Season 2, Episode 10 titled Jeg skal forklare alt. (English: I'll explain everything) is the twenty-first episode of Skam overall.


Eskild and Linn try to cheer Noora up, but she is still dealing with last Friday. Noora reluctantly goes to Eva to celebrate May 17th, the National Day. She also decides to confront Nikolai, to find out exactly what happened.



  • Er det William? (English: Is that William?)
Saturday May 14, 2016 (10.48AM)

Noora is in bed when she gets a text from William, asking if they should head out for the day. Noora replies asking if he doesn't have Russ stuff today, and William sends a '..?' back. Noora then tells him to enjoy russ in the last few days because you're only Russ once. William texts that he only wants to be with her. Noora then says she's sick, saying she thinks she has a fever. William asks if she needs anything, and Noora replies "No thanks, I'm fine."

When Eskild and Linn knock on the door, Noora says she's sleeping. They enter and Noora asks what's the matter without looking at them. When they don't say anything, she turns around and Eskild says they made breakfast to say they love her and to apologize for leeching off her. Noora states she's not hungry, and Eskild says she could eat a little. Noora insists that she's not hungry. Linn leaves again, saying she is going to lie down. Eskild puts the breakfast down on Noora's little table and sits down on her bed.

He asks her what's wrong, and guesses it's connected to William. Noora says she has the flu, and Eskild tells her that she doesn't have to face everything in the world on her own. Noora says she just has a fever, and that it will pass. Eskild then gets up and walks to the door. He says he will give her two days, and then he closes the door behind him.

  • Angst (English: Anxiety)
Monday May 16, 2016 (5.50PM)

Noora is still in bed, trying to write the article for Afterposten. She then gets a text from Eva, asking her why she doesn't answer in the groupchat. She asks if Noora is coming over to the 17th of May breakfast tomorrow at her place. Noora doesn't reply, and stares at the article on her computer. She then goes to check facebook, and opens the chat with Niko again.

Noora types that she has to know what happened last Friday. Niko suggests they'll meet and drink a beer and talk about it. Noora agrees, saying they'll meet at a public café in an hour. She closes her facebook when Eskild knocks on the door, asking him not to hate her when William appears behind him.

Noora asks him what he's doing there, and William says he's there to find out why she locked herself in her room for 3 days. Noora sticks to the excuse that she is sick. William asks her why she doesn't talk to him, and Noora says it's because his russ is almost over and he should go out and celebrate. She says he shouldn't waste time on her. William asks what the fuss with russ is about and he says "Fuck that" saying it's not important. Noora repeats that it's only once in your life that you get to be Russ.

William says that if she doesn't want to be with him, she should have the fucking guts to tell him. Noora shakes her head and says she does want to be with him. She says she has to write an article that was due yesterday and that she can't write it because she can't think, because she can't sleep. She explains it's because her heart is jumping out of her chest. William then walks up to her, noticing she's panicking, and he hugs her. Noora says she can't breathe and that it feels as if she's going to die. William doesn't pull back and pulls her in closer, allowing her to cry on his shoulder while he comforts her. He tells her she isn't going to die, and that he promises.

They sit down on the bed, and Noora continues to cry. William states she's just anxious, and that they need to get her to relax a bit. Noora states she can't relax because the article is really important. William tells her that she doesn't have to do anything.

William holds her on the bed, trying to get Noora to calm down. Eventually they both fall asleep, and when William wakes up he lies next to her, watching her sleep. He then kisses her forehead as he gets up and looks around the room. He then walks over to her wall and notices the quote she has hanging up there. He then takes her computer and reads the article she has written, settling down in the chair. He's then seen thinking for a while, and he looks outside of the window. He closes the internet browser which is sending a bunch of notifications. He then starts typing on the article.

  • 17. Mai (English: May 17th)
Tuesday May 17, 2016 (8.30AM)

Noora wakes up with William blowing in her face. He smiles at her and she tells him not to look at her while she's sleeping. William says it's a good reply. He says she slept for 15 hours and asks her how she feels.

Noora states she feels like the world's most damned person. William then gets up, and tells her that she has to be at Eva's May 17th breakfast in 30 minutes. He tells her he will drive her, but Noora says she can't bear that now. William says she's she should go outside and that she's not laying there. He holds up a dress for her to wear. Noora says she can't wear that one, saying she wore it to a Christmas ball in 8th grade, calling it ugly. William says it's nice.

Noora then sits in the car outside of Eva's and William grabs on a ribbon, pinning it to her dress. He tells her to call him if something happens. He makes her promise. Noora says there is some stuff she has to figure out before she can tell him. William tells her to tell him when she's ready. He kisses her, and tells her he loves her.

Noora then opens the car door, but sits back down turning back towards him. She then says "I love you too." and she kisses him. She then walks up to Noora's door and takes out her phone. She reads the messages from Niko. He tells her to meet him on Thursday, 7PM at Forest & Brown.

The girls greet her cheerfully by the door, and Noora replies softly. Vilde asks if she has a new dress. The girls are then seen drinking at the breakfast table and Vilde says it's her favorite day because you spend the entire day with alcohol. Chris then says they eat a lot of ice-cream. Noora is quiet throughout the conversation. Vilde then mentions the parade is in 2 hours, and she says she's wave too much.

Vilde then asks Noora if she should hand her some food, and Noora says no thanks, stating she has a bit of a stomach ache today. Eva then prepares a speech, thanking them to come to her breakfast. She says she loves them all but that it's not why she's speeching. Eva then tells Noora she is very clever. She suggests she should read her article as a speech for today.

Eva reads the speech, which points out that youth spends a lot of time online, which some people call a waste of time. She reads how 'Noora' knows that it isn't, because society is straight forward there, and one can log off and block the things they don't like. She reads
"Today we celebrate our Constitution which says everyone has equal rights and that humans are born free and shall remain free. Free to be on social media for four hours. Free to get wasted and fuck around. Free to spend 900.000 kroner on a Russ bus. Norway isn't the same country as it was when it was written. Norwegian society is constantly developing and today thousands of refugees are coming into Europe in search of a place to live. Those are people from a different culture than us. People whose values we may disagree with. Some are afraid they will threaten Norwegian values. It would have been best to have the Facebook function to block them, but hat's not how it goes. So, on this day when we celebrate our Constitution, we shall remember what we celebrate. If we believe in the values it is based on. If we agree with the idea that all people should be free and have equal rights, it's not our responsibility to fight to preserve the values for all people. The constitution is not there to open doors to strangers who want to threaten our values, but it's there to not open the doors for them. We live in a society because we need each other. People need people. It can be tiring to deal with others, especially the ones you disagree with. Those who think differently from you, wether some are from another culture, or a girl who is a lame Facebook friend from elementary school. In a peaceful society with equal rights we have to manage to listen to, and try to understand each other. Perhaps it's easier to understand if we focus on what we have in common rather than the differences. Look for what we agree with, instead of what we disagree with. Maybe if we see the worst in others, it is exactly what they will show us. We have the right to waste four hours on social media every day. Because some before us have fought for the freedom to do so. Soon its us who will take over this country, it's up to us which values we live by in the future. I hope equal rights and freedom for all the people of this world is a battle we are ready to take on. Completely serious, if not we, who are raised in the world's most free and richest country, if not we who choose generosity, patience and openness. If not we who choose to look for and believe in the good in each other. If not we can fight for rightiousness, then who would be able to do it.

The girls all applaud, but then they notice that Noora is sad. She is on the verge of crying, and they all grow silent. Eva asks what's wrong, and Noora doesn't look at them when she says she thinks she was raped by William's brother. She then looks at then and says she doesn't know, saying it's possible she had sex with him willingly but she doesn't remember anything. Eva then asks if Noora asked him, and she asks what he said. Noora takes out her phone and passes it around to the girls. Chris curses at him and Sana gets mad at the prospect of him potentially having raped Noora. 

Vilde says they have to report him, and Noora asks what there is to report. She says she can't report anything she knows nothing about, and she says she doesn't know what happened. Vilde asks her if it feels like she had sex with him. Noora asks how she should feel that. Vilde says she's a virgin and she would have noticed. Noora says she isn't a virgin, explaining she had sex when she was thirteen with a boyfriend who was fifteen. She says she thought was ready for it, but that he dumped her days later, end of story. 

Vilde asks what happened with William's brother, and she tells Noora to tell everything from the start. Noora explains she had to talk to Wiliam. Noora then remembers that Eva and Chris don't know, and Chris says everyone knows about her and William. Noora explains she went to William but that he wasn't home, yet Niko was. She says she went insde to charge her phone and she ended up talking to him. She says he told her lots of shit about William and she felt really sad. She explains she drank a glass of wine and doesn't remember anything.

Eva asks if she was drugged and Noora says she doesn't know because she never drinks alcohol, knowing she can't take it. She says she either feels really bad or blacks out when she does. Eva wonders if she would have after one glass of wine. Noora says she thinks she drank a shot, too. Eva then asks if there isn't anyone else she could ask, someone at the party, a witness. Noora then remembers Mari was there. She asks the other girls if she knows who she is. 

Noora then says she can't ask her because she seems like a bitch. Vilde then says they have to go to the emergency room. Vilde says they can help them, and that she should have gone a long time ago, stating it's the first place to go. Vilde explains the people there can help them find evidence that they can use against Niko. Vilde repeats that the doctor is the first place you go, before showering or changing clothes. She asks why Noora didn't understand that.

Noora says she doesn't know if she was raped, and that there is no proof now. She says there is nothing the doctor, police, or the law can do. Vilde then says that in their free, democratic, country we have to believe there are laws and rules that protect us against assholes like him. She says they must believe in justice, and that the good wins. She ends with "Dead serious, if we don't believe in it, who will believe in it then?"

We then see the girls going to the emergency room and talking to the doctor. Noora shows the doctor the texts.

  • Trussel (English: Threat)

Thursday May 19, 2016 (7.19PM)

Noora sits at Forest & Brown waiting for Niko to show up. He is 20 minutes late. She then grabs her coat and Niko sits down in front of her in that moment. Niko asks for 2 beers, and Noora states she is under 18. Niko says it's nice to see her, and he said he thought she chickened out because she seemed paranoia in the chat. Noora says she remembers very little from that night, and she was nervous for what had happened. Niko says she blacked out completely, which Noora confirms. She asks what she drank, and Niko says it was just white wine, and that she also drank tequila. 

He says 'cheers' but Noora then says not there to drink beer with him and that she just wants to know what happened that night. Niko says she can have one beer with him though. Noora then says that if he never intended to tell her what happened, she's going to just leave. Niko then says that's a little. presumptious. Niko says it's ballsy of her to be rude to someone who has naked pictures of her. Noora then looks at him, asking if that was a threat. Niko asks if it sounded like it, and Noora says it did. He says that it was a threat then, smiling at her. Noora then asks him what he studies at Stockholm, and he replies saying international finance. Noora says he should have chosen law.

She explains that he probably wouldn't have bee in the situation that he was in now if he had. Niko laughs, and then asks what situation he is in now.  Noora says he is in a situation where he will be convicted for child pornography. She recites that according to penal code, paragraph 204a the penalty for producing and possessing an image that sexualises a child, is imprisonment for up to three years. She then explains she is under 18 so according to Norwegian law she is still a child. She tells him that the naked pictures he took of her without her consent were not only illegal for him to take, but also to store on his phone. She says that if she were him, she'd be careful about spreading them, before it enters another paragraph. Niko laughs again, asking if she's serious now.

Noora asks if it looks like she's kidding, and he tells her that child pornography is completely ridiculous. Noora tells him to tell that to the judge. She then reveals her phone, which has been recording, and she states he just threatened her and according to the law it's punishable by imprisonment up to 2 years, saying they're up to 5. Noora tells him to relax, saying they tend to merge verdicts so they're talking about maybe 2 years in reality. She says if he has a good lawyer, which he probably has. She then brings up the violations of the alcohol act, saying "serving alcohol to minors, on top of it all." She looks at him and tells him it's something to have on his resume. Niko seems pissed. 

Noora then says she thinks the child pornography has to be the worst. She asks if he knows what happens in prison to people who get convicted for child pornography. She says he shouldn't pick up the soap, so to say. She then gets up and walks away from him.

  • Det verste som kunne skje (English: The worst that could happen)
Friday May 20, 2016 (2.15PM)

Noora and the girls are all looking out the window, where Mari is. Eva wonders why Noora hasn't talked to her before, and she encourages Noora to move on or talk to her. Chris asks what the worst is that could happen. Noora says it's that she says she had sex with her too. Vilde then says it's nothing to be embarrassed about, and that she herself made out with Eva. She explains that the feelings that arise don't necessarily mean you're lesbian.

Sana then notices Noora is staring at her phone, and Noora says she got a message from Niko. She asks what it says and tells Noora to open it. Noora reads the message saying he hopes she and William become happy together. Noora says he told William, who then walks down the stairs. William stands in front of her and says "Tell me you didn't sleep with his brother." Noora says she will explain everything. William asks if she didn't sleep with him, and Noora says she doesn't know.

William looks at her and then walks away from her. He crosses the school yard and Noora follows after him but she can't stop him from leaving. She ends up on the ground by the gate, and the girls run toward her.


  • On Sunday, the girl squad texts to arrange the 17th of May breakfast.
  • On Tuesday, William texts Noora about the article.
  • On Wednesday a series of texts between Noora & William takes place.
  • On Thursday, there is a girl squad text.
  • On Friday afternoon, Noora tries texting William.

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