Pepsi Max, renamed into Flawless Since '99 after merging with the girl squad, is a russ buss at Hartvig Nissen School. The members are second year students in the 2016-2017 schoolyear, intending to graduate and celebrate Russ in 2018. The Girl Squad members merged with them under 'Flawless Since '99" but they split up again in the aftermath of the instagram account.


Pepsi Max was created in the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. Eva first found out about this from Isak. Vilde and Chris were part of the bus originally, but later got kicked out due to a conflict over Vilde's purchase of toiletrolls. Vilde later on started her own russ bus. At the party at Borkis' house, Sana defends Vilde to the Pepsi Max girls and throws water at Ingrid. 

Their hostility against Eva, Vilde, Sana, Noora and Chris continues throughout most of Season 1 until Eva's reputation spreads around the school and she decides to talk to Ingrid. After a heartfelt speech, Ingrid agrees to 'no more shit' and the next episode Pepsi Max is seen at Iben's Christmas/Girl Power party. At the tree lighting celebration, Ingrid wishes Eva a merry Christmas, indicating they have restored some sort of friendship.

In Season 2 the first year girls all seem to get along. Sara is dating Isak now, although they do break up after a while. The Pepsi Max girls are also present at the rooftop party, where Sara hooks up with Christoffer Schistad

In Season 3 the Pepsi Max girls are little to not present, except for some party scenes at the beginning of the season.

In Season 4 they team up with the main girls to become an even bigger bus so they can buy one together. It is revealed in 4x05 that they were planning on ditching Sana and not letting her be part of their bus.


The Pepsi Max girls have 23 people in their buss, although not all of them are known.


  • Ingrid Theis Gaupseth
  • Sara Nørrstelien
  • Laila
  • Laura
  • Sigrid Tvedten
  • Catherine Lunne
  • Ellinor Engeset
  • Kjersti Haugen
  • Maud Johansson
  • Nine Krohn Poppe
  • Vilde Wøien
  • Olivia Dubland Marken
  • Oline Birgitte Nave


  • Sana Bakkoush (briefly joined with the merge, but dropped out)
  • Noora Amalie Sætre (briefly joined with the merge, but dropped out)
  • Vilde Lien Hellerud
  • Chris Berg
  • Eva Kviig Mohn

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