Season 1, Episode 5, titled Hva er det som gjør deg kåt? (English: What makes you horny?), is the fifth episode of Skam.


Eva invites Jonas over for dinner to meet her mother. Meanwhile, Vilde is falling for William, and has decided she wants to have sex with him, so she and the girls go to the school doctor to get contraception.



  • Drama
Saturday October 17, 2015 (4.11PM)

Eva rings at Jonas' apartment and greets his sister, Thea, asking if Jonas is home. Eva then walks inside and goes to the living room, where Jonas is gaming with Isak, Elias and another friend. Jonas notices her and says 'hi' before Eva goes to sit on the edge of the couch. She asks what they're playing and Isak says they're playing Fifa. Jonas asks where her Russ crew is, asking if she didn't have a shit load to do. SHe says it's only 2 years and 7 months till Russetiden. Eva counters saying she's jealous because they're spending their time on more constructive things like playing games all day long. Jonas asks why she's angry now, and Eva says she isn't, telling her to have some humor. Jonas then gets up, saying he needs to talk to her and they move to the kitchen. Isak calls out after them saying 'Drama.'

Once in the kitchen, Jonas asks what's wrong. Eva asks what's wrong with them and Jonas says nothing is wrong. Eva then asks why he hasn't replied to her messages and he says he was busy. Eva asks if he's not mad she forgot about dinner last night, and Jonas says he's not. Jonas says he doesn't care, and when Eva asks if he doesn't care, Jonas tells her not to stress about it. They go back and forth with 'good, okay' and Eva then says she'll go. Jonas says she's welcome to stay but Eva says she has lots of stuff to do. Jonas kisses her and says he'll call her, and Eva then leaves.

  • Flink I senga (English: Good in bed)
Monday October 19, 2015 (3.11PM)

Eva is talking to Noora, explaining Jonas claims he's not pissed but she feels there is something he doesn't want to talk about it. Noora wonders if he might be pissed about not meeting her mom because Eva supposedly is embarrassed of him. Noora asks what the problem is with him meeting her mom.

Vilde then walks up to them and says Chris has to tell Sana she can't be on the bus anymore. Noora asks why and Vilde says she almost ruined their entire status and that Vilde had to fix it. Vilde says she had to explain to the penetrators that they don't usually create a lot of drama. Vilde claims it's important what they think of them.

Noora then states maybe it wasn't Sana's fault, and Vilde claims that Sana is rude. Eva then says that Sara and Ingrid aren't the nicest people in the world either. Vilde says she knows them well and that they aren't girls to start drama.

Vilde then gets a text from William and Eva asks what the deal is with them. Vilde says she think they'll sleep together. Noora asks Vilde if she shouldn't get to know him a little better first. Vilde asks why, saying he's perfect, and says she wants her first time to be with the most handsome, coolest '97 guy rather than someone basic. She says you remember your first time for the rest of your life, and Noora asks about his first time. Vilde ignores that, and then says she also heard William is really, really good in bed. She states that you usually don't get an orgasm the first time, but with William, you do. Vilde says she heard of 5 girls who did.

When neither Eva or Noora seem very impressed, Vilde exclaims she's doing it for them too, because it will guarantee that they'll get to party on their bus. She then says she was wondering something, and asks if she can borrow the pill. Noora says you can't borrow the pil, and Vilde says it's not just one but maybe for a week or something. She asks the girls if they have it. Noora says she doesn't, and Eva says she doesn't either. Vilde asks if Eva and Jonas don't have sex, and Eva explains she has a NuvaRing, and that Vilde doesn't want to borrow that one. Vilde asks where she got it, and Eva explains she got it at the doctor. Vilde says it's so much stress, and asks if she can't order it online or something.

Noora says she should just go to the school doctor, and Vilde asks if they would come with her because it's weird to go there alone. Noora says it will be less weird without them, but Eva says that they'll come, of course. Vilde then gets another message from William.

  • Fått meg kjæreste (English: )
Wednesday October 21, 2015 (00.35AM)

Eva walks up the stairs in the middle of the night and joins her mom on the couch, explaining she can't sleep. Her mom says she's just doing work, and Eva leans on her shoulder. Her om points out it's no wonder her grades are going down if she doesn't sleep. Eva says she certainly won't sleep if they're going to talk about grades. Her mom then asks about Ingrid and Sara, and Eva asks why she has to be interrogating and asking like that. Her mom replies saying it was just a normal question. Eva then lies, saying they're doing well.

Eva then announces she has a boyfriend, and her mom asks who it is. Eva doesn't answer directly when she asks who it is, but suggests she could meet him before she leaves again. Eva says they could invite him for dinner, and after asking when she leaves again, Eva says they could invite him over Friday night. Her momo comments it's nice that she has a boyfriend.

  • Pult (English: Fucked)
Wednesday October 21, 2015 (1.15PM)

Eva and Jonas are making out at school when Noora walks up to them. She greets Eva, and Eva introduces Noora and Jonas to each other, after Noora made a comment about Jonas and Eva being on good terms again. Noora then says they have to go to the appointment with the school doctor, and Eva asks about Vilde to which Noora replies she will meet them there. Jonas asks why they're going to the school doctor, and Noora states they're helping a friend to get laid.

Jonas frowns a bit, and wishes them luck. Noora says thanks and leaves. Jonas and Eva kiss a few more times before Eva follows after Noora. Vilde is then in the waiting room when Eva and Noora enter, and she says they're slow. She asks if they have plans on Friday, but then Chris walks in. Vilde asks how Chris knew they were there, and Chris says Jonas told her. Vilde isn't happy that Eva told her boyfriend.

Chris then says she has the best news in the world, saying Sana sold all the toilet paper. Eva asks how she did that and Chris says she doesn't know but that Vilde should send her account number and address. Chris asks if she can be on their bus then, and Vilde asks if she did something illegal. Chris says she didn't, adding that Sana is Muslim. Chris says Muslims go to hell if they do something illegal, and that Sana doesn't really want to go to hell.

The school nurse greets them and asks them how she can help, and Noora announces Vilde is going to sleep with a guy. When the school nurse says she's lucky, Noora adds 'for the first time' to which the school nurse says "That's not just anything." Vilde asks what she means, and Chris tells a story about her cousin, who bled so much she had anemia. Noora says that's bullshit, but the school nurse says bleeding can happen during your first intercourse. She says serious bleeding could kill you. She adds she had a patient who bled so much she was going to pass out. When Vilde asks if it was because of sex, the doctor says it was because of a cut.

Noora then says Vilde wants the pill, and the doctor asks when the intercourse will be taking place. Vilde replies it's Friday, to which the girls react confused. Vilde says it's when William is available, and she suggests they drink at Eva's basement. Noora asks why they would be drinking if Vilde is the one who is going to have sex with him. Vilde says she can't drink by herself, and that they have to support her. Noora asks why she even has to drink. Eva then says they can't do it at hers because her mom is home and Jonas is coming over. Vilde says 'please' and the doctor then asks if they've seen a dick before, and asks if they would want to see how to put on a condom.

  • Føkk op (English: Fucked up)
Friday October 23, 2015 (7.47PM)

The girls are in Eva's basement where Vilde is drinking and looking at condoms. She then asks how painful it is, and Chris says she doesn't remember anything from her first time. She says Vilde should drink, so she won't feel anything. Noora cuts her off, asking Vilde if she wants to be so drunk that she doesn't remember anything. Vilde asks if Eva was drunk on her first time, and Eva says she wasn't. Vilde then tells Eva to pinch her arm to show how much it hurts. Eva pinches her, but then says it doesn't resemble pinching. Noora tells her to just relax, and Vilde asks what she knows, stating Noora hasn't had sex.

Eva then gets up and says William should call soon, asking what his last message was. Vilde reads "Pick you up around 7. We'll find something." Eva suggests she should just call him, and Vilde says she can't seem desperate for his dick. Eva asks what happens if he doesn't call, and Vilde replies saying she would be a little relieved.

Noora then tells Vilde that she doesn't have to have sex with him if she doesn't want to. Vilde says she wants to, but she doesn't want it to hurt. Noora says that's why she has to relax, and she stops Chris from filling up Vilde's glass again. Noora then asks Vilde what turns her on about him and what makes her horny. Vilde says nothing does, and she asks if Noora gets horny. Noora says she does, and Vilde asks her why she doesn't have sex then.

Noora then says she knows what could make her horny. Vilde says she won't do lesbian stuff, and Noora says it isn't. She instructs Vilde to lie on her back and close her eyes. Vilde does so, and Noora tells her to imagine her and William in the bedroom. Vilde confirms she's imagining it. Noora then asks what's happening, telling her to describe it. Vilde says they're standing in the room and she is wearing her white dress. Vilde goes to describe the dress in detail. She explains her hair and her make-up. Vilde then says it works, and Noora asks if she seriously gets horny from clothes and make-up. Vilde says she does, and Chris defends she gets horny from a lot of things.

Eva's mom then calls for her, and Eva says they have to go. Vilde says they can't go yet because William hasn't messaged, and Eva tells her to go to her house then. Vilde says they can't, because she's been drinking. Noora asks if they can't just stay there, saying they'll be quiet. Eva's mom calls once more, and so Eva agrees but tells them to be really quiet. She tells them to leave through the window. Eva then goes upstairs and her mom asks if her boyfriend shouldn't be coming now. Eva says he sent a message saying he was going to be late. Eva then offers to help with dinner, but her mom say it's fine.

The girls then make noise in the basement, and Eva uses the excuse that she forgot to turn off a movie and that she'll fix it. The door then rings, as Eva is about to descend the stairs, so she goes to open it instead. She sees William and asks him what he's doing here. William asks if Vilde's there, and Eva says she is but that he can't come to the front door like that. Eva's mom then appears behind her, and wrongfully assumes that William is Eva's boyfriend. Eva then explains he isn't her boyfriend, and that he is Vilde's boyfriend. Eva's mom asks who Vilde is, and Eva explains she is a friend. She then explains how William thought Vilde would be there, saying that she isn't so he is going now, all the while giving William a look.

Chris, Noora and Vilde then appear on the driveway, and Eva asks them what they're doing there. The girls are giggly, and Noora comes up with the excuse that she borrowed Eva's jacket. Noora said she thought they would bring it, but that she wasn't in her room so we left it in a bag outside her window. Eva says they should probably go now, and Chris says they have many jackets to deliver. Eva says by to them and closes the door.

Her mom then asks what's going on and if those girls were drunk. Eva says they weren't, and then picks up the call from Jonas. She asks him where he is, and Jonas says he can't come over anymore. Eva asks why not, and Jonas says he forgot he has to help his mom, and that it' important. Eva then hears a voice on the call and asks her who it was. Jonas claims it's his sister. Jonas then says he has to go, and hangs up the call.


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Back to the Ordinary Kid Astray The girls are in Eva's bedroom
Close Up Peaches (feat Kim Gordon) Jonas cancels dinner because he has to help his mom (+ credits)


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