Season 1, Episode 4, titled Go for it din lille slut (English: Go for it you little slut), is the fourth episode of Skam. 


Sana and Vilde want for Eva to get in touch with "Penetrator Chris" in the third year so that they can be invited to party on their Russ bus and gain more popularity around the school. In Chris' Russ group is William, the most popular boy in school.



  • Dumpe deg (English: Dumping you)
Saturday October 10, 2015 (10.11AM)

Eva and Jonas are in bed and Jonas is asleep. Eva touches his face and tried to open his eyelashes. Jonas groans, asking what she's doing. Eva greets him good morning and asks if he slept well. Jonas says he didn't, because he had a nightmare. Eva asks about what, and Jonas says she was wearing red clothes, that she was drunk and sang "Tonight it's allowed to be a whore."

Eva says he was the one who told her to get a friends, and asks what the problem is then. Jonas says the problem is she doesn't understand that Russetiden is capitalistic. Eva interupts him with 'blablabla' and then tells Jonas that Sana said she should dump him. He asks if she did, and Eva says yes to which Jonas scoffs. He claims Eva wouldn't manage without him for a minute. He repeatedly claims she couldn't, before he leans in to kiss her.

Eva's mother then calls from her from upstairs, and Eva pushes Jonas out of her bed. Eva walks up to her mom and greets her, saying it's good to see her, and then proceeds to talk to her mom about her flight. She suggests they have breakfast together. As she leaves the room, Jonas flicks her off.

  • William
Monday October 12, 2015 (3.04PM)

Eva is walking onto the schoolyard reading a text from her mom asking about a bad grade she noticed. Vilde then calls for her, saying they should talk because she doesn't think Sana fits their bus group. Eva mentions she might be a bit strict, and Vilde points out she told Eva to break up with her boyfriend. Vilde says if she agrees then, but she gets interrupted when Sana and Chris walk up to them.

Sana then asks her how many rolls Vilde has, and when Vilde asks why, she asks Vilde if she wants to get rid of them or not. Chris then walks by them, and greets Eva which confuses Sana because Eva claimed she didn't know any '97 guys.

Sana explains that Chris is on a bus with William, and Vilde gets excited. Eva then asks who William is, and Vilde wonders if she really doesn't know who he is. She then explains William is the most handsome and coolest guy in all of third year. Sana points him out across the schoolyard, where he is walking with his friends. The girls are look at him as he walks by in slow-motion.

Sana then asks if she follows Chris on insta and Sana tells him to do so. Eva asks why, and Vilde says "So you can get to know him." to which Eva replies she has a boyfriend. Sana points out that it's already becoming a problem. Vilde then tells Eva she doesn't have to hook up with him, but just get to know him so they can party on the bus with William. She tells Eva that she can explain this to Jonas. Eva sarcastically says Jonas will agree and respect that. Vilde doesn't understand the sarcasm, and says "Yes! So follow him."

Sana then takes Eva's phone and follows Chris, liking his pictures. Eva takes her phone back once she's done that, and Sana says that if he texts her, she should reply flirtatiously. Eva asks why he would send her a message. Eva asks why he would do that, and Sana tells her to just do like she explained. Sana then leaves, and Vilde says Sana resembles the lady from "Andenes Makt". Chris agrees, saying Sana is completely raw.

  • Kåt
Tuesday October 13, 2015 (3.41PM)

Eva, Jonas and Isak are on the bus home. Isak asks who Julian Dahl on instagram is, saying he stalks him. Jonas asks if they'll go to hers, and when Eva says they should go to his instead, Jonas informs Isak that Eva doesn't want to tell her mom they're together. When Isak asks why, Jonas says "She's embarrassed of me." which Eva denies. She says she just doesn't want them to meet when he's lying in her bed. Eva starts texting Christoffer Schistad while Jonas talks about having dinner with her mom. Eva agrees that they'll have dinner, and Jonas asks when. After not replying for a while, messaging Chris, Eva agrees on Friday. When Eva mentions texting 'Vilde', Jonas explains she's the bus boss. Isak wonders since when Eva is on a bus. Jonas says she is, and that it's fucked up. WHen Isak says she thought that herself last week, Eva says maybe she changed her mind.

  • Pillsmannen
Thursday October 15, 2015 (12.10PM)

Eva walks up to the girls and tells them that she got an invite to the party with the Penetrators. Vilde and Chris are amazed, and Sana and Noora are impressed. Vilde is happy that Eva arranged it for them. Sana then says they need to try to be cool. Vilde then says they need to fix alcohol, and Chris suggests they call Pilsmannen. She then asks "Anyone else?" and when she looks at Sana, Sana asks if she looks like someone who drinks. Vilde looks at Noora and says she doesn't drink either. Eva then says she can take a bottle of wine from her mom, and Vilde asks if they can share because she can't take any alcohol from her house. Sana interrupts her when she's explaining why, and shushes her saying she talks to much.

Sana then walks away and Vilde tells the other girls that Sana can't be on their bus because she is complete psycho. Chris then calls Pilsmannen,and the girls are all laughing

  • Penetrators
Friday October 16, 2015 (6.41PM)

The girls walk up to the party. Vilde and Chris are already drinking. Chris then greets them by the door, paying attention to Eva especially. The girls then walk into the party, where all the guys look at them. Vilde and William make eye-contact. The girls then notice that the Pepsi Max girls are also there, and Vilde asks what they're doing there before she pretends to be all happy and goes over to greet the girls.

Eva asks if they weren't the girls who kicked Vilde out, and Noora asks if they weren't the girl who called Eva a slut. Eva then asks Noora not to leave her because she will either get assaulted by Chris, or killed by the Pepsi Max girls. Noora promise she won't leave her.

During the party, William and Vilde are talking. Chris is talking to one of the Penetrators about why they're called like that when William and Vilde walk by. Vilde explains William asked her to goes outside and that she thinks they'll hook up. Chris tells her "Go for it, you little slut!" and Vilde follows after William. Chris ensures the guy she's talking to that she can be slutty too.

Eva then notices Chris is standing across the room looking at her. When Noora gets a call, Eva asks her not to leave, but Noora tells her to just talk about politics. Eva notices she has 3 missed calls from Jonas as Chris goes to sit down next to her. He greets her and Chris asks if the girls are party of her crew, explaining what he means asking if they are on a bus together. Eva says they aren't, and that she's not going to be a Russ. Eva says she thinks Russetiden is lame, and Chris asks her why. Eva explains Russetiden is capitalistic and governed by market forces. Chris is impressed and calls her brainy. He then says he likes it, though, and says he thinks it's hot.

Eva then notices Sana throwing a drink at the Pepsi Max girls and she walks after her. The other girls follow and Vilde, who was making out with William, follows after them.


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Go for it you little slut
Chris to Vilde



Song Artist Scene
Constantly hating Young thug (feat Birdman) The girls show Eva who William is. William walks through the schoolyard in slow motion
Dick in the Air Peaches The girl squad walking in slow motion to the party
Ganjaman Alfons The girls arrive at the party at Borkis' house
The Hemingway Ganic (feat Johnny Whitehouse) Party-scene - Noora takes a phone call, and Chris goes to sit with Eva
CoCo (coucheron remix) O.T. Genasis Party-scene - Eva is talking to Chris, Sana gets into a fight with the Pepsi Max girls


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Notes and Trivia

  • The clip Dumpe Deg in this episode is parallelled by Chris' POV-clip Penetrator Chris in Season 4, Episode 10.
    • Both clips were released at 10.11AM on a weekend.
    • Both clips took place in Eva's bed
    • Jonas had a nightmare in this clip. Chris has a strange dream in his clip too.
    • In both scenes, Eva's mom came into Eva's room to interupt the scene
    • In both scenes, relationship status were (jokingly) discussed.

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