Oslo is the main location for Skam as the city where the characters live and go to school.


  • Hartvig Nissen School, shortened to 'Nissen', is the primary school location in Skam. 
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  • Elvebakken school, shortened to 'Bakka' has been mentioned several times throughout the seasons of Skam, mainly as the school that Even and the Balloon Squad attended. It was briefly shown in a video Mikael Øverlie Boukhal made. Elvebakken is located not far from The Kollektiv and the school has a modern building close to the riverside. Students at Bakka study Media & Communication, Design & craftsmanship, Electricity, General education or KDA (Art, Design and Architecture).
  • Oslo handelsgymnasium, shortened to 'Handels', has been mentioned a few times. It was mainly mentioned as an adjective to friends of the characters such as Magnus, who has a friend in Handels, or an unknown guy from Handels that William beat up. Handels is located south of the royal palace, on a 10 minute walk from Nissen.


  • The Kollektiv is the most prominent featured residence on Skam.
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  • Eva lives in Grefsen, a neighborhood in the north of Oslo. Isak and Jonas are also assumed to live nearby.
  • Sana lives near Briskeby, in the neighborhood of Fogner on a 6 minute walk from Nissen.
  • William lives in Vika, a neighbourhood in the south-West of Oslo, near the National Theatre. His apartment has a roof terrace, where the party in 2x12 took place.


  • Uranienborg is the area around Nissen. It includes Uranienborg lower secundary school, which Sana attended before Nissen. It's close and partially overlaps with Briskeby, the area where Sana lives.
  • Grunerløkka, shortened to 'Løkka' is a neighborhood close to the Kollektiv.
  • Grønland is a very multi-cultural neighbourhood east of Oslo's city centre. Noora and Sana meet up at a café there in 4x04.