Season 1, Episode 2, titled Jonas, dette er helt dust (English: Jonas, This is completely stupid), is the second episode of Skam


During autumn break, Eva, Jonas, and Isak go on a cabin trip. However, Eva is annoyed that her boyfriend invited Isak, and later Elias, on a trip that was supposed to be reserved for just the two of them. She also begins to suspect that Jonas is keeping secrets.



  • Stuck
Sunday September 27, 2015 (3.18PM)

Eva is in her living room on her computer. She's on Noora's profile on Facebook, looking at her pictures before sending a friend request. She then gets a phonecall from her mom. She asks if her mom is in Oslo, and her mom replies she is in Geneva until tomorrow. Eva says she is going to the cabin tomorrow, which her mom seems to have forgotten. When her mom asks where they're going, Eva replies that she's going to Ingrid's cabin with Ingrid and Sara.

Her mom inquires as to who will drive them, but Eva says they'll take the bus. Her mom suggests that if they wait, she could drive them. Eva says she has been looking forward to it for over a month. She says she will come home on Saturday, but her mom says she will be leaving again on Friday night. Eva seems a bit sad.

Her mom asks if she has enough money and she says she will transfer some extra money so that they can have fun. Her mom then wishes her a good trip and tells Eva to say hi to Ingrid and Sara. Eva says she will and she says goodbye to her mom.

  • I feel lonely
Sunday September 27, 2015 (9.04AM)

Eva and Jonas are at the cabin, making out in the bedroom. They get interrupted by Isak who walks in on them, before walking back out saying 'sorry sorry'. Jonas is annoyed but is smiling, just like Eva and they jokingly consider sending him home. Isak sings 'lonely' from the other room, and Jonas gets up from the bed, asking the time. Eva then checks it on Jonas' phone, where she sees a text from Ingrid. Upon hearing the time, Jonas goes to the living room, asking Isak why he came so early.

  • Du Vet Noe (English: You know something)
Wednesday September 30, 2015 (8.32PM)

Eva, Jonas and Isak are sitting by the water on the rocks, and Jonas is playing his guitar. Isak asks Jonas to play 'I'm Yours'. Eva defends Isak when Jonas calls 'I'm yours' a gay song. When Jonas receives a text, Eva asks who it's from, insisting a second time when he doesn't reply at first. When Jonas walks off, Eva asks Isak about Jonas and Ingrid. Isak tells her she should ask Jonas and asks her why she is wondering. Eva explains she saw the text notification. Eva presses Isak to tell her, knowing he knows what is going on. She promises not to get angry and that she won't tell Jonas he snitched. Isak only tells her that Jonas and Ingrid talk a little. The mood lightens again when Jonas plays 'I'm Yours' anyways.

  • Hva faen var det? (English: What the fuck was that?)
Saturday October 1, 2015 (5.32PM)

While Jonas and Isak are playing a Trivial Pursuit, Eva is reading a book in the living room. She checks her phone, and goes to cancel the friend request she sent to Noora, but closes the pop-up screen for confirmation, leaving the friend request as it is.

When Isak asks Eva one of the questions (Who is the first female prime minister of Norway), Eva states she is not joining, continuing to read her book. Jonas whispers she can't answer, earning an annoyed look from Eva. Eva says she does, and that she just doesn't want to join. Isak tells her to just answer the question so they won't nag anymore. Eva gives the wrong answer, and when the boys start laughing she tells them 'Fuck you guys'. Jonas notices Eva's mood and ask her why she is so pissed, moving over to join her on her couch. Eva shoves him off however, saying she is not pissed but she thinks Trivial Pursuit is boring.

When Jonas asks her what she wants to play instead, Eva says she just wants to read. Jonas insists, and Eva suggests they play 'My ship is loaded with'. When they settle to play the game, Eva starts saying "My ship is loaded with Ingrid." Eva and Jonas exchange a look, before Jonas averts the subject by stating 'my ship is loaded with Erna Sjolberg, Eva's answer from earlier'. Eva doesn't think it's funny and they proceed to play the game with proper answers untill a loud bang interrupts them.

When Eva and Isak follow Jonas outside, they spot Elias. He greets her, stating he likes the atmosphere at the cabin and that it will be a party. After Jonas explains the sleeping arrangements Elias and Isak head inside leaving Eva and Jonas outside. Jonas explains Elias asked if he could come, asking Eva 'What should I have said?' to which Eva just stares back at him before going inside.

  • Det er fest (English: It's a party)
Friday October 2, 2015 (7.04PM)

Eva is making dinner while Jonas and Elias are jamming in the living room. Isak is helping her by setting the table. When Jonas and Elias move over to the kitchen, Eva lets Jonas taste the food before Jonas tells her they're going to have a smoke. Eva comments Jonas doesn't smoke, and when Elias replies with "It's a party" Jonas just repeats after him, before heading outside.

Once Eva has cooked dinner she calls for the guys. When they don't reply for a while she goes outside, looking for them, which is when Jonas scares her from behind the wall. Eva comments saying it's not funny, before they head inside for dinner. When Jonas offers for her to plate him up, Eva says he is able to do it himself. When Jonas asks her why she is so pissed all the time, Eva says it's because he's behaving like a jerk. Jonas asks her what he did (to be called a jerk) to which Eva argues he invited people over to a cabin trip that was supposed to be just the two of them, and that he completely changes personalities when Elias is around. Finally she adds he is texting Ingrid behind her back.

Jonas denies going behind her back talking to Ingrid, but when Eva says she knows, he goes on to say they were texting about French. They go back and forth about this with Eva asking 'During fall break' to which Jonas replies they have homework for after the break. Eva argues that if it's about French, she could read the messages. Jonas asks her why, and Eva argues he can read hers. When Jonas asks if they have to read eachother's messages to trust eachother, Eva replies with yes. When Jonas comments saying that is ridiculous, Eva counters with 'This is ridiculous' getting up from the table.

Jonas follows her up and they repeat the argument, with Jonas sticking to the fact that it's about school and saying it's ridiculous that she wants to read his messages. When he asks her why she doesn't trust him, Eva just walks away from him into the bedroom. She lays on the bed, pondering, before she takes her phone where she sees the accepted friend request from Noora.


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  • As they leave for the cabin, Eva posts a picture of her and Jonas, with part of the caption saying 'Fuck you Oslo losers'. Almost 3 hours later she posts a picture saying they have arrived at the cabin and in the evening she posts a cuddly picture of her and Jonas by the lake with the caption reading "#inlove".


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Jonas, This is completely stupid
Eva to Jonas



Song Artist Scene
A World Alone Lorde Beginning of the episode
Good For You Selena Gomez (feat. A$AP Rocky) Eva and Jonas are making out on the bed before Isak walks in
Everything in Its Right Place Radiohead Jonas, Eva and Isak on the rocks outside of the guitar, melting marshmellows
I'm Yours Jason Mraz Cover sung by Jonas and Isak. Jonas plays on the guitar.
Lose Yourself Eminem Cover rapped by Elias . Jonas plays on the guitar. Eva makes dinner and Isak sets the table
Berlin Ry X Eva is lying in bed. Eva notices Noora's accepted her friend request on Facebook.


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