Season 1, Episode 7, titled Tenker alltid det er meg det er noe gale med (English: I always think it's me there's something wrong with), is the seventh episode of Skam. 


After kissing Christoffer on Halloween Eva feels guilty, and asks Isak for advice. Meanwhile, Noora wants Vilde to stand up for herself and stop caring about William, after he starts ignoring her for other girls.



  • Hvem hooka du med? (English: Who did you hook up with?)
Monday November 9, 2015 (11.32AM)

Eva and the girls are in the cafeteria, where Vilde is talking about russ themes while sorting around her food. She is ranting, and Noora asks her what she's doing with her plate. Vilde says she's sorting her salad, and Noora says it's sorted now, so Vilde starts to eat. Noora then says they should talk about William and Sara hooking up, asking Vilde if she is sad. Vilde says she isn't sad because it was a hook up party and everyone hooked up. She goes to tell a story about some people who hooked up. She mentions Chris hooked up with someone, which causes Eva to freeze. She tries to act casual, asking who she hooked up with. Vilde says she doesn't know but that she knows he did. 

Jonas and Isak then walk up to them and Eva greets him enthusiastically with kissing. She asks him what he's going to do, and when Jonas says he's going skating, Eva asks if she can join. Meanwhile Chris is looking at Isak, and Isak looks back awkwardly. He waves equally awkward when Jonas leaves, and Eva tells him he loves him. Chris then asks if Isak is single, saying she felt some electric chemistry between them.

  • Jævlig menneske (English: )

Monday November 9, 2015 (2.40PM)

Eva joins the boys at the skatepark, watching Jonas as he skates. Isak joins her on the bench, and he points out things seem to be going good with her and Jonas again. Eva says they are, and Isak asks if she doesn't want to say why. Eva says they just talked stuff out. He then looks at her, and Eva sighs, knowing she's going to tell Isak. She tells him she fucked up badly, and Isak asks her what she did. Eva tells him if she tells him this, she can't say anything to Jonas. Isak promises, and Eva says it could ruin their relationship. Isak says he won't tell anyone, and that she can trust him.

He then asks her what she did. Eva mentions how she thought there was something between Jonas, and that she asked Ingrid. Eva says there was something with them, and when Isak asks 'Seriously?', Eva explains there was a reason for it. She says Ingrid didn't tell her the reason and that she was pissed an sad. She admits she then hooked up with Chris. Isak assumes the wrong Chris, and Eva clarifies she hooked up with Christoffer from 3rd year. Eva curses. 

Isak then asks if it was just hooking, nothing more and Eva says it wasn't. Isak said it could have been worse if there was more than just hooking, if it had meant something. He then says Eva was just angry. Eva says she was, but that it feels shit not to tell Jonas. Isak then says if he had a girlfriend who hooked up with someone else, he wouldn't want to know. Isak states that things like that fuck up a relationship, and that she doesn't have to say anything if it meant nothing. 

Isak then says she looks more in love with him now then before, so that maybe it was a good thing. He says it was just a hook-up and that things will be okay as long as no one knows. He says it'll be fine as long as it doesn't come from someone else, especially Chris. Isak assures her things will be okay. Eva thanks him, and Isak asks what for, and Eva says he knows. She hugs him and they both look over at Jonas

  • Levende trofé (English: Living trophy)

Tuesday November 10, 2015 (1.40PM)

Eva is ascending the stairs when she sees Vilde, and she asks her about hearing Chris hooked up with someone at the halloween party. Vilde says she just heard it, and Eva asks who said it. Vilde then says it might have been Robin who hooked up, because Chris has a girlfriend. Vilde then asks if Eva likes Chris, and she goes on to say how perfect it would be if she dated William and Eva dated Chris. Noora then descends the stairs to walk up to them. Vilde says it was just a suggestion.

Noora then tells her she can't wear the sweater and think she'll be together with William. She goes to point out other girls who have also slept with William. When Vilde says she can't know that, Noora says it's marked on their sweater who they slept with, after Vilde says there are many guys on their bus. Noora says she's walking around like a living trophy now, and says she needs to forget about William, give him back the sweater, and take back her integrity. Eva says William is a loser, and not her. Vilde then says she knows one is to think it's his fault when a guy doesn't like you, but she wonders how people think that. She says she keeps thinking it's her that something is wrong with, and Noora hugs her. 

  • Marijuana

Wednesday November 11, 2015 (6.40PM)

Eva is in her room and she decides to call Chris to talk about keeping their hook-up a secret. Chris picks up, but in that moment Jonas knocks on the door and Eva goes to open the window for him to climb in. Eva texts Chris saying she will call him back. Eva then asks Jonas what he's doing there, and Jonas asks what she means. She then goes to greet him with a kiss. Jonas asks what she was doing Eva says she was just reading. Eva's phone then rings, and she says she was reading Elle. Jonas asks if she's not going to answer the call.

She picks up the phone from Chris, and pretends it's her mom by saying she can't talk because she has a visitor. Chris asks her what game she's playing, laughing. Eva says she will call aftrewards, and Chris agrees but he keeps her on the phone for another moment. Eva then texts Chris saying it's important they don't tell anyone about their hook-up.

Jonas then points out Eva said she had a 'visitor' ans asks if she hasn't told her mom yet that they were together. Eva counters saying he had the chance to meet her but chose to smoke marijuana with Ingrid's brother. Jonas laughs, and when Eva asks what it is, Jonas says it's sweet that she calls it marijuana. Eva then receives a text from Chris saying he'll keep his mouth shut,telling her not to worry.

Eva then joins Jonas on the bed, and she asks what's so sweet about calling it like that, because that's what it's called. Jonas says old people call it that way, and Eva says she's a little older and smarter than him. Eva asks him what he says about drugs, and Jonas says they just call it greens or something. Eva says it's the same and that it's not good for him. Jonas says he's perfectly fine, and says according to her logic Eva would be an alcoholic because she drinks alcohol. Eva says you can't compare the two, and Jonas asks if he's a junkie for trying it sometimes. Eva asks how many times, and Jonas says he doesn't know. She asks him if he's awak all night, and then asks him if he can stop for her sake. They kiss, and Jonas says he can do everything for her sake.  

  • Minderverdighetskomplekser (English: )
Thursday November 12, 2015 (1.20PM)

The girls are on the benches talking about uggs, when Vilde walks up with the sweater. She says she decided what she's going to tell William. When Sana asks what they're talking about, and Vilde replies with 'My integrity' Sana says that she doesn't have any. Noora then asks Vilde what she's going to say. Vilde says she will explain how she will not be treated like this, and then return the sweater. Sana says she can't do that, because now they're finally in with the Penetrators and this would fuck everything up. Vilde says it's Sana who says that, after Sana ruined things for all first years the first time they were invited to a party. Sana says there was a good reason for that.

Noora then says it's good that Vilde will tell William she will not be treated like crap. Sana says she can't go and tell him, saying it's better to be completely cool. Noora says it's possible to be cool and speak up. Vilde the points out William across the schoolyard, and Noora asks herif he's going to do it now, when he's with his friends. Vilde says she doesn't give a shit who he's with.

Vilde then walks up to William and hands him the sweater. She says that if he thinks she's going to walk around like a living trophy, he is terribly wrong. She tells him not to play dumb and that he knows what she means with girls walking aroun with the sweater. William interrupts her by asking what her name is, and when Vilde replies, he tells her to breathe in deeply. He says there is a little bit of miscommunication, and that it's certainly his fault. He tells her that if she thinks he sees her as a living trophy, she is wrong, because she is not good enough.

The other girls have their mouths dropped as Vilde just bows her head and walks off. Noora then stops in, and looks at William. She then says "What happened that made you have such a large inferiority complex, that you have to piss on the feelings of a first year girl for you to feel cool? Were you never validated as a child, or did mommy never compliment your drawings? Or did daddy never come to any of your graduations? You didn't have hair on your dick in seventh grade and you were bullied for it? Anyway, you seriously have to get over it and start behaving like a human. Stop walking around like a fucking cliché." Noora then walks off too, and the girls follow after her, walking past William and his friends.

  • Jævla hore (English: Fucking whore)
Friday November 13, 2015 (2.02PM)

Eva and Jonas are walking hand-in-hand across the schoolyard when Jonas says he has to leave for Norwegian. They kiss, and Eva doesn't want him to leave but Jonas insists that he has to. Eva then joins her friends, and tells Noora she was awesome yesterday. Eva asks William how she's doing. Vilde says she's completely over William. She says nobody cares about her and William anymore because everyone's thinking about the rumor surrounding Chris. Eva asks what rumor, and Vilde says Chris hooked up with someone and Iben found out, saying she went phsycho. Eva says Vilde said it wasn't Chris, and Sana says it was because she saw it, on the staircase.

The girls then notice Iben behind Eva and when Eva turns around, Iben hits her in the face. A fight breaks out, and two guys have to step in to break if off. Iben is pulled aside, and she calls Eva a fucking whore before walking off.


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I always think it's me there's something wrong with
Vilde to Eva and Noora about William



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Shame On a Nigga Wu-Tang Clan Eva watches Jonas at the skatepark
Strong London Grammar Jonas and Eva talking in bed
Bossy Kelis (feat Too $hort) William tells Vilde she is not good enough, Noora steps in and tears William down.
Baby's On Fire Die Antwoord Iben hits Eva and a fight starts in the schoolyard


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