Season 1, Episode 3, titled Vi er de største loserne på skolen (English: We are the biggest losers at school), is the third episode of Skam.


Back at school, in Spanish class Eva befriends Noora, the girl she met previously at the party. She, Noora, and Sana are later invited by Chris and Vilde to join their Russ buss for when they graduate in 3 years.



  • Du naila det (English: You nailed it)
Saturday October 3, 2015 (5.11PM)

Jonas and Eva return from the cabin and are seen getting off the bus. As they say goodbye, Jonas says he will call her later to which Eva replies a simple 'yeah'. Jonas notices Eva is still distant and goes in for a kiss, then continues to apologize. Jonas tells Eva he wouldn't have invited the guys had he known how important the cabin trip was. Eva counters by saying she didn't know it was not important to him, but he argues that it's also important for him to spend time with his friends. Something that used to be important to Eva too. Eva says it is important to her, but not as important as Jonas' friends are to him.

Jonas says he said Eva could bring her friends and during an uncomfortable silence it becomes clear that it's not an easy subject. Jonas goes on to say something, but Eva finishes his sentence implying he meant to say she needs to get new friends. Jonas says it's not what he wanted to say, but Eva states that it's what he's thinking. Jonas admits he doesn't know what the right answer is, and Eva advises him to be completely honest. Agreeing on honesty, Jonas says Eva is the coolest girl he knows, and he calls her pretty, sweet, smart and funny. Jonas says he doesn't know what the problem is, and he smiles at her encouragingly while telling her to get new friends. He finishes by saying anyone who gets to be Eva's friend is really lucky. Eva jokes about how he didn't know what to say, and Jonas claims he nailed his speech. Eva agrees, and then they kiss.

Eva then gets home and finds a note from her mom with some money. Eva then proceeds to open her computer and she goes to message Noora. She types in several messages, including "Congratulations on having me as a friend" and "Hey girl! Whats up" before deleting them. She accidentally sends a H and then goes to correct it by saying "Hi, is what I meant" and then she explains the typo. Noora sends her a thumbs up emoji in return soon after.

  • Sterk kroppslukt (English: Strong body odor)
Monday October 5, 2015 (10.29AM)

Eva arrives in Spanish class and wants to sit Noora but a guy sits next to Noora instead. Noora ignores the guy and switches seats to sit next to Noora. They joke about Eva's typo to Noora with 'H' instead of 'Hi'. Eva realizes she didn't do her homework, and Noora helps her answer the question, before correcting the teacher and then explaining to Eva that she lived in Madrid. Noora explains it's why she doesn't have any friends, and upon asking Eva what her reason is, Eva replied 'strong body odor'.

  • Satsebuss (English: )
Tuesday October 6, 2015 (11.50AM)

Eva is hanging out in the corridor with Jonas and Isak when Vilde and Chris walk by. Vilde thanks Eva for last time (at the revue fest). She introduces herself, saying she doesn't remember greeting Eva properly because she was a little out of it. Eva says it was nothing.

When Vilde proceeds to ask Eva if she has a Russ bus already, Vilde gets visibly excited and she tells Eva that it's perfect because they just rented a completely new bus and they really want Eva to join. Eva says she hasn't really started thinking about Russefeiring, to which Vilde clarifies that it is really important to think about it. Vilde adds in 'I don't know what it's like in Trondheim', implying Eva is from there. She says that in Oslo people have to start planning really early if not to end up on a bad bus or becoming a gå-russ (non-russ).

Vilde continues her speech saying how Russ isn't just about Russ time but also about being social and unity. At Vilde's request, Chris pitches in explaining to Eva how Russ is to be compared with a sect: once you're in, you can't get out, and she proceds to explain that there is a collective suicide in Tryvann on the 17th of May (the National Day) in their graduating year, 2018. This amuses Eva.

Vilde clarifies Chris is only joking, and she asks Eva if she would want to join the bus meeting Friday after school. Eva agrees eventually, and Vilde responds by saying Eva can take her friends friends if she has them. They agree to see each other then, before Chris and Vilde walk on. Once they're gone, Eva asks, "What is it," when Jonas and Isak start laughing. Jonas explains what Chris was doing.

  • Hvem hoster? (English: Who is hosting?)
Thursday October 8, 2015 (2.05PM)

Noora joins Eva at the announcement board and asks about her plans for Friday. Vilde walks up to them and gets introduced to Noora. Vilde invites Noora to their bus meeting but Noora declines. Chris then walks up to them announcing Sana wants to join their bus. Vilde makes comments about Muslims being a Russ which Sana sarcastically answers. Chris asks who's hosting and Eva mentions she is. As Sana walks off Vilde says she can't be in their bus and Noora argues that if Sana joins, she will join too. Vilde and Chris then walk off, and Noora and Eva exchange a smile.

  • Kred
Friday October 9, 2015 (6.50PM)

Sana proposes her plan after saying toilet paper is a waste of time. She says they need to recruit cool girls but in order to do that they need credibility, which they'll get from partying with the coolest 97'ers. Sana suggests the other girls hook up with 97'ers. When Sana inquires about boyfriends and informs Eva to dump hers. Noora calls that idea crazy, Sana then states it's Norwegian's culture to exchange sexuality for credibility and acknowledgement.


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We are the biggest losers at school
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