Because I feel like we've just talked about everything. That we just... He just opened up completely. I don't know what I was doing before, but I understand how he thinks now.
— Noora describing talking things through with William to Sana


Noora and William first met at Hartvig Nissen and came into contact through Vilde's crush on William and her eventually hooking up with him. After William kept insisting, Noora agreed to go on a date with him, so he would stop using Vilde. Despite denying she had feelings, they kissed at the party in episode 205. 

From there on out they had a secret relationship at first. Noora was shown to struggle with his violent side which caused her to fall prey to Niko, William's older brother. William was upset of what he thought happened, but after Noora found out nothing happened she reunited with William. Considering he was about to move to London, she decided to go with him at the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

While living in London together, they grew apart because Noora couldn't testify against Niko, following which William started to focus on work more. Noora labelled their relationship as 'on a break' throughout the winter of 2016, refusing to date anyone else. In spring of 2017 it is revealed William has a new girlfriend, and Noora explains the entire story about her return to Oslo, stating she would be heartbroken if she saw William with someone else.

After Sana sends an e-mail to William from Noora's account, William shows up at Eva's birthday party in Season 4, Episode 8 and he and Noora talk things out the following day, getting back together.

Throughout the Series

In Season 1, Episode 4 Noora and William attend the penetrator party but they don't interact. It is assumed that William spotted Noora here though.

In Season 1, Episode 5 Noora is actually the person who tries to help Vilde prepare to have sex with William, despite her not really liking him much. Later, when William picks up Vilde, Noora is also there in Eva's front yard, and William looks at her while she rambles.

In Season 1, Episode 6 Vilde details her experience with William but Noora cuts her off saying it's wrong to talk about William and his body like that. When William no longer replies to Vilde, the girls (including Noora) try to make her understand he might not be interested in her. Noora mentions he doesn't seem like the most trutworthy guy.

In Season 1, Episode 7 Noora notices Vilde's behaviour as a result of William and Sara hooking up. Vilde is in denial but comes to the realization when Noora shows her that the penetrator sweater makes her look like a trophy. Vilde says she finds it hard not to think something is wrong with her because he doesn't want to be with her and Noora comforts her.

When Vilde decides to take back her integrity, Noora is there with her. When William breaks Vilde down, calling her 'not good enough', Noora steps in and calls William out for having an inferiority complex. She goes after him for being immature due to potential childhood neglect, and tells him to start acting like a human and to 'stop walking around like a fucking cliché'.

In Season 1, Episode 8 William approaches Eva and Noora on the bench while Noora is singing to Justin Bieber. When he comments on that, Noora says she doesn't have to explain herself (or her choice in music) to him. She asks him if he wants anything and William offers to go to his place to do homework. Noora uses a surpression technique by calling him 'Wilhelm'. She states her not knowing his name is clear enough that she isn't interested. When he says she can call him whatever she wants, she says she will call him Asshole. William asks again if she wants to come with him, and Noora clarifies she doesn't want to. He tells her to let him know if she changes her mind and Noora tells him to go home and wait for it. He then drives off in his car, and Noora discusses the encounter with Eva.

In Season 1, Episode 11 Noora and Eva run into William and he asks her why she hasn't replied to his messages. Noora turns him down, but he says the only way she will get rid of him is by going on a date with him. He managed to catch her by surprise by calling her beautiful.

Noora and William were the main couple in Season 2.

In Season 2, Episode 1, William texts Noora that she looks hot. When the girls are talking, Noora finds out from Vilde that William's little sister has died. In the same scene William texts her 'I like that you're sitting there looking at me' and Noora replies that she isn't.

William then reminds her she owes him a date, but when he proposes Friday, Noora says she has a bus meeting. William then texts Vilde inviting them to a Penetrators party, to which the girls decide to move their plans, and they agree to go to the party. William then texts Noora 'You lose'.

William calls Vilde on Friday when they're supposed to go to a Penetrator party. Vilde is visibly upset when William tells her he wants to talk to Noora, and she passes on the phone. William then tells Noora he can't stop using Vilde if she doesn't answer her phone. William says they wouldn't have been in this situation had Noora kept her promise.

William then tells Noora to go on a date with him like she promised and he will stop using Vilde. Noora agrees, and later receives a text from William, arranging their date next Friday at 7PM, and he will pick her up.

In Season 2, Episode 2, William texts Noora that she looks good, congratulates her on Women's Day and tells her he is excited for their date on Friday.

He picks her up at 7PM in his car, downstairs at the Kollektiv. They drive through Oslo until they get to a bench with a view of the city. William has brought hot cocoa and a blanket and they sit down, on opposite ends of the bench.

In Season 2, Episode 3 William is throwing a party at his house that Noora originally didn't plan to attend. However Noora recieved a text message from Eva saying that it was some drama between William and Vilde and that Vilde is in tha bathroom crying. Noora got worried about Vilde and went to William's party.

At the party, Noora finds out that Vilde had left. She confronts William about it and he tells her that Vilde had tried to kiss him and he had told her that he was't into her. They got interupted by a group of guys fighting in the hall. William runs over there and goes between the guys. The police arrives to William's apartment and tells him to shut down the party. When Noora is going to leave, she realises that Eva wad so drunk that she accedently took all Noora's stuff (including her phone and keys) when she left. This leads to Noora having to borrow William's phone to call Eskild. Eskild does not answer his phone so Noora has to stay at William's apartment. He makes her cocoa and then she plays the guitar for him. When Eskild calls her back she lies to William about being able to go home. They sleep in the same bed. William tells her that she likes him but she denies it.

In Season 2, Episode 4 William and Noora texted several times but they did not interact physically. Noora keeps the texts with William secret from her friends.

In Season 2, Episode 5 Noora finds out that the Penetrators trashed a cabin and are engaging in a hook up auction to get money. When she sees William she gets mad saying that refugees need the money more than them. She scolds Vilde for wanting to pay to hook up with William. Initially she doesn’t want to go to the party but William tells her 20% of the money will go to the refugee crisis only if she comes. He also tells her not to be jealous because she has already won the hook up auction. That night she finds him at the party and gets mad at him for multiple reasons. He then tells her to look him in the eye and tell him that she doesn’t like him. She does this and he walks out. She chases after him and they kiss without knowing Vilde is watching.

In Season 2, Episode 6 they wake up snuggling in the same bed. She tells him that she won’t have sex until she is married and he tells her he will have her clothes off in two weeks. When she goes to get water she finds his brother, Nico, in the kitchen. William is rude to his brother and then tells Noora to get out. Later that day he corners her in a classroom and explains that his brother just broke up with his girlfriend and he wanted to be careful around him. They kiss and make up. Later William tells her that she can meet his brother.

In Season 2, Episode 7

In Season 2, Episode 8

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