Oslo is the main location for Skam as the city where the characters live and go to school.


  • Hartvig Nissen School, shortened to 'Nissen', is the primary school location in Skam. 
Main article: Hartvig Nissen School
  • Elvebakken school, shortened to 'Bakka' has been mentioned several times throughout the seasons of Skam, and was also briefly shown in a video Mikael Øverlie Boukhal made. Elvebakken is located not far from The Kollektiv and the school has a modern building close to the riverside. Students at Bakka study Media & Communication, Design & craftsmanship, Electricity, General education or KDA (Art, Design and Architecture).
  • Oslo handelsgymnasium, shortened to 'Handels', has been mentioned a few times. It was mainly mentioned as an adjective to friends of the characters such as Magnus, who has a friend in Handels, or an unknown guy from Handels that William beat up. Handels is located south of the royal palace, on a 10 minute walk from Nissen.


  • The Kollektiv is the most prominent featured residence on Skam.
Main article: The Kollektiv
  • Eva lives in Grefsen, a neighborhood in the north of Oslo. Isak and Jonas are also assumed to live nearby.
  • Sana lives near Briskeby, in the neighborhood of Fogner on a 6 minute walk from Nissen.
  • William lives in Vika, a neighbourhood in the south-West of Oslo, near the National Theatre. His apartment has a roof terrace, where the party in 2x12 took place.

Neighborhoods Edit

  • Uranienborg is the area around Nissen. It includes Uranienborg lower secundary school, which Sana attended before Nissen. It's close and partially overlaps with Briskeby, the area where Sana lives.
  • Grunerløkka, shortened to 'Løkka' is a neighborhood close to the Kollektiv.
  • Grønland is a very multi-cultural neighbourhood east of Oslo's city centre. Noora and Sana meet up at a café there in 4x04.

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