Season 2, Episode 1, titled Om du bare hadde holdt det du lovet (English: If only you had kept your promises), is the twelfth episode of Skam overall, and the first episode of Season 2.


Noora and Vilde are in disagreement over sponsors for the bus. Noora's flatmates Eskild and Linn are introduced. Noora is trying to avoid William who has become very pushy in his advances towards her.



  • De sexistiske jævlene (English: )
Monday February 29, 2016 (10.28AM)

Eva and Chris are in the form room, commenting on Isak and Sara making out, when Noora joins them. She gets a text from William about her outfit, prompting her to put her coat back on as Vilde and Sana join them as well. Vilde then announces she has amazing news, building some suspense beore announcing getting 'Brun og Bild' as sponsor. Noora says they will not be sponsored by them, saying they contrubute to the most speculative and sexist marketing in Norway. Vilde defends the brand, saying she worked hard to get them to sponsor them and that Noora is ungrateful. Noora says she doesn't want to go around and promote that type of body pressure, to which Chris says she doesn't feel much of that anyways. Sana comments they should milk the sexist motherfuckers for every penny they have, which pleases Vilde. Noora then sarcastically tells them to "go for it" but that she won't be on the bus anymore.

When Vilde asks if they should be gå-russ (graduating without russ), Noora says Russebuss was never important, and that she wanted to get to know Eva and Sana. When Chris makes a comment about being left out, Noora clarifies she meant her too, saying "you know I love you." before the school bell rings. Vilde declares that the discussion isn't over.

  • Guy on Guy
Monday February 29, 2016 (4.35PM)

Noora is cooking vegetables and pasta when she notices her pasta is empty. She then goes to Linn's room to ask if she took hers, but Linn says she didn't. Noora closes the door after Linn asked her to ask Eskild to tone down the music. Noora then knocks on Eskild's door and after several knocks she opens the door, walking in on Eskild getting a blowjob. She says 'sorry' and returns to the kitchen, but Eskild stops her in the living room. He asks her if he can borrow 200kr till Monday which she agrees too. She then returns to the kitchen and checks the groceries in the bag on the floor, when she finds a condom.

Noora then goes to Eva's, where Jonas and Eva are hanging out. Noora crawls through the window and greets Eva. Eva states they're watching Netflix, just Netflix, and Noora asks if she has any food. She explains she couldn't eat at home because there was too much "Guy on guy BJ-action." Jonas frowns at that, asking if it was Noora's parents. Noora clarifies that she lives in a shared apartment, The Kollektiv. She then states that she hàs seen her parents in BJ action, to which Jonas says he would be scared for the rest of his life. He then gets a text, and Eva and Jonas discuss how the girl Jonas is texting, a 00'er, is stalling. Jonas defends that he is not "involved with her" as Eva says, stating he hasn't kissed her. However Eva seems confident that it's going to happen. When Jonas says he doesn't want to hook up with a 00'er, Eva asks why he's chatting with her. Jonas replies saying she has a good body which Noora reacts a bit shocked to. She summarizes the situation saying "So Jonas is flirting with a girl and you're helping him?" to which Eva replies confirmative.

Noora seems a little impressed, and asks how that's working out considering their history. Eva says it works out fine because they are friends. When Jonas gets a screenshot of boobs, Eva encourages him to show it and screenshot it. Eva then states the girl probably took a screenshot from a magazine. Jonas says they look like that because of the filter, and Eva comments she "knows the tricks" in English. The conversation between Eva and Jonas continues as they talk about sexting.

  • You loose
Tuesday March 1, 2016 (11.35AM)

Vilde suggests the girls talk about sponsors since everyone should have a say in the Russebuss. She points out they're all different girls, and that it's important that they are strong and independent. She proposes a bus meeting Friday to talk about image and conept. She also suggests they drink wine and have a good time because it's been long since it was just them.

Noora says she doesn't feel like they have to do this, because it's not important for her, and Eva says she is going to a party at Bakka with Jonas. All the girls nod at her knowingly, but Eva assures them that they're just friends. Eva argues that one can be friends with their ex and that when you're a couple, it's the same thing as being best friends but you just have sex.

As the Penetrators enter the room, Vilde notices them and she mentions hearing he beat up a 98'er from Handels over the weekend. Vilde states that the guy ended up in the emergency room. Noora makes a sarcastic "Oh my god, so cool".

Vilde states that William is very sensetive but that he is so cold because he knows what it's like to lose someone. Sana says she thinks he's a fuckboy. Eva asks what Vilde meant about losing someone. Vilde reveals William lost his little sister because she died. To this, Noora looks over at William across the room. Vilde says it's tragic, and when Eva asks when it happened she explains it was a long time ago, but that it stays with someone. Vilde says it's the reason why he is a fuckboy. William texts Noora 'I like that you're sitting there looking at me' to which Noora replies that she isn't (all the while she is).

Vilde then continues to talk about how William is a good guy, saying she noticed it at Christmas. Eva says it seemed that he was really keen, or why else he would have said that Vilde was hot. In that moment, William texts Noora that she owes him a date, and he proposes Friday. Vilde pretends that she doesn't know what he said to her, so Eva will say it. She then corrects her on what exactly it was that he told her. Meanwhile Noora says she can't on Friday, because she has something else to do and William asks what. Noora replies with 'Buss meeting, Russetiden preparation. Most important thing in the world.'

Eva then says William came up to Noora, to which Noora's eyes grow big and she urges Eva not to continue. When Vilde asks what happened, Noora says it was nothing. She tells Vilde it's never going to happen between her and William. She says he is the most unsympathic, selfish person she's ever met and that she would never get with him, and neither should she. Vilde counters says Noora doesn't know him like she does, and she mentions what happens at Christmas again. Sana then picks in, wondering how long they're going to talk about Christmas since it's March.

Noora then adds that just because he came over and apologised for behaving like an asshole, doesn't mean he is a good person and that he's keen on Vilde. Noora says she doesn't want Vilde to get her hopes up. She gets cut off when Vilde gets a text from William, saying "Penetrator party on Friday, bring your bus and come.'

Noora glances over at William before she reminds Vilde that they had a bus meeting on Friday. When Vilde says she didn't think it was important to Noora, Noora replies saying it was important to Vilde to be strong and independent. Vilde says she can be strong and independent at the Penetrator party. Noora asks if they're dropping their plans because a guy calls. Chris then comes with the idea to have the bus meeting first and the party afterwards. Vilde replies to William that they're coming, and Chris says the plan works so that Eva can go to the party with Jonas.

Noora then receives another message from William that says "You lose".

  • Eskild
Thursday March 3, 2016 (5.21PM)

Noora walks to the bathroom where Eskild is, asking if he still needs money.She says she needs his help with something, and Eskild asks 500 kroner, which Noora reduces to 200. They eventually settle on 350. Noora then says he needs to make a move on Vilde, and Eskild laughs.

Eskild wonders if he's not going to set off some gaydars, but Noora asures her that Vilde won't notice. Eskild agrees to do it, asking what he should do. Noora proposes he walks in randomly to their buss meeting. Eskild bargains for alcohol. Noora agrees, saying he needs to be home around 7.

Eskild then asks if he should make out with her. Noora says he doesn't, stating she just needs compliments and stuff, because she is obsessed with a guy who isn't interested in her. She says Eskild needs to help her forget him.

Eskild then re-negociates the deal to 500 kroner, saying he will make it with her. Noora says they agreed on 350. He then lowers to 390 and touching her boobs. Noora sticks to 350 with no making out and no boob-touching. As Noora walks off, Eskild clarifies he just wants to know how it feels.

  • Strong and independent
Friday March 4, 2016 (7.48PM)

Noora is making food while Eva and Vilde are discussing which top she should wear and Chris displays her collection of beer. Eva then comments Vilde shouldn't wear a top that might go see-through when it's spilled upon, and when she realizes that's what Vilde's going for she suggests she should wear the other one. Vilde then announces she things she's going to sleep with William tonight, to which Sana reminds her to use a condom. Vilde asks Eva if she plans on sleeping with Jonas, and Eva insists they're just friends. Vilde asks her if they've had sex since they broke up, and Eva explains that they had break-up sex. Vilde asks her if she shouldn't be sad when she breaks up, and Eva says they were which was what made it hot and intense.

Chris then jokingly asks her if it wasn't a dream or a flashback. Vilde then asks if anyone ever went down on the girls. Eva says no, Chris says yes and she talks about a time in Gran Canaria last summer, saying it was nice to which Noora says it couldn't have been very exciting. Vilde says she is scared William will try to go down on her, but Eva tells her that no Norwegian guy does it. Chris comments how it isn't fair because they 'suck dick for life'.

Vilde then says she gets a snap from William, asking when they'll come. She inquires when Eva will go to Jonas, and Eva states she will call him like she was supposed to. Noora then receives a text stating the snap to Vilde was meant for her, to which Noora texts him back that he can't use Vilde. Vilde suggests they leave in half an hour but Noora then interferes, saying they were supposed to talk about image and concept.

Vilde asks her what concept she would like, and things get a little awkward. Noora dodges William's call while Jonas doesn't pick up his phone. Eskild then walks into the kitchen casually. Noora introduces him to the girls and Eskild goes around saying hi to all of them. He then takes Noora's seat next to Vilde, after Noora called Eva to help with tomatoes.

Noora hands Eskild a bear, but he asks for wine instead, which Vilde hands him. They cheer their glasses, and Eskild tells Vilde she has pretty eyes, while Noora and Sana observe from the kitchen. Eva is clueless on what to do with the tomatoes, and Chris sits by Vilde and Eskild a bit awkwardly.

Eskild then comments on Vilde's eye make-up to which Vilde defends Eva did it. Eskild says she shouldn't let Eva doe it because she's not very good at it. Eskild then makes a comment about Vilde not being a virgin anymore which Vilde excitingly confirms. When Vilde asks if he can tell, Eskild points out he can see it from her breasts. Vilde then allows him to look under her top. Meanwhile Eva calls Jonas, trying to figure out why his phone is turned off. Noora dodges another call from William.

Noora then urges to play some music, and Eskild says he will pick some music saying "Let's dance." to which Vilde excitingly agrees. Eskild then turns on the music as he looks to the other girls and says "It's Britney bitch." He starts dancing with Vilde, and Eva and Noora dance too. Soon everyone is dancing and having fun with little flags.

The party gets paused when William calls Vilde. Vilde is visibly upset when William tells her he wants to talk to Noora, and she passes on the phone. William then tells her he can't stop using Vilde if she doesn't answer her phone. William says they wouldn't have been in this situation had Noora kept her promise. Noora then pretends for the girls and Eskild that William asked for someone's number, saying she doesn't have it. Vilde asks whose number, and that maybe she has it. William then tells Noora to go on a date with him like she promised and he will stop using Vilde. Noora agrees, before passing the phone back to Vilde.

He tells her the party is cancelled because Chris' parents came home and Vilde calls it a shame saying she understands. Chris asks if they can't come along to the party at Elvebakken, but Eva says Jonas doesn't answer because he turned off his phone. Eskild then says they should at least dance and have a party. Vilde asks whose number William wanted, but Noora gets saved by Eskild turning on the music and dancing with Vilde again. He even tries to kiss her, and Vilde asks him if he isn't gay before they continue dancing. Noora receives a text from William, arranging their date next Friday at 7PM, and he will pick her up. The scene fades into "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga.


  • On Monday Noora text about Noora barging into Eskild's room and finding the condom.
  • On Tuesday the girl squad talk about "Penetrators 2016", the russ song from The Penetrators.
    • Before this, at school, Noora & William text about the date Noora owed him.
  • On Thursday, the girls discuss the pregame at The Kollektiv.

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City of Satan Turbonegro Opening shots of Oslo, over into Nissen where Sara and Isak make out in the form room.
The Girl from Ipanema Amy Winehouse Noora in the kollektiv kitchen whilst cooking
Circle of Life Elton John Song in Eskild's room when Noora barges into his room
Gimme More Britney Spears Eskild with the girl squad in the Kollektiv kitchen
Bad Romance Lady Gaga Ending scene


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