Season 1, Episode 9, titled Man er det man gjør (English: You are what you do), is the ninth episode of Skam.


Eva gets a threatening letter, and Vilde decides to leave the bus crew. Eva is thinking about changing to another school, while trying to find out who wrote the letter.



  • Hvordan Person (English: )
Monday November 23, 2015 (7.28AM)

Eva is at school early morning and opens a locker to find a letter from the 'Rad Girls' which has a message in period blood on the back. Eva then drops the letter and rushes to the bathroom, where she hears Vilde throwing up. They greet each other and Eva says she was right, and that the Rad girls are after the entire bus. Vilde then says she's no longer on the bus anyways, and when Eva asks why, Vilde says "Why would I be on a bus that's blacklisted where everyone hates me."

Eva says nobody hates her, and Vilde says Sana made it pretty clear. Vilde says she's back with the Pepsi Max girls. As Vilde is about to leave, Eva says she wants her to know she's not the type of person who steals other people's boyfriends. Vide then asks her what kind of person she is, to which Eva goes silent.

  • Chill
Tuesday November 24, 2015 (6.32PM)

Eva is looking at a video from Foss-school, considering transfering and e-mailing about transfering in the middle of the school year. She then gets a skype call from Isak, who asks her why she wasn't at school today. He says it's unfair that she gets this much hate, and Eva says she decided to change schools. Isak asks why, and Eva says it's because everything is fucked at Nissen. Isak replies "Okay" and says it's not typically her. Eva asks what he means, and Isak says she's not the type of person to just give up.

Eva asks what all the bullshit is about what person she is, saying she might be a person who gives up, but that she doesn't know. She asks him how he would know what kind of person she is. She says that everyone is asking her that cliche question. Isak tells her to chill, and apologizes that he didn't mean it like that. He says it's actually not that complicated, saying it's just what people do. He says if she wants to change schools because things are a bit fucked up, then she's someone who gives up. Eva says she's not five years old and says reversed psychology doesn't work on her. He tells her she has to fight back.

  • Klamydiaepidemi (English: )
Wednesday November 25, 2015 (1.30PM)

Eva walks on to the school yard with the letter, and gathers the courage to confront the Rad girls. Marie, the bus chef, asks her if there's something and Eva introduces herself. She says she is thè Eva, which she doesn't seem to understand. Eva says she got their letter, that she knows she fucked up, but that it's not fair to blacklist her entire bus because her friends didn't do anything. She tells them to take her, not them. Maria tells her to say hi to her friends and that they won't "take" them, saying they have more important things to do then to blacklist first years.

Eva asks what's up with the letter, and Maria says they didn't send the letter and that someone is fucking with them. Eva asks them if they're not pissed she hooked up with Chris, and Maria says she doesn't give a shit who she's hooked up with. Eva asks even Iben's boyfriend, and Marie says yes. She explains that in Eva's head the hook up seems very important and that it's the most dramatic thing she's done in her life's story, but that for them it's just a little comma. She suggests Eva accepts those terms.

Maria then takes some pity on her and tells her to relax, saying Eva is a first year and that she shouldn't cre because she'll hook up a lot. She tells her not to sleep around because there is a difference. Maria says they had a chlamydia-epidemic in their first year, and the rad girls start discussing who started it. Eva stands there for a while, and then walks away.

  • Slem (English: )
Thursday November 26, 2015 (1PM)

Eva walks up to Noora and Sana in the library, where Sana states that the answer key is wrong because she is right. Noora then greets Eva, and Eva tells them the Rad Girls aren't after them. Sana jokes that she can now finally breathe again. Noora says it's Vilde who cares about that stuff though. Eva announces Vilde is no longer on their bus, an Eva tells them what Vilde said. Sana then says something's wrong, pointing out how Vilde was mean at the meeting, and that Vilde isn't a mean person. Sana and Eva look surprised by Sana saying that, and Noora asks if she just defended Vilde. Sana says there's something wrong and that they, as her friends, should pay attention more.

Eva then says she feels she owes them an explenation about the Ingrid situation. She says she doesn't have one however, and she says she knows she should have done things differently. Noora tells her to save her speech for Ingrid, but Sana says Eva doesn't owe Ingrid shit. She says Ingrid was sucking up to Iben while she hooked up with Chris herself. Sana then adds she thinks it was Ingrid who sent the letter.

Eva asks what she means, and she asks if Ingrid hooked up with Chris. Sana says she saw it, and Eva asks if she's kidding, and that she only told her now. Sana says she thought she told her before.

  • Ikke Noe Mer Dritt (English: )
Friday November 27, 2015 (1.50PM)

Eva waits outside of Ingrid's classroom and says they have to talk, unless Ingrid wants Eva to tell Iben that she also hooked up with Chris. Ingrid gives in at that, and Eva drags her to the restroom. She says she knows Ingrid doesn't want to listen, but she has to.

Eva says they will have to go to the same school for the next three years and that Ingrid can't continue trying to block her out, throw shit or sent threat letters. Eva tells her to hear her out, when Ingrid wants to interrupt. She then starts talking about their friendship, how she moved from Bergen in 7th grade and that nobody wanted to be her friend. She says Ingrid did, and that she remember how proud and lucky she was that the most popoular girl in class wanted to be friends with her.

Eva says she always looked up to Ingrid, and she calls her the best friend she ever had. Eva says the thought of ehr destroying that makes her feel more than sick. She says it made her stop like herself as a person, but she says she can't keep regretting it the rest of her life. She points out it wasn't good with Ingrid and Jonas, that she wanted to break up. Eva says she knows it's not an excuse but she loved him. She says she wishes if she could do it all over again completely different, but she can't. She says she's going to accept it and move on.

She then says she will say it one last time, and she apologizes for lying behind her back and ruining their friendship. She says Ingrid didn't deserve it, and Eva wipes her tears. She then says Ingrid shouldn't like her or that they should be friends, but she can't stand any threat letters.

Ingrid agree to no more shit, but says she didn't send a threat letter. She states she barely knew Iben when she hooked up with Chris at the Halloween party. The door then opens and Iben appears, so Ingrid leaves when Iben lashes out. Eva stops her, saying she has serious issues and that she can't jump on people. She states Iben is together with the school's biggest douche and that she deals with it by jumping people and sending threat letters.

Eva says she has a suggestion, which is that Iben breaks up with Chris because he is a fucking asshole. Eva then says she didn't mean it like that, and Iben says she's fine because she knows it's true. Eva says she just thinks she deserves better, and that anyone deserves better than that. Iben says she loves him though, and Eva says he might change, but Iben shakes her head, indicating he won't.

Eva then points out that it was good that he told her about cheating, and Iben frowns. She says he didn't tell her. Eva says people told her that her boyfriend told Iben. Iben then says it wasn't her boyfriend who tipped her off. Eva then asks what she means, explaining her boyfriend didn't even know. Iben says he must have known because he sent the tips via DM to NissenHook. Iben says that's how she found out. Iben then says it was the little blonde guy she's always with, Isak, asking Eva if he's not her boyfriend. Eva asks if Isak sent the tips, and Iben nods, saying she thought she knew.


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You are what you do
Isak to Eva



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Fire Water Burn Bloodhound Gang Eva in the schoolyard, before she approaches the RAD girls
Abandon Window Jon Hopkins Eva confronts Ingrid
In Your Face Die Antwoord Eva finds out the truth


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  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of The Rad Girls.

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