loves, so he did it because he doesn't trust adults since no adults has ever taken responsibility for him.

Noora then says he has some trouble with controlling his mind, which would be good if they added too. Sana says they shouldn't say anything, and the other girls agree. Sana asks if Jonas and Isak would say anything, and Eva says that William helped them and that Jonas doesn't like the police, so no. Vilde concludes that the only person who could fuck everything up is the Yakuza.

  • Naboklager (English: Neighborhoods)
Tuesday May 31, 2016 (4.15PM)

Noora gets to her room, having collected the stuff from the basement. She calls Eskild and says she doesn't know who he has living in the basement, but he has to stop because the downstairs neighbours complained. Eskild claims he doesn't know anything about it. He suggests it might be Linn, but Noora says that it's Eskild's bedding, which Eskild claims it isn't. He asks how she would know, and Noora says she's the only one who washes bedding. Eskild is surprised when Noora mentions his bedding would have been filled with stiff, old cum if she didn't wash it. He says 'Way to go girl' and tries to change the subject, saying it's because of William that she thinks in a more sexual way.

Eskild applauds William, and asks if they've had sex. Eskild says she will now, and tells her to watch a 'Skogtur' video with William as foreplay. Noora pushes him out of her room, telling him one more time that he has to stop with having people live in the basement. Noora calls him back and throws him the belt, says he should tell Tito to find a new place to live. Noora then shues him out of her room again.

  • Et dukkehjem (English: A Dollhouse)
Thursday June 2, 2016 (8.15PM)

Noora watches as William goes through her room and she texts Vilde asking where she got the number from the Yakuza guy. Vilde says Eva got it from Iben who got it from the guy's ex. Noora tells Vilde to wish her luck, as she is about to talk to William.

William then asks her why Noora is written with 2 o's, but Noora doesn't answer the question. Noora tells him Vilde sent her the number of the yakuza guy. William asks her what she's going to do with that. Noora says she was thinking William could call him, and he asks her why he would do that. Noora says he could call her and ask him not to say anything in the interrogation, but William refuses. Noora then asks him again, and William says "Forget it." Noora says that everyone will keep their mouth shut and if he doesn't say anything about what the yakuza did, they won't say anything either. William insists he's not doing it and tells her to forget it, end of story.

Noora texts Vilde back saying William refused and Vilde says guys are idiots, saying William faces up to 6 months in prison. Vilde then suggests Noora could call the guy. William then brings over a book and asks if she would read it, claiming he is excited to know about Ibsen's story. They joke around about the book, and William calls her cute. Noora says that it's true.

  • Forever Young
Friday June 3, 2016 (6.44PM)

Noora is outside the police office as she sends a message to the yakuza guy. She writes "Hi, you don't know me but I was there during the fight and I wanted to say that none of the Riot guys or anyone else who was there will say anything. As long as you don't say anything."

William then leaves the police office with his lawyer, and they talk outside before he meets up with Noora. She gets a message back saying they won't say anything. Noora asks William how it went and William says it went fine. Noora asks him what they said, since he was in there for 4 hours. She asks if he has the impression that they have a lot of evidence against him. William then says he confessed, and Noora asks why. He says maybe it's because of what she said, but Noora tells him she said to not say anything. William kisses her and then tells her he means what she said about Niko and trusting the legal system. He said alternatively he could have chosen not to and kept his mouth but then he'd nearly killed Niko.

Noora smiles and kisses him again. She then asks what will happen now, and William says he has to go to court in a few weeks, and perhaps prison. Noora asks what he wants to do now that he is still free, and William thinks about it. He says that what he wants to do is have a big party where they get completely wasted and crawl around. Noora agrees, and asks where that's going to happen. William says they might as well go back to his apartment.

They throw the party that evening on the rooftop of William's apartment, and everyone is dancing. Eva and Sana are laughing, Mari, Iben and Ingrid are there. Eskild and Linn are dancing. Chris is dancing and Jonas gives a bro-hug to one of the penetrators.

Eskild says he is taking orders asking anyone else f they want to drink. Jonas and Isak then walk up to Chris, Eva, Eskild and Noora by the drinks. Noora introduces Eskild to Isak and Jonas. Noora explains he is her roommate, and Eskild says they live together. Jonas mentions the story of the BJ-action. Eskild says he can't remember every time he gets sucked off. Eva tells him to do his thing. Eskild discusses Chris' jacket.

Noora then leaves her friends to look for William in the crowd. She sees him across the rooftop, and pretends to look away. He smiles, and she smiles back at them. He then grabs his phone and texts her, saying "I like that you're standing there looking at me." He then adds "You actually hate parties don't you?" and Noora says she doesn't hate them. William texts her back, saying they don't have to be there. He suggests they go to her place and chill. Noora says that's not what she wants. William asks what she wants, and she replies saying she wants to have sex.

They get to William's room where Chris is making out with Sana, and William chases them out. William and Noora then get to the bed and they have sex during the party.

Over on the rooftop, Sana is talking to the other girlswhen she turns around and notices Kasper. The girls go silent and then notice him too, and they start laughing. They run towards him and hug him. Chris then eyes Kasper drinking her beer. Some time later, Chris and Kasper are making out, which shocks Vilde and Sana. Eskild rallies up the crowd.

Noora says she thinks she did something stupid, and she says she messaged the yakuza guy. William says he knew she would. She asks if he's not mad, and William says he would have done the same. He then asks what Eskild and Linn would say if she moved out. Noora says she's scared to tell them, and she says William has to do it. She says it will go well for sure, and that they'll just have to find someone else to stay in the room.

Eva, Jonas, Isak and Isabell are talking. Eva then points out Jonas' belt and Isak says he can't take credit. Jonas admits it's Isak, and Isak says all of Jonas' coolest clothes are his.


  • On Monday, the girl squad texts about Eva and P-Chris being more than friends.
  • On Tuesday, Eva makes a mega group chat to discuss the Yakuza interrogation.
  • On Wednesday, Noora and William text. Eskild gets sentimental about living with Noora and Linn at the Kollektiv in their group chat.
  • On Thursday the girl squad discuss their police statements. Vilde continues this conversation a little while later on in the evening.
  • On Friday, Noora texts the girl squad group chat during William's interrogation.

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  • On her birthday, June 2nd, Eva posts a picture with the gifts from the girl squad on Instagram.
  • On Friday Eva posts a picture at the party.
  • On Friday, Chris posted a picture of him and William with the caption 'Bromance'


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  • Marius Borg Høiby as Partygoer (uncredited)
  • Astrid Smeplass as Partygoet (uncredited)




Song Artist Scene
God Don't Leave Me Highasakite William and Noora making out in bed
Ingenting Kamelen Noora walking up to her friends
Si Ingenting Kamel Noora is reading and then texts the yakuza guy waiting for William
I Got A Feeling (Dave Guetta FMIF Remix) The Black Eyed Peas Party-scene
2am Astrid S Party scene - Noora, Eskild, Eva, Jonas and Isak talk + William and Noora texting
I Wanna Fuck You Snoop Dogg (feat Akon) Noora and William texting up on the roof
Our Youth Sonny Alven (feat. Emmi) William chases Chris out of the bedroom
Somewhere Only We Know (instrumental) Sons of serendip Noora and William sex scene
Forever Young Alphaville End of the party-scene. Isak's camera moment.
Young Forever Jay-Z (feat. Beyoncé) Ending scene + credits


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