Season 1, Episode 8, titled Hele skolen hater meg (English: The whole school hates me), is the eighth episode of Skam. 


Everyone knows about what happened on Halloween, and the entire school is gossiping about Eva. Jonas won't talk to her, and on top of things, Vilde finds out about her past. William starts to show interest for Noora.



  • Føkke opp alt som er fint (English: )

Saturday November 14, 2015 (11.32AM)

Eva is in her room trying to call Jonas, but he doesn't pick up. She texts him, asking him to answer. Isak then knocks on her window and Eva asks if he talked to him. Isak says he did, and suggests they go sit down. Isak explains Jonas isn't very happy, and Eva says Jonas has to talk to her and let her explain. Isak says Jonas needs a little bit space. Eva then asks how he found out, and Isak explains the entire school is talking about it. Eva asks how specifically he found out, and Isak says it was through Elias.

Eva then asks if he just believed it, and Isak says that it was true. Eva then says she doesn't understand how he can believe a rumor without talking to her first. Isak says Jonas said he should've know already, because Eva had been acting a bit random and that maybe it just made sense. Eva then reads Jonas' text, saying he doesn't think they should talk now. Eva texts back that he has to let her explain. Jonas replies saying if they talk now he might say things he'll regret. He suggests he calls her when he's ready to hear her explanation on why she chose to fuck things up between them. Eva then starts crying and Isak goes over to hug her, telling it will be okay. Eva shakes her head, and Isak insists it will be okay.

  • Pisse på hele livet
Monday November 16, 2015 (11.59AM)

Eva walks on to the school yard and she sees Jonas talking to Elias and Iak. Elias and Isak both notice her, but Jonas ignores her when Elias tells him, and the boys go inside instead. Eva is left on the schoolyard when Vilde and Noora walk outside. Eva walks up to them and Noora hugs her. Vilde asks how she's doing, saying that if she was in her situation she would be really upset. Eva claims she's okay. Vilde says she overheard conversations saying it was Iben who told everyone. Eva asks if Chris said anything. Vilde then says lots of people call her slutty now, to which Noora stops her. Vilde says she's just saying the truth, and Vilde says there's a rumor that Eva is blacklisted. When Eva asks what that means, Vilde says she doesn't know but that another girl got her hair cut last year.

They then notice Ingrid, Sara and Laura talking to Iben. Ingrid says "Good job, Eva." and Noora replies with 'Excuse me' to which Ingrid says it's sweet Noora is defending her friends. Ingrid then says she'll like to continue that until Eva pisses on her entire life, at which point she would stop being so charming. Vilde asks what Ingrid meant by that, asking if her and Ingrid were friends. Eva admits they were, a long time ago. Vilde asks what she meant with the last part, and Eva says she doesn't know but Vilde insists that there has to be something. Eva says Ingrid probably just said it to create drama, sounding a bit angry.

  • Noen fitter i 2.
Tuesday November 17, 2015 (4.29PM)

Eva arrives home, texting Isak asking how long it'll take for Jonas to talk to her. Isak says he doesn't know. Eva then walks to the living room, while texting Isak that Jonas seems just as mad. When Eva asks what Jonas has been saying, Isak says he hasn't talked about her. Eva then nocies her Eva asks what she's doing home, and her mom explains she came home because she was told Eva was in a fight. Eva says she could have spared that, and her mom says no because she then also found out she failed math for her Christmas grade. Eva says those grades don't count, and her mom asks what happens. Eva says nothing did, and that some girls just attacked her. Her mom asks if they did it unprovoked and Eva lies she did. Her mom then asks who they are and Eva says they're just some girls from second year.

Eva then says she can't handle the conversation and her mom says that she has to but Eva interrupts her saying she actually doesn't. She tells her mom she can't be gone all year and then suddenly start meddling in her life, saying it doesn't work like that. Her mom says she wants to help and Eva says that if she does she should stop yelling at her. Eva blurts out how the entire school hates her, how Jonas wants to break up and that the last thing she wants us to come home an have her mom bitch at her. Her mom asks about Jonas, implying she knows who he is, and Eva says she knows who Jonas is.

  • Drittsek
Wednesday November 18, 2015 (2.28PM)

Eva and Noora are sitting on the bench and Noora talks about Vilde's obsession with Russ. Eva notices Jonas and Isak down the road. Noora asks if Jonas hasn't called yet, and Eva shakes her head. Noora says Eva doesn't have to wait until he is ready to talk, saying Eva has the right to explain herself. Noora then thinks of a way to improve Noora's mood and makes Eva promise not to tell anyone and that it's between them. Noora then puts on Justin Bieber's "Baby" and sings along with it, making Eva smile. She stops singing when William walks up to them, and joins them on the bench. He makes a comment about Justin Bieber and Noora explains she usually doesn't listen to them, and then says she doesn't have to explain herself to him. William looks at her, and Noora asks if there's something she wants. William then asks her if she wants to go with him and do homework.

Noora says "Excuse me, Wilhelm." and William corrects her on his name to which Noora replies 'That pretty much asnwers the question, don't you think?'. Noora points out she doesn't even know his name and WIlliam says she can call him what she wants. Noora says she will call him asshole then. Noora asks him if he thinks that's funny. He then asks her if she's coming, again, and Noora says she thought she was clear, but no.

William then gets up and tells her to let him know when she changes her mind. She tells him to go home and wait for it. William then drives off, and Noora says "Who does he think he is." Eva then asks why she called him Wilhelm, and Noora says it's a surpression technique she saw on Suits. She claims she's always wanted to use it. Noora asks if Eva is impressed, and Eva says she is mainly surprised that she both watches Suits and listens to Justin Bieber. Noora asks if that was a joke, saying it's good she's joking. They then get a text from Vilde about the bus meeting, and Noora points out it's funny it's called extraordinary bus meeting because they have so many ordinary meetings.

  • Svarte-listet (English: Blacklisted)
Thursday November 19, 2015 (3.01PM)

Eva and the girls are talking about the toilet paper. Vilde then enters, and Sana asks how long the meeting is going to take because she has somewhere else to be. Vilde wastes no time and says that, as everyone knows, Eva is blacklisted due to the incident at the halloween party. She says she got an unpleasant phonecall from the Rad-girls that as long as Eva is part of their bus, everyone is blacklisted. Noora laughs a little, and Vilde says she can laugh but that it's very serious, recalling an incident from last year with another bus.

Sana points out they don't have a bus and Vilde says they could do other things, and that those things sometimes go very far. Sana says they can try. Vilde then says they have to talk about it because it's unfair they should all become unpopular because of Eva being slutty. Noora then says it's interesting that Vilde, who calls herself a feminist, calls other girls slutty. Vilde says that it's not true, and that she thinks Chris is also slutty and that it's unfair that he doesn't have the reputtion when he is just as much as fault. But she says that the double standard is not her fault either.

Noora then explains that Chris doesn't have that reputation because guys don't go around calling other guys sluts. So if you think it's unfair you have to stop calling other girls sluts. She says that if Vilde thinks it's unfair, she has to stop calling girls sluts. Vilde then tells her not to yell at her and that she wasnt done talking. She says it's not the only reason Eva is slutty, and that there is more.

Eva freezes at that, and Vilde goes on to explain that Eva ruined a relationship before, and Eva says it's something between her and Ingrid. Vilde says it's not that simply, because Ingrid told Iben and the other girls. Vilde says what Eva did affects all of them as girls. Sana then asks what they're talking about, and Vilde says Eva was best friends with Ingrid. She talks about how Ingrid had a boyfriend in 9th great and they were the sweetest couple in the entire school. We find out that said boyfriend was Jonas, through flashbacks. Vilde then talks of how before summer in 10th grade, he started to behave strangely and Ingrid became sad. She goes on to talk about how Eva comforted Ingrid like nothing was wrong, while she knew why Jonas was acting strange because Eva was dating Jonas behind Ingrid's back. Vilde announces Jonas and Ingrid used to be a couple.

Vilde then tells Eva she herself is to blame for the situation she is in now, because it's messed up to steal your best friend's boyfriend. Noora says you can't steal anyone. Vilde asks her if she wants a friend who hooks up with boyfriend, and Noora says she prefers it over a friend who calls other girls sluts based on rumors. Vilde says it's not a rumor, and tells them to ask Eva. Sana they says she doesn't know why Vilde is attacking Eva when the riot girls are the enemy. She then says the Rad girls can try to come for them, and that they'll get them back.

Vilde says that might be how it's in her Muslim gangster worls, but for the rest of them that's not how it works. Noora gets up and leaves, saying she can't listen to this, while Sana asks what Vilde means. Vilde calls Sana psycho for throwing water in Ingrid's face, calling Sana crazy. Sana then gets up and walks over to Vilde. Sana then explains she did that because the Pepsi Max girls called Vilde a slut for hooking up with William. Sana says in her 'Muslim gangster world' you don't judge your friends, but you stand up for them no matter what. Sana then leaves too, and Vilde says it would be nice had Chris defended her. Vilde then leaves the room too, and Chris remains behind with Eva.

  • Jeg Elsker Deg (English: I love you)
Friday November 20, 2015 (2.33PM)

Eva goes over to Jonas' house but he doesn't answer the doorbell when she does. She then decides to go over to the skatepark, where she finds him skating by himself. He then notices her too, and stops at the other side of the skatepark, sitting down so they can talk. Eva walks over to him, and sits down next to him.

Jonas says he's listening, and Eva starts off by saying she didn't hook up with Chris because she liked him, and that she never did. She says she did it because she thought he and Ingrid were together. Jonas asks her if that's her explanation. Jonas calls it ironic because he took so much shit from her accusing him of cheating while it was her who was unfaithful, which he had to find out from Elias.

Eva then states that it was him who lied to her first, saying he wasn't with Ingrid but he was. She explains again that she hooked up with Chris because she was hurt, and that it never would have happened had Jonas not lied to her first. Jonas then asks if it's his fautl then, and Eva says that's not what she meant.

Eva says she's trying to explain why she did it, saying she fucked up. She apologizes and she says she wishes she never did it. She then tells him she loves him, and Jonas looks over at her. He then asks her why she cheated just because she thought he was doing so. Eva apologizes again.

Jonas then says that it's not about infedelity or lies, but it's about him not understanding who she is. He says that in middle school she was friends with Sara and Ingrid, and he was dating Ingrid and then Eva wanted to be with him. He says now she has new friends who dig third year guys, and suddenly she wants to be with them all the time. He says Eva just follows what other people think is exciting, and that she doesn't have her own opinion. He asks her what she really likes, and who she really is.

Eva starts crying, and Jonas tells her to call him when she has found out. He then gets up and leaves, leaving Eva behind on her own.


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The whole school hates me
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Hide and Seek Imogen Heap Eva walks onto the school yard and sees Jonas with Elias and Isak
Baby Justin Bieber Noora tries to cheer up Eva. William approaches in the background
Lett Å Være Rebell I Kjellerleiligheten Din Karpe Diem The song in William's car when he drives away
Lover, Where Do You Live? Highasaskite Eva at the skatepark


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