Season 1, Episode 1, titled Du ser ut som en slut (English: You look like a slut), is the first episode of Skam.


Eva is in her first year at school and has a falling out with her old friend Ingrid and Sara. She only knows her boyfriend Jonas and his friend Isak at school. She gets convinced to go to a school party, where she meets several new people.



  • Vår skyld (English: Our fault)
Tuesday September 22, 2015 (2.32PM)

Jonas and Eva are sitting in the schoolyard, where Jonas reads his essay to Eva. He asks her opinion on it, and if anything needs to be changed. When Eva makes a suggestion on a change, Jonas explains that he added the phrase in on purpose. When the Pepsi Max girls pass by, Eva is distracted. Jonas tries to give her a kiss, but Isak interrupts them, and they talk about the grade they got on their essay. Eva states she doesn't want to talk about it, but Isak reasons that he will find out anyway, so Eva admits she has a 4-minus. Jonas goes on to tease her a bit about other things she's good at, before proceeding to give her a kiss. Isak then interrupts the kiss again, stating they're leaving. When Eva asks where, Jonas explains he is going to Elias'. Eva is left in the schoolyard as Isak and Jonas leave.

  • Stoler du ikke på meg (English: Don't You Trust Me?)
Tuesday September 22, 2015 (8.32PM)

Eva starts her social sciences homework, however before she has properly begun she decides to call Jonas. She is checking facebook, scrolling across a picture of Ingrid and Sara while she hears Jonas' phones is turned off. At that moment, Isak calls her on Skype. Eva asks him if he is with Jonas, and when Isak says he isn't, Eva asks if they weren't going to go to Elias. Isak says that was a while ago. Eva proceeds to comment about Sara's lashes on the facebook pictures. Isak comments saying they have started their bus, which they named Pepsi Max, already even though they're only one month into high school. Isak tells Eva that she can just talk to them, and that they don't bite. Before Eva is able to reply much, Jonas knocks on her window. He makes his way into the room and they greet each other with a kiss, before Eva explains she tried to call him. Jonas replies, stating his battery was dead, and Eva wonders why he couldn't charge it at home. Jonas then states he wasn't at home, but with Elias, to which Eva recounts what Isak told her. He asks her if she doesn't trust him, before throwing her on the bed. There he finds her 3 minus essay which he reads out loud, to Eva's annoyance. They kiss again, while Jonas continues to make fun of Eva's essay.

  • Add meg på face (English: Add Me On Facebook)
Wednesday September 23, 2015 (11.30AM)

Eva is at school working on her homework but not making much progress. She looks up to see Ingrid and the other girls from Pepsi Max buying tickets to the 'very first revue party' on Friday. As Eva watches, she is suddenly approached by a girl who asks her if she will be at the at the show. The girl explains that she and her friend are from the theater group and that they want to have Eva in their group. Eva asks what they do in the theater group whereupon the two start reciting a rhyme. The girl informs Eva that they have a pre-party tomorrow and asks if Eva goes to said party. The girl says that Eva has to go to the party since everyone is going and that Eva is a first year and that this will lay the foundation for her social life for the next three years and that Eva should wake up. The girl's tone is quite harsh and Eva stares at her. But then the girl smiles and says that if Eva wants to go to the party, she should add her on facebook. We learn her name is Argentina. Argentina and her friend smile at Eva one last time before leaving. Eva still looks stumped.

  • Loner
Tuesday September 24, 2015 (8.30AM)

Jonas and Eva are on their way to school and Jonas talks about someone and how he thinks that nobody likes him. Eva interrupts him, asking if they can go to the revue party together. Jonas asks why and Eva explains that the whole school is going, and that they are first years. She recites Argentina, saying that this will lay their foundation for their social life. Jonas echoes her in a mocking way. Eva tries to convince Jonas to go, promising that it will be a lot of fun. Jonas thinks for a few moments before he agrees. Eva is happy, but then Jonas imposes the condition that he'll only come if Isak can come to the cabin next week. Eva is visibly upset by this. Jonas explains that he knows it was supposed to just be the two of them, but that Isak will have nothing to do. Jonas offers that Eva can take a friend as well. Eva looks away in embarrassment. Jonas tries to cheer her up with a smile and a kiss. He asks what she thinks of it, and Eva agrees that Isak is allowed to come with them. In that moment, Isak joins them and Jonas tells him that Isak is allowed to come to the cabin. Eva says there is one condition: that the two of them come to the party the next day. Isak says they can't. Jonas asks why and Isak replies they have tickets for Kindred Fever. Jonas says he totally forgot about it and it seems genuine. Eva is annoyed and Jonas assures her that he forgot. But Eva doesn't want to hear it, turns away and continues her walk to school. Jonas and Isak share a look before they follow her. We hear that Jonas tries to talk to Eva but she just keeps walking, Isak behind the two of them.

  • Slut
Friday September 25, 2015 (7.37PM)

Eva is in her bed watching Doctor Phill when she realizes she needs to do something about the situation with her former friends, whose pictures she sees on her bedroom wall. Eva decides to go to the revue party and she gets ready. Eva arrives at the party alone, then spots Ingrid and the other Pepsi Max girls. Argentina then runs up to her and they dance together a little awkwardly. When she sees Ingrid move to the bar, Eva goes to the bar as well, and she tries to talk to Ingrid. Ingrid calls her a slut, and leaves the bar when one of the other girls whispers that Vilde snapped. Eva then meets Noora, who tries to cheer her up. Noora states girls who call other girls sluts have 90% more chance of getting chlamydia. Eva then goes to the bedroom to remove her eyeshadow. In the bathroom she notices Vilde crying and suggest getting a friend. Eva heads to the dancefloor to find Chris but returns with the wrong Chris. Eva and Chris walk out of the bathroom, and Eva gets called a dicktease.


  • Eva and Jonas text eachother goodnight at 11.20 on Tuesday
  • Jonas invites Eva over for pizza at 3.15 PM on Wednesday

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"Girls who call other girls sluts have 90% more chance to get chlamydia."
— Noora to Eva

You look like a slut
Ingrid to Eva



Song Artist Scene
Music To Watch Boys To Lana Del Rey Jonas kisses Eva goodbye. Eva is left in the schoolyard. Eva is at home and starts her howework.
Run Elsa & Emilie Jonas vitis Eva in her room. Eva is at the school and watches Pepsi Max buy tickets for the revue party
Je veux te voir Yelle Eva gets ready to go to the party
ÅRETS NRJ-RUSSELÅT Tix & The Pøssy Project Eva arrives at the party
Sjeiken 2015 Tix & The Pøssy Project Eva spots Ingrid at the party, and Eva tries to talk to her.
Closer Lemaitre (feat Jennie A.) Noora introduces herself to Eva
Think Twice Ralph Myerz Eva looks at the party for Chris.
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Notes and Trivia

  • Despite the first clip of the series not airing until Tuesday, Monday is considered the start of the episode through the character's social media activity.

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