Season 1, Episode 6, titled Man vet når gutter lyver (English: You know when a boy is lying), is the sixth episode of Skam.


Eva suspects that Jonas is cheating on her with her former friend Ingrid, and meets Isak to talk about it. Vilde reveals details about her and William, and later, the girls go to a Halloween party Christoffer invited them to.



  • Alternative Three
Sunday October 25, 2015 (2.42PM)

Eva is waiting for Isak at a café, and when he gets there he greets her. He points out she seems sad, but Eva assures him that she isn't. Eva says she got coffee for him. Isak then asks what they're talking about, and Eva says nothing. She says she thought it was just nice to have coffee. She asks him what he did at the weekend, and Isak explains that his mom had her birthday. Eva asks him if he was just home then, and Isak asks if something happened on Friday. Eva states she just wanted to know what he did.

Isak squints his eyes at her, and Eva realizes he knows that's not it. Eva then admits she thinks Jonas was with Ingrid, and she asks if he knows anything about it. Isak says he doesn't, and asks why she thinks that. Eva explains she talked on the phone with him and she heard a voice in the background. Isak asks if she asked him, and Eva says he claimed it was his sister. Isak says maybe it was, and Eva states that she was friends with Ingrid for years, and that she knows her voice.

Isak advises her to say that to him. Eva says she has but that he got really mad and say she didn't trust him. Isak sighs and then asks Eva why she's with him. Eva asks what he means. Isak says Jonas is his bro, but wonders why Eva is together with someone she doesn't trust. Eva asks him if he thinks she should trust him. Isak says she could choose alternative three, which is asking Ingrid.

  • Fuck You
Monday October 26, 2015 (2.15PM)

Eva, Vilde and Noora are sitting in the school yard while Jonas and Isak are on the other side of it. Ingrid and Sara are also on the schoolyard, talking. Eva is looking at them, while Vilde talks about meeting William again soon, saying she thinks they have something going on but the age difference is quite sick. Vilde says William told her she is really special and Vilde states she's ready for it.

Jonas looks over at Eva and they have a conversation with lots of frowns. Jonas then texts her to smile, and Eva replies with 'Smile yourself.' Jonas replies saying he is, so Eva puts on a forced smile too. Meanwhile Vilde describes having an orgasm. She says she knows why everyone does, with William, and she tells Noora William was big.

Meanwhile Eva and Jonas are texting, and Jonas says she's mad. Jonas then tells her to text him when she's no longer harsh.

Noora tells her she can't go around telling people about his dick, and when Vilde asks why not, Noora mentions it's his most vulnerable body part. Vilde states it wasn't that vulnerable, and that he probably talks about her body to his friends. Vilde states girls should be able to do that too, claiming she supports equality and feminism. Noora then explains size doesn't have anything to do with orgasms and that just because guys are fools, they don't have to be fools as well. Noora says it doesn't have anything to do with equality at all. Noora asks if it was good then, saying that is the most important. Vilde says it was, but that there is one thing though. She mentions how nobody tells you it practically runs out again. Eva then asks her if they didn't use a condom, and Vilde explains William said he doesn't tend to use one.

They then hear noise from the other side of the school yard, where Sana and Chris appear with hooverboards. They ride all over the school yard, and then roll up to the girls. Vilde asks where they got them from, and Sana says it's from fetching her toilet paper. Vilde says she has to have a payment first, and Sana explains that's not how it works. Sana explains her contact has to receive payment from his people first, before Vilde can pay her people. Sana then asks if Vilde thinks MasterCard works without people.

William and his friends then walk by, but he greets Vilde coldly. Eva and Chris have a warmer greeting, and Chris invites them to the Halloween party on Friday. Eva says maybe, but Vilde says they're coming. Eva says goodbye to Chris, and then looks over at Jonas.

  • Lyver ikke (English: )
Tuesday October 27, 2015 (3.30PM)

Eva and Jonas are at the busstop and when Jonas leans in for a kiss, Eva says he stinks of smoke. Jonas asks what's up, and when Eva doesn't answer says "This doesn't bother him." Eva then says she thinks there's something between him and Ingrid. Jonas asks if she still thinks so, and Eva says she knows she heard her voice on the phone. Jonas explains again that it was his sister talking in the background. Eva asks why Thea would do that, and Jonas explains she did because she thought it was their mom. Eva then asks if his mother wasn't home, saying he told her he was helping his mom. Jonas explains she came home later which is why he called. Eva asks him why he's lying, and Jonas says he's not.

Eva then says it's not working, and Jonas asks what she means. He asks if she wants to take a break. Eva says that's what he wants, and Jonas says he doesn't. He says she has to stop being so insecure all the time. He asks her what's up with her and he says he wants to talk to her. They then have a discussion in the street, in which Eva asks him to just admit it. The discussion seems to calm down after a while. They hold hands and kiss before hugging each other and then they continue walking down the street.

  • Einstein
Thursday October 29, 2015 (2.30PM)

Eva and the girls are in the bathroom where Chris asks how things are going with alcohol for the halloween party. Vilde says she messaged William to get it for them. Chris asks if he can, but Vilde says he hasn't replied yet because he has a lot of stuff to do and so much to think about. She states they haven't talked properly since last time. She says they stay in contact through snapchat, and explains she sent William a topless picture because William likes confident girls. When Eva asks what he replied, Vilde says she didn't but he took a screenshot.

Sana then steps in and tells her that William is not interested. Eva asks how she knows, and Sana says he didn't reply to a topless picture... Vilde then says that in "The Game" it states boys don't reply in order to make girls more interested. Sana says she should stop reading the game and start reading "He's just not that into you."

Vilde asks why Sana is always so mean, and then leaves the restroom. When the girls all look at Sana, she argues that they are her friends and if they can't tell her the truth, then who will? Sana says Vilde is sending topless guys to a guy who is lying to sleep with her. She says it's mean. Eva then argues that she can't know if he's lying, and Sana says he doesn't seem like the most trustworthy guy. Eva then says they can't go around saying people are lying without proof, and she says sometimes you have to trust people. Sana replies saying everyone knows guys lie, and Eva asks how she does, to which Sana replies that their stories are inconsistent. She adds that guys get mad when you ask, and that they get a bad conscience afterwards and they start drawing you in copliments. She says "Wait and see, William will break her heart."

  • Halloween
Friday October 30, 2015 (8.30PM)

The girls are at the party with the Penetrators and the Pepsi Max girls. Vilde is dancing near William and Sara, who are getting cozy. Eva is drinking but doesn't want to dance. Eva then spots Ingrid, and gets a message from Jonas with lots of compliments. She then decides to go up to Ingrid and confront her. Ingrid thinks about it, and says that she was with Jonas last friday, yes. She then says "He didn't tell you." and both girls say "Fuck you." to one another.

Eva then texts Jonas saying Ingrid told her everything as she gets into one of the bedrooms. She starts crying and lies down on the bed. Chris then enters the room on the phone with someone. He says "Here you're sitting." and Eva replies a bit awkwardly. When he notices Jonas is calling he asks who he is. Eva replies saying he is her boyfriend, but shows she is conflicted and Chris asks if she's not certain he is her boyfriend. Eva says she is, but that they're having a fight.

Chris says "Fuck him if he's making such a nice girl cry." They then move closer and Eva kisses him. Things move along but Eva interrupts it. Iben then walks in mooments later, asking what he's doing, and Chris says he was consoling Eva who's fighting with her boyfriend. He asks her if she's met Eva, and Chris introduces Iben as his girlfriend. Chris then says Iben is good with boyfriend trouble, and Chris leaves to give them some time.

Eva says it's fine and that she doesn't have to, but Iben says she knows what it's like. She tells Eva she is a first year, which is when people try to figure out who they are and they change a lot. Iben says people might not be the way you thought they were, and the same goes for boyfriends. Iben says her boyfriend in first year was an asshole who cheated on her five times without her knowing about it. Iben then says it gets better as you get older, and that it goes better between her and Chris because third year guys are mature. She states she can talk about everything with him and that she trusts him 110%. She adds that it's a more mature relationship.

Eva asks her if she's also in third year, and Iben says she's in second but a lot of stuff happens from first to second year. She advises Eva not to take relationships too seriously and to think of it as something temporary, not letting her boyfriend stand in her way. She then tries to cheer Eva up saying 'It's halloween, there's a really cool party there and you're sitting here like a sad ballerina. Eva smiles, and Iben says they will go out and have an awesome time. Eva says Iben is kind, but that she doesn't feel good so maybe she should go home. Iben asks if she's totally sure, and then hugs her, saying it'll get better.

Eva then leaves the room, gathering her things. She sees Vilde, who is looking at William and Sara making out. Eva then leaves the party and walks home. As she gets there, she sees Jonas sitting on her doorstep. Jonas comments on her black swan costume, and Eva makes a bow. She then goes to sit next to him. Jonas then says he can't handle them breaking up. He then admits that Ingrid's brother is a dealer. Eva asks dealer of what, and Jonas replies that he deals greens. Eva asks if he started smoking marijuana. Eva asks why, and Jonas says she's reacting like it's heroin. Eva points out that it's drugs and when he asks her if she thinks it's as dangerous as heroin, she says she does.

Jonas then says he was at Ingrid's brother's place to buy stuff last Friday, and that Ingrid showed up. He says he couldn't say anything to Eva because Ingrid lives there. Eva asks him why he didn't say anything to her, and Jonas points out her reaction just now. Jonas then says the point is there is nothing between him and Ingrid, and that there never will be anything again. He admits it was dumb to die, but that it hurt that she thought there was something. He says he trusts her 100% and says she should trust him too. He says he would never do anything that could destroy them, because it's them. Eva looks at him and nods, and then she leans on his shoulder. Jonas tells her not to cry, but Eva just has a guilty look on her face.


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You know when a boy is lying
Sana to Eva



Song Artist Scene
Insane In The Brain Cypress Hill Sana and Chris in the school yard on the hooverboards
I Fink U Freeky Die Antwoord Party-scene
5 Fine Frøkner Gabrielle Song at the party in the background as Eva sits down on the bed crying
Breakfast Le Le Party scene - Eva talks to Ingrid
Touch It Monifah Eva sees Vilde watching William and Sara. Eva leaves the party.
Varðeldur Sigur Rós Eva walks home.
Yfirborð Sigur Rós Credits song


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Notes and Trivia

  • Costumes at the Halloween party
    • Eva as Black Swan (from Swan Lake or Black Swan)
    • Noora as the Log Lady (from Twin Peaks)
    • Vilde as a cat
    • Sana as Vilde
    • Chris as a bloody tampon
    • William as Patrick Bateman (from American Psycho)
    • P-Chris as a vampire
    • Ingrid as a hippie
    • Sara as Minnie Mouse (from Disney)

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