Season 1, Episode 10, titled Jeg tenker du har blitt helt psyko (English: I think that you've become totally psycho), is the tenth episode of Skam.


The girls start to worry that something is upsetting Vilde. Eva also starts talking to Jonas again, and the girls go to a Christmas party, where Eva decides to confront Isak.



  • Sammenbrudd
Saturday November 28, 2015 (11.04AM)

Eva calls Isak but he doesn't pick up and so Eva leaves a voicemail, saying they have to talk. Eva then goes to Isak's house, and rings the doorbell. Jonas opens the door instead, and Eva asks where Isak is. Jonas says Isak is a little bit upset. Eva asks what happened, and jonas explains his father left and his mother completely collapsed. Eva and Jonas agree that it's shit. 

Eva then asks if everything is okay, and Jonas says he doesn't know because Isak's mom was already pretty crazy. Jonas ass if she wants him to fetch him. Eva says no, and that she just wanted to talk to him about something but he didn't pick up his phone. Jonas says Isak has it turned off.

Jonas then asks her how she's doing and Eva says she's fine, then she says "You know." and Jonas says he knows. Eva then tells Jonas to say hi to him. Jonas asks if she doesn't want to come in and that Isak probably wants to see him. Eva says no, and that Isak has Jonas. They say goodbye, and Eva goes back home.

  • Pepsi Max Gjengen

Monday November 30, 2015 (12.05PM)

Eva and the girls are in the cafetaria where Chris is trying to explain the meaning behind a song, looking for the meaning of porridge. They discuss their assignments, when Vilde walks in. Noora calls her over, and asks how it's going. Vilde says it's going good, and Eva tells her to sit with them but Vilde says she's meeting the Pepsi Max girls at KB. She says 'Maybe next time.' and then asks how things are going with their bus. The Pepsi Max girls then walk in behind Vilde, and when she turns around and see them, Vilde suggests they eat there and that she is just going to get her jacket. The Pepsi Max girls are clearly clueless about what Vilde meant, and Noora asks what happened.

  • Awkward

Tuesday December 1, 2015 (10.11AM)

Eva and Jonas bump into each other on the stairs, and Jonas tells her to watch out but Eva says he should. She asks how it's going with Isak, and Jonas says it goes better but that he's chilling at home. Jonas suggests she texts or calls him. She asks what class he has now, when William and Chris walk up the stairs. When Chris sing-songs "Awkward", Jona shoves him. Jonas and Chris start fighting and William has to break them off. Eva tries to calm down Jonas, while Chris asks why William didn't defend him. William says that he hooked up with Jonas girl and that if he were Jonas, he would've killed Chris.

  • Deilige førsteklassegutter

Wednesday December 2, 2015 (12.09PM)

Eva is in the cafetaria when Iben greets her in line. She asks how it's going and Eva says it's going fine. Iben says she dumped Chris, and that she's happen a girl power party. Eva asks about it, and Iben says that no third year guys are invited. She states they have too much power and that all the drama at the school is because of them. She states them girls have to stand up for each other. When Eva asks if it's just girls, Iben says they need guys and that she thought they could invite first year guys. Iben calls them the most undervalued group at school. Iben tells Eva to come on Friday and to bring her friends, and if she knows any hot first year guys, to invite them.

Eva then asks Iben if she could invite Vilde, and Iben says she can take her with you. Eva says Vilde would be happy if  Iben invited her, and Iben says she will find her on Facebook. 

  • Deilig er jorden
Friday December 4, 2015 (7.52PM)

Eva goes to the Christmas party with the girls. Pepsi Max and some other friends are also there. Sana then asks Chris if she heard from Vilde, and Chris asks Eva. Eva then asks Iben if she invited Vilde, and Iben goes to open the door for more first year guys to which everyone cheers.

Eva's smile falters when she notices Isak among them, and she decides to go talk to him. She goes out to the kitchen. Eva asks how it's going, and Isak says it's better. When Eva asks how his mom is doing, Isak says it's just stress, but that he's sure hi parents will find a sollution. Eva asks if things are going better, and after he takes a sip from his beer, Isak says that now it does.

Eva then says she has news, and announces that she and Jonas are back together. Isak says Jonas didn't tell him anything but that it's great. He asks if Jonas has forgiven her and everything, and Eva says he has. Eva then says she wanted to thank him for being there for her, saying she doesn't know what she wouldn't done without him. She says she doesn't have many people she can trust but he is one of them. Isak says he's glad things worked out, and Eva says she's glad he supports them. Isak says he is 'Team Jonas'.

Eva then says there's something she's wondering, and she asks him if he also supported them when he told everyone that she hooked up with Chris. She explains that their entire relationship, and her entire life, went to hell after that. She says he has to tell her what he was thinking. Eva says she thinks it's psycho, and asks him directly why he did it.

Isak then asks her if she really doesn't know why, and Eva says she doesn't. Isak tells her to think about it, and a realization sets in Eva. She asks him if he has feelings for her, and Isak says "Like you didn't know?". Eva says she didn't know, and Isak scoffs. He then says it's not very great for him to hear her talk about Jonas him having to be her advisor. He says it's not great for him to sit there like an idiot, hoping that one day she'll know that he's not good enough for you.

Eva tells him that she didn't know, and he asks her how she honestly didn't understand. Eva says it's not an excuse for what he did, and that he outed her for the entire school. Isak admits it was stupid and that he fucked up. He says he was drunk and quite mad at her because he thought she used him. He says he didn't know Chris had a psycho girlfriend who would create a bunch of drama. He says he wouldn't have done it otherwise. Noora interrupts them, saying Eva should come. Isak tells Eva she can't say anything to Jonas.

Eva then walks to the living room where Vilde is unconcious after she came in and tripped. Iben says she's not responding, while Sana and the girls take care of her. Sana then asks if Eva's momo is home, and the girls pick up Vilde. Sana then carries Vilde to Eva's house, putting her down on the bed while Noora calls emergency services. Sana tries to get Vilde to return to conciousness, checking if she's breathing and slapping her on instructions of Noora. When Vilde seems to wake up they put her upright and try to get her to puke. When it fails, Sana forces Vilde herself, and Vilde throws up. Vilde leans against Sana's shoulder, but then throws up again, all over Sana.

The girls laugh, and Sana doesn't look amused. Sana then tries to get Vilde to drink some water, and then goes to change while the other girls settle Vilde in the bed. When Sana appears again she sits down on the bed, and they all look after Vilde. They then all lie down in the bed.

Vilde then says "I think I killed William's baby tonight." causing the other girls to switch on the light and look at Vilde, but she is asleep.


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I think that you've become totally psycho
Vilde to Sana



Song Artist Scene
Run Boy Run Woodkid Eva walks to Isak's house to confront him
Get Ur Freak On (LP version) Missy Elliot Party scene - Every one is sitting in the living room at Iben's party
Hvite Menn Som Pusher 50 Karpe Diem Isak walks into the party
Lett Å Være Rebell I Kjellerleiligheten Din Karpe Diem Eva and Isak talk in the kitchen
Delilig Er Jorden Oslo Gospel Choir The girls carry an unconscious Vilde out of the party to Eva's house
Billie Jean Michael Jackson Credits song


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